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Lorri C

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Lorri has lived one crazy life. She has experienced many facets of life and lived through many careers, mostly centered around serving others. All of this experience has given her quite a rich garden of material to choose from when writing. Her travels have taken her from being a Cryptologic Technician in the US Navy, to being a firefighter for six years, and finally, she became a Registered Nurse.

Creative writing is her first love, however, to support herself while she writes, she has worked as a freelance content producer since 2008. In this capacity, she writes blog posts for businesses, white papers, articles, and many other writing assignments. She is an experienced academic writer, having ghost-written college-level papers for several clients, throughout her college and freelance career.

She is a published journalist, with six articles published on the Website Conservative Push Coalition. She intends to expand her journalistic exploits greatly. She is currently preparing to write a novel, but it is in the brainstorming stage at this time.
Her current writing specialties include ​Health, medicine, wellness, natural medicine, science, history, politics, economics, sociology, and current events. She is also able to produce magazine-quality, well-sourced feature articles on almost any conceivable topic.
Lorri is a self-proclaimed autodidact, learning constantly, through research and reading. She is continually adding skills and knowledge to the already broad range of subjects that she can write about effectively. She claims the title "political junkie" and she especially enjoys studying geopolitical issues, as well as the effect of political policy on society and culture.
Bevill State Community College May 2002 – May 2005
Registered Nursing, Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN-AAS)

Following the death of Lorri's spouse at the age of 27, she battled depression for several years. After the collapse of the twin towers, she decided that her life was worth living and she became determined to not only survive, but to thrive. She enrolled in nursing school, graduated at the top of her class and practiced as an ICU/ER Registered Nurse for 5 years.

Projects by Industry

Lorri, using the knowledge that she gained as a registered nurse, is an expert on health matters. She has written articles on everything from Chroroideremia to simple everyday health blog posts. ?


Lorri has written prolifically in the health genre. Most of the work in this subject matter consisted of health guides and pieces that focused on management of chronic disease, whether it be through medical or natural means.


Lorri has studied politics, geopolitics, history and economics for the better part of a decade. She has contributed a large amount political content and has six currently published articles. She studies world events, finding stories to report in a fair and balanced manner. She intends to continue on her path to a journalism career.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Lorri is extremely proficient at doing keyword research and then incorporating the keywords comfortably and naturally into the text. No topic is too big for her to tackle, and she enjoys a challenge, which drives her to produce the most comprehensively optimized products. The bulk of Lorri's freelance writing career, over the last decade, has consisted of SEO optimized writing.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Lorri is talented at crafting Titles and Meta Descriptions which get the clients page ranked. She understands the intimate workings of SEO practices and applies them like an SEO Samurai.

Lorri first began to write with SEO optimization in mind approximately eight years ago and has fine-tuned her SEO skills, in order to pass on the benefits of her expertise to her clients.

Projects by Asset Type

Lorri has written articles in a ghostwriting capacity, for the past 12 years. She completes freelance assignments on several content generation platforms. Her work has included topics such as plumbing, Electronic health records and their impact on private practices and many other topics. She prides herself on being able to research virtually any topic, break the information down into easily understandable terms (for lay persons) when necessary. Everything from finance to culture and beyond falls within the purview of this extremely versatile writer.

Blog Post

Lorri currently writes blog content for many clients. She follows best practices for SEO optimization and has virtually no limit to the subject matter that she can write about. She is a "self-proclaimed autodidact, studying on her own and learning much about extremely varied subjects during her daily course of content production.

White Paper

Lorri is extremely proficient at formatting white papers for business clients. She produces beautifully designed, true to required formatting white papers on any topic requested. Lorri's strength is her eclectic career and course of study, which has greatly enriched her understanding of a large number of topics, allowing her to produce superb quality, well-researched pieces of any type.

Projects By Expertise

Lorri is a prolific copywriter, writing copy for ads, websites, newsletters and many more formats. This work, up to now, is her breadwinner and she is highly sought after on the freelance platforms for which she writes.

There's not an industry, subject or thesis that Lorri can't write effectively about. She is a research fanatic ?and spends her time not working, researching for her next article.


Lorri is branching out into journalism, a long-time dream of hers. She is a research writer at heart, which fits completely with the goal of journalism. Having six articles published, currently, and more on the way, Lorri intends to take this venture to its limit. She researches new articles daily and will increase production of journalistic articles in the near future.

Projects by Writing Style

Lorri has written many academic-level papers throughout her career. She began as a freelance writer helping fellow college students, by editing and suggesting improvements for their papers. She has been hired to complete papers that summarized medical conferences as well as many other academic projects regarding medical, scientific and technical matters.


Lorri's favorite literary genre is humorous writing. She has a wicked sense of humor and enjoys finding the irony in life and is known for always having a great story to tell. She has produced humorous content as a ghostwriter for many years now and is a master at storytelling. Her sense of wit is slightly sarcastic and her Lorri'isms, such as "She's more skittish than a cat on crack." are profusely incorporated into any humorous assignment.?


Lorri has recently branched out into the journalistic side of writing. She is a researcher and investigator, at heart and these types of pieces are among her most prized works. She intends to expand her journalistic efforts, obtaining opportunities contribute to more publications.

Lorri's focus, when related to journalism, is generally current events, world events, conservatism, geopolitics, elections, American politics, history and scientific, health and medical break-throughs.


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