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Moira M. has been actively writing since 1999 including freelance, contract and staff positions. She has served stints as a staff reporter for both a daily and a weekly newspaper; contract writer for numerous trade publications; freelance writer for newsletters, newspapers, magazines, trade publications and a variety of online publications; and freelance editor for a bi-monthly magazine, quarterly trade publication and a quarterly newsletter distributed nationally for a writer's group that she also served as president for two terms. She has had 2,500+ articles published (not including the 1,000s of pieces she's ghostwritten). Besides her many areas of expertise, she's a great researcher and can write on just about any topic. Previous article & blog post topics include agriculture, gardening, animals, pets, children, seniors, health, fitness, nutrition, cooking, food, movies, books, music, technology, games, business, organizations, travel, tourism, cars, product descriptions, company or service overviews, decorating tips & much more.

Besides years of accumulating writing credits, she also worked in various fields as a freelance editor. Some projects included editing individual writer's work, while others included editing and layout design of an entire publication. Previously, she edited and designed a nonfiction book about the history of a Catholic Church; wrote, edited and performed partial layout for trade publications and journals; edited and performed complete layout design for several trade journals, newsletters, websites and a fiction book; and completed desktop publishing for advertising material for several companies. One large company she worked on contract for many years began as a writing assignment that turned into an editing position and then a project manager/administrator position on a variety of assignments in which she supervised her own writing team.
Moira M. has become specialized in the agriculture field, including farming and animal husbandry due to 15+ years of writing in this field. She has published articles in magazines like "AgVentures," "Hobby Farms," "American Quarter Horse Journal," "Horse Illustrated," and "Emu Today & Tomorrow." Writing for niche farming magazines like "GatorTales" and "Butterfly Farming" has also become one of her specialties.
Besides Moira M.'s areas of writing expertise, she loves learning new things and likes to write on just about any topic. She is a great researcher and doesn't back down from challenging topics, but instead embraces the idea of gaining new knowledge. She would love to tackle more entertainment type material. She has previously written for two entertainment related publications, in which she reviewed music CDs, books, movies, concerts and more and found that these assignments were some of her most interesting. Besides her passion for writing, she also loves movies, books and music and would enjoy combining the two in the future. However, she has a knack for finding something interesting in any topic she takes on.
Oklahoma State University Creative Writing, N/A

Moira M. completed a creative writing course at Oklahoma State University in the Fall semester of 1992.

Honors and Awards
Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy Story Category Moira M. won 1st place in the Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy Story category at the annual Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. writing contest in 2003. All entrants provide an original, unpublished short story in the science fiction, horror or fantasy genre. Her story, titled "Story Hour," took first place out of those entered. A longer, undated version of this story was published in 2008 in the cozy crime anthology titled “Remindful Murder…with colorful kin” published by Padlock Mystery Press. This was the second cozy crime collection in the series with the first anthology, titled "Almostly Murder…with pets" published in 2002, which contained her short story, "Old Mack Donald's Ghost." Both books also included several of her original poems and can be purchased on Amazon.

Mazie Cox Reid Column Award Moira M. won an Honorable Mention in the Mazie Cox Reid Column Award category at the annual Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. writing contest in 2002. All entrants provide three original columns for judging.

Mazie Cox Reid Column Award Moira M. won 2nd place in the Mazie Cox Reid Column Award category at the annual Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. writing contest in 2001. All entrants provide three original columns for judging.

Association Memberships
National League of American Pen Women Moira M. became an Active Member of the National League of American Pen Women with her credentials and qualifications in the Letters category.

Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. (OWFI) Moira M. joined the Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. (OWFI) group in February of 2000. While in this group, she served as an Affiliate Reporter April 2000 to May 2002; Delegate Sept. 2000 to May 2002; Newsletter Columnist Oct. 2000 to Dec. 2004; Newsletter Editor May 2001 to Jan. 2004; Newsletter Designer May 2001 to Jan. 2004; and President May 2002 to Dec. 2004. While in this group she planned the 2003 OWFI Writers' Conference held annually and helped plan the 2004 event. Her duties included finding lecturers including established editors and agents and published writers to teach attendees about various aspects of the writing craft. She also found a keynote speaker and arranged the venue and other banquet details for the two day event. She met a variety of writing professionals and established friendships with many established and aspiring writers.

Stillwater Writers' Group Moira M. joined the Stillwater Writers' Group (SWG) in January of 2000. While in this group, she served as Secretary from April 2000 to May 2001; President from May 2001 to 2002; Newsletter Editor and Designer from May 2001 to May 2002; and Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc. (OWFI) Affiliate Reporter for SWG from April 2000 to May 2002. While president, she arranged speakers, programs and venues for the monthly group meeting and represented the group as a Delegate member at the quarterly OWFI group meetings. She also attended weekly critique group meetings and meet other established and aspiring writers.

Projects by Industry

Moira M. grew up spending summers on her grandma's farm. Planting seeds, picking vegetables, feeding cows, collecting eggs and occasionally catching grasshoppers to go fishing down at the watering hole. As an adult, she combined her love of the land with an aspiring writing career that naturally included agriculture-related articles. She has since written 1,000+ articles covering a wide variety of farming topics with a specialty in niche farming that have appeared in magazines, trade journals, newspapers and online publications. Unique agriculture topics she's covered include articles on emus, alligators, butterflies, snails, worms, turtles, chinchillas, reindeer, Christmas trees, leeches, Echinacea, Kenaf, white doves and many more. She's also written articles about traditional farming; aquaculture; organic and sustainable farming; and breed specific rearing, housing, feeding, diseases and health-related issues and more.

Since she was raised in a farming community, she easily cultivated contacts in agriculture organizations, associations and government entities to further expand her knowledge and expertise. This includes contacts in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States Department of Agriculture and almost all 50 State Departments of Agriculture; plus, lead figures in agriculture fields in major colleges and universities around the country. She even developed contacts in many overseas organizations in the agriculture field. If she needs accurate, reliable information on specific topics, she has the ability to turn to doctors, scientists, professors and leaders in just about every field in the agriculture industry.


Moira M. has written 1,000+ journalistic articles for a variety of daily and weekly newspapers that covered many topic areas. Some of these included city and county government, education, health, women's issues, children's issues, lifestyle issues, entertainment, local events, etc. She has served stints as a staff reporter for several newspapers including the "Stillwater NewsPress" and the "Perkins Journal" where she covered local and state events, reported on city government and local school issues, and had articles appear throughout the publication including the first page. Some of the industry specific topics she covered for these newspapers included several that directly related to different aspects of teaching. One such article included content on the importance of combining music with learning in younger classrooms, which focused on technological hardware and apps to bring this about. She also wrote features for specific sections including the Lifestyle, Business and Sports sections as a staff reporter and sold articles to a variety of newspapers as a freelance writer. Some of her articles were even picked up by the Associated Press Association news wire to be reprinted in other newspapers around the country.


Moira M. has written 1000's of business related articles on all types of businesses, including real estate, home building, medical centers, garden centers, home improvement stores, tattoo shops, hair salons, nonprofits, furniture manufacturing, banks, investment companies, appliance stores, window treatment specialists, outdoor stores, pool and spa super centers, department stores, specialty clothing outlets, thrift shops, antique shops, children's stores, book stores, agri-centers, steel suppliers, security services, interior design services, art galleries, lumber yards, auto mechanics and many more. These articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines and online publications. Many articles were business or personnel profiles, while others highlighted special events or how-to information sponsored by the business.

Real Estate

Moira M. loves exploring new neighborhoods. As a camp host, she's lucky to be able to move around the country each season to a new campground and discover all the wonderful things each new location has to offer. This gives her the unique ability to write for both real estate and travel blogs, because she knows what people new to an area are looking to find. Whether a person is planning on moving there permanently or just passing through on their travels, everyone looks for basic amenities like grocery stores and restaurants, but they also want to see what's available on the entertainment and/or outdoor recreation scene. Moira M. has written articles that discuss houses and apartments in specific areas of the country and several blogs covering tips for finding the best primary or vacation apartment, house, condo, etc for rent or purchase. Below is a section of an article she wrote to be used on a website that helps people find an apartment for rent and her piece was supposed to be an overview of things to consider when deciding which apartment best fits the renter's needs.


Moira M. has written 250+ pieces surrounding various entertainment pursuits. From book, music, movie and play reviews to articles covering musician, actors, writers, directors, artists and many other talented individuals, she brings you some of the latest entertainment news with a (mostly) unbiased opinion about each performance. Many of her entertainment pieces have appeared in magazines, newspapers and webzines and were often reprinted with permission on various artists' websites. Although she thoroughly enjoyed her past endeavors as a reviewer, she's had the opportunity to interview many entertainers for full features, which she found even more entertaining than watching, reading or listening to their creations. Although being a writer has been her dream job since childhood, obtaining a regular writing gig in the entertainment industry ranks as one of her highest ambitions in her writing pursuits.


Moira M. has written numerous articles relating to the education field. Besides individual articles she's written about schools, students, awards and more, she also worked on a large project helping to create an online education portal from scratch for a client. This was a huge undertaking that included creating numerous webpages that outlined different college majors a student could pursue. Plus, another section of the portal with articles covering various topics of interest to those about to enter college, such as getting financial aid, choosing a career, choosing the right type of college and more. This is one of the largest projects she's tackled to date with every assigned section of the portal requiring 20,000 words of text (project is still ongoing). She's also written education-related articles for newspapers and magazines, most these focused on pre-school, elementary and high school students.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Moira M. has completed 225+ copy writing projects that required the use of specific keywords to fulfill SEO requirements. She's developed a knack for incorporating these keywords into her copy without stuffing them and making the copy difficult to read. Using keywords doesn't mean the copy has to be choppy with readers stumbling over the text or getting confused about what the writer is trying to say. Search Engine Optimization only works when done correctly. Content should be unique, not just stuffed with a bunch of keywords. Moira M. can provide engaging content while still utilizing keywords that flow with the copy.

Projects by Asset Type

Moira M. has written more than 1500 published articles in a variety of styles for numerous newsletters, newspapers, magazines, trade journals, online publications and websites. Articles have ranged between 300 to 2,500 words depending on the subject matter and client requirements. Articles have been written with and without a byline. Her specialty is the ability to break up information into easy to read sections of information, sometimes including bullet points, that has a fluid flow and just the right amount of details to keep the story interesting and hold readers' attention. She can often take the most technical of information and present it in a way that makes it more palatable for readers. By utilizing compelling subsections, bullet lists or sidebars, she can make less interesting business topics a little easier to digest and more entertaining. She prides herself on taking dull topics and turning them into an upbeat, intriguing subject that snag new readers and keep former readers coming back for more.

Press Release

Press releases shouldn't be a boring, regurgitation of facts. Moira M. believes in providing the details in an engaging story that readers will find both authoritative and appealing. She has written press releases for new products, upcoming shows and events, business news, personnel changes, awards announcements, charitable functions and much more. Her press releases grab the reader's attention with catchy titles and keeps them hooked with all the pertinent information wrapped around an easy to read story. Although, she also has no problem keeping it completely formal, if that's what is needed. Many of her press releases have appeared in newspapers, but some have also appeared in trade journals or other niche publications and on several online publications.

Blog Post

Although Moira M. is fairly new to writing blog posts, the elements are a lot like writing columns for a newspaper. Column writing is something she's performed for a number of years. Because blog posts are generally pretty informal and friendly, they are even easier to write. She can blog on just about any topic and has a proven track record with her columns, including winning writing contests with several of hers in the past. Most of her blog posts were ghostwritten for a variety of clients. Previous blogs have covered topics like tennis, children's books, car care, sober living, health issues, yoga, meditation, office supplies, philanthropy, earth friendly issues, green living, frugal living and much more.


Moira M. has worked on several book projects. This has included writing, but also included several projects in which she performed editing and pagination (layout). One such project was a nonfiction book for a Catholic Church who wanted to publish a history of its nuns who also taught at their Catholic school. She edited all the information provided and wrote additional copy that was missing. She edited photos to make them suitable for printing, wrote headings for these photos and paginated the entire book to be delivered to the publisher in print ready format. She also edited and paginated a fiction book containing a collection of cozy crime short stories and poetry created by a group of female writers. One of her short stories and several poems also appeared in this book. She is currently working with two other clients on their book projects (one as a nonfiction ghostwriter and one as a fiction editor). And, she is in the process of writing her own nonfiction book.

Product Description

Moira M. has ghostwritten 400+ product descriptions for just about any product imaginable. Previously, she's written descriptions for various clothing and accessories, pet items, makeup and beauty aids, footwear, car products, kids toys, home improvement products, hunting gear, dietary supplements, software and more. She also recently created a slew of product descriptions for a website dedicated to selling vaping devices that needed 100s of short and long descriptions for each individual product featured on their site. Whether you need a short blurb or a full description of any product, she can created copy that encourages readers to want to try what you have to sell. Below are two short and long descriptions she wrote for a vaping device retailer that had very specific requirements for each piece and was very satisfied with her performance.

Projects By Expertise

Moira M. has written 1000s of journalistic articles for newspapers, newsletters and magazines. Her engaging writing style led to offers of staff reporting positions at more than one newspaper and news writer for newsletters and magazines. She's a former member of the Oklahoma Press Association and have had several of her articles picked up by the American Press Association (APA) News Wire to be distributed nationally. Not only can she report breaking news, but she's also an experienced features writer. She can add depth to any story providing background information in an engaging format while covering all the pertinent who, what, where, when and why that readers need to know. She can interviewing people in a wide range of circumstances and write interesting copy for tight publication deadlines. She already has a broad network of contacts and sources she's able to use for future stories and always double checks all the facts pertinent to the story she's providing. Although a majority of her journalistic creations were in the form of articles for a variety of venues, she also has the ability to parlay this experience into newsworthy blog posts.


Moira M. has written for a variety of companies and organizations as a freelance copywriter. She has completed copy as short as 200 words to as long as 20,000. Copywriting assignments have included everything from simple blog posts to the first portion of a very large Internet portal (ongoing assignment). Client reaction/feedback for Moira M.'s work on their extensive education portal included, "Amazing! I received the copy and it was exactly what I wanted." She strives to get this type of reaction with every single piece of copy she completes.

Projects by Writing Style

Moira M. has worked as a professional journalist with several daily and weekly newspapers. She's a former member of two state's Press Associations. Her journalistic style caught the attention of the American Press Association on several occasions, in which they picked up her stories and published them on the APA wire to be reprinted in newspapers across the country. She's served stints as a staff writer or reporter and often also took her own accompanying photographs. Not only did her work often appear on the front page, she also wrote features for various sections including Lifestyle, Business, Entertainment, Food and even slid into the Sports section a time or two. She has excellent interviewing skills and can bring all the details to life with an engaging story. She strives to hook readers with the first sentence every time and keep them reading until the end.


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