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Repeat Clients 48%
Last Login 10/21/2016
Location West Seneca, NY
Education Some College
Status Available
Press Release5
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White Paper2
Asset Type
Summary of Experience
• Web Site Analysis, Development, Copy and Layout (working with your technical expert)
• E-Newsletter and E-Mail Communications Programs - planning, copy and layout
• White Paper Research and Copywriting

• Press Release Writing and Release
• Article/Feature Story Writing and Release
• Guest Columnist/Expert Advice Pieces

• Video Concept, Creative Development and Copywriting (Production Services Available)
• Ad Copy and Layout
• Brochure Copy and Layout
• Television and Radio Advertising Copy
• Proofreading and Editing Services

• Annual Report and Shareholder Communications
• Written Presentations and Proposals
• Oral Reports and Speeches
• PowerPoint Presentations
• Customer Communication Pieces (letters, flyers, newsletters)
• Technical Manuals
Kathy has thirty years of experience in the marketing, advertising and communications fields and has written everything from a thirty-second television spot to full-blown client presentations. If there is something that needs to be written, she uses her in-depth knowledge and experience to get the job done and get it done right.
Kathy is interested in a wide variety of subjects, having worked with companies that included manufacturers, retailers, service professionals, medical professionals, bankers and collectors and found it all to be interesting. If she hasn't written for the industry before, she enjoys learning about new areas and is constantly expanding her knowledge base.
Daemen College Marketing and accounting,

While working full-time in the marketing and advertising industry Kathy attended night classes at Daemen College to improve her business and accounting skills. She accumulated over 100 hours of credit while gathering an academic foundation on which she built a 30 year career.

Projects by Industry

In her thirty year marketing career Kathy has worked extensively with the banking and financial industry including such top national clients as Chase, BankOne, American Express and Chemical Bank. Areas of focus included marketing programs, public relations, radio and television copy, print advertisements, communication videos, customer letters, and collection programs.


As part of her marketing research background, Kathy has conducted extensive research on the home schooling and virtual education industry in the U.S. and worldwide. With WriterAccess she has applied this knowledge to working with a global language translation company and a recruiter for online students.

Green Services

Green marketing has been a part of Kathy's professional and freelance writing career. Previously she developed a marketing program for Shrub Coat, a garden protection product, along with web site copy, flyers, advertisements, and presentation videos. Presently she is working on internet video copy for a major utility company regarding its energy conservation programs.


Kathy's career has encompassed both professional and freelance work in the medical field. In the corporate environment she was directly responsible for developing and implementing a marketing program for a dental office, which included web site copy, print advertisements, video copy, and newsletter articles. With WriterAccess she has worked extensively for dental marketing clients and a medical marketing company, submitting web copy, blog items and press releases for dental, chiropractic and veterinarian clients.


Kathy has worked extensively for the legal profession throughout her corporate and freelance writing career. While employed in the marketing industry she worked with many clients providing marketing programs for legal professionals, public relations, print and radio advertisement copy, and video copy. With WriterAccess she has been writing website copy for several law firms.


Kathy's career has including writing for different types of manufacturing firms from complete marketing and advertising campaigns for an adjustable bed and massage chair manufacturer to steel industry advertisements and presentations. With WriterAccess she has completed writing assignments for manufacturers of drills and automotive air conditioner parts, as well as an industrial auction liquidation services company.

Non Profit

Kathy has worked with non-profit organizations from the corporate side and in her freelance career. While working for her marketing and communications employer, she worked on programs for the American Diabetes Association and the Mercy Hospital Association. For her freelance business she has developed a PR program for a book author, PR programs for religious organizations, and PR programs for fundraising along with writing a monthly column for a local religious publication. With WriterAccess she has written press releases for clients that are involved in charitable activities.

Real Estate

In her freelance career Kathy has written many blog articles for real estate professionals. For WriterAccess her writing on this topic has included content articles on such topics as apartment amenities every luxury penthouse should have and the benefits of living in a non-smoking apartment building. She also wrote an article on the attractions of Carlsbad, California for Ed Johnson Real Estate.


During her career Kathy served as the Vice President of Marketing for a marketing and communications firm. Her marketing capabilities include everything from marketing program planning to full implementation. With WriterAccess she incorporates her knowledge of marketing into her copy to help insure the client's work achieves its desired goal.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

One of the clients Kathy works for at WriterAccess is deeply involved in medical and veterinary marketing. Their tasks always require SEO optimization that needs to be worked naturally into the writing assignment.

Projects by Asset Type

Kathy can and has written everything from a short press release to ghost-writing a full article. Whatever the topic she conducts the research and creates an article that is interesting and easy to read yet capable of achieving its goal. Articles she has written with WriterAccess covered topics such as social media, strategic marketing tools, and in-bound marketing.


Kathy has extensive background in copywriting for television, radio, print and video copy. Clients she worked for in her marketing career included those in all types of banking, retail, professional, and services industries. She is anxious to bring those skills to more WriterAccess clients.

Press Release

Kathy has written press releases that have ended up in everything from local publications to national media. Whether you need to announce a new product or service, introduce a new employee, or explain a complicated process she has the skills to write copy that's readable and moves the reader along from start to finish. With WriterAccess she has written press releases for Internet Matrix and many content articles designed to draw attention to specific websites.


In her career Kathy worked for a company that used videos as a direct marketing communications media. She has written copy for sales videos, presentation videos, web site videos, training videos, and education videos. With WriterAccess she is currently working on copy for a series of website videos to explain energy conservation programs for a major utility client.

White Paper

Kathy can bring her analytical background and copywriting skills to writing white papers for your organization. She has already brought her white paper writing skills to WriterAccess and looks forward to creating more.

Web Page

In her corporate career Kathy wrote website copy for many clients from the marketing perspective of thinking about what the client wanted the site to achieve first and then starting to write. She brings this approach to working with WriterAccess and has written many website pages, especially for a client which specializes in developing sites for medical, dental and veterinary practices.

Blog Post

In her freelance career Kathy thought she knew a little about writing blog posts, but she has really kicked this skill into high gear since coming to WriterAccess. She writes blog posts for on many topics in the medical, financial, legal and manufacturing fields. When a national marketing association was promoting its annual conference she wrote monthly tips, articles and blog posts to spur interest and increase attendance.


In her corporate career Kathy wrote many new business proposals and client presentations. Since coming to WriterAccess she has worked with a strategy services company to refine its capability statement.

Projects By Expertise

Since coming to WriterAccess Kathy has been heavily involved in copywriting for clients in many different industries. She takes her varied background in marketing and communications and uses it to write website pages and client articles that meet their desired goals.

Projects by Writing Style

When a national marketing association was looking for authoritative and educational articles that would motivate readers to seek more information at their annual conference, Kathy was one of the writers they turned to for support. Her writing style varies according to the subject matter and intended audience.


In her freelance and business careers Kathy has written hundreds of articles that have appeared in newspapers, magazines and on-line. She writes a monthly feature article for a local publication. With WriterAccess she writes brief press releases to press stories to help clients present information in an informational and organized manner.


Although most of Kathy's background in promotional work has been in television, print and radio advertising, she has really focused on writing website copy at WriterAccess. Clients she has worked for with us include those in medical, retail and professional environments.


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