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Writing can take people places they have never been before. Let Sylvia help you create a spectacular work of art.

Sylvia has a degree in Early Childhood Education and a master's degree in Divergent Learning. She has experience writing and creating English Language Arts curriculum. She also has experience writing and creating English Language Arts assessments. Both the curriculum and assessments were aligned to Webb's Depth of Knowledge.

Writing is one of her passions and she has other experiences to share as well. Sylvia has written company, product, and college descriptions. As a writer, She has experience writing blogs, academic works, and articles. She has written about topics such as health, music, fashion, and nature. Sylvia believes in helping people achieve their goals and respects your time and deadlines.

Let Sylvia write the words that bring your dreams to life.
Designing and creating curriculum and assessments for a variety of levels is a passion Sylvia has. As an educator, Sylvia helped to design and create ELA curriculum and assessments.

Writing articles and blog posts is a specialty of hers. Researching various topics to ensure accuracy is important to Sylvia.

Product reviews are an area of expertise for Sylvia. Reviewing restaurants and food delicacies is another area Sylvia has knowledge in.
Sylvia has a wide variety of interests including fashion, environmental issues, health, and education. Sylvia enjoys writing about clothing and beauty products.
Columbia College Divergent Learning, Masters

Sylvia graduated with a Masters of Education in Divergent Learning. During this time, she wrote and designed lessons that incorporated various learning styles and multiple intelligences. Sylvia wrote an action research paper on "The Effects of Multiple Intelligences and Goal Setting on Literacy Skills and Strategies."

Columbia College Early Childhood Education, Bachelors

Sylvia graduated with an Early Childhood Education degree and went on to teach second and third grade. As an educator, she wrote and designed ELA curriculum and assessments.

Projects by Industry

Sylvia has written fashion reviews on fashion shows and particular clothing items. Sylvia wrote a fashion review on a presentation at New York Men's Fashion Week. Reviews on dresses, shirts, skirts, and pants have also been written by Sylvia. Describing styles of clothing and watching for the newest trends in clothing is a passion she expresses through her writing.


Sylvia currently writes about food and restaurants. Writing on articles about vegetarian, vegan, and seafood restaurants is a growing passion of hers. Articles describing the benefits of popular health foods such as chia seeds and buckwheat have also been written by Sylvia.

Consumer Goods

Sylvia has written numerous descriptions or reviews on a variety of consumer goods including clothing articles, jewelry, and beauty products. Describing consumer goods for a coupon company is an area of expertise for Sylvia. Other items Sylvia has written about include furniture, luggage, and kitchen appliances.


Sylvia has written blog postings for a hair extension website. Blog posting topics include types of hair extensions, types of closures, and treatment of damaged hair. Sylvia has also written product reviews on beauty products.


Sylvia has written reviews on colleges outlining and describing the programs and degree they offer. In the reviews, ways of helping students succeed are also described. Sylvia has written research articles on literacy.

Projects by Asset Type

Sylvia has written articles on various topics and subjects. Health, advances in technology, and treatment of certain diseases are just a few topics. Fashion articles about clothing for men and women are numerous in number. Sylvia has also written about travel, environmental issues, and restaurants.

Blog Post

Sylvia has written blog posts on various beauty products such as the different types of hair extensions and ways to care for hair. Other blog posts include ocean conservation, caring for the environment from home, and ways to recycle. Blog posts on the cosmetic and functional benefits of eyelid surgery have been written.

Product Description

Product descriptions and product reviews on several items have been written by Sylvia. Describing products such as lace, beauty supplies, and electric shavers has become common for Sylvia. Other products described include kitchen appliances, watches, guitars, and sewing machines. A blog post was written on hurricane safety products for home owners.


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