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Brent S

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Brent wrote record reviews and music articles for the Chattanooga News Free-Press (now the Chattanooga Times Free Press) from early in 1984 until the summer of 1987. He did little writing for the next few years, spending them playing Allman Brothers songs in seedy bars through the southeast before coming home to run a chain record store.

His time in retail management gave him an insight into business and the practice of management, including training, development, and team-building, in addition to marketing and administrative operations. Though he wrote little at the time, a few articles for local alternative newspapers and the occasional foray into the company newsletter, he accepted a promotion that required him to take part in the creation and implementation of training programs tools. In addition, the digital explosion allowed him to hone his writing skills through newsgroups and public forums.

In addition to doing proprietary training programs, he has done free-lance work for various publications and websites. His blog allows hims to vent his spleen on politics, sports, music, and other points of contention.

Late in 2014, he took a position as the primary jeweler for the eBusiness division of a local non-profit organization. He spends a few hours, three days a week, combing through the donations for pieces that can be put on their auction site. The bulk of his time is spent writing the listings of the items, 40 to 45 per day, which requires a degree of efficiency, as well as the standard digital copywriter skills.
Culture, politics, humor, music, poker, sports, and business content focusing on management, sales, service, and communication.
Politics, religion, and other stuff one isn't supposed to talk about. Music, sports, literature, culture, art, history, film, and sitting in a tent in cool weather, drinking hot, black coffee and pondering this mess around.
Projects by Industry

In addition to providing content to various websites, as well as his own personal blog, Brent has, for over twenty years, written greeting cards for various companies, mostly with an off-kilter and humorous perspective.

Although he has written the occasional drippy verse. Sympathies for recently deceased pets are a specialty.

In his work as the primary jewelry specialist for an internet auction site, he had to write sales copy for 40 to 45 pieces a day. In an effort to soften the grind of finding new ways to use words like "captivating", "enchanting" and "Stunning", he peppered his copy with less stuffy fare and safe-for-work one-liners. As such, he has developed a cult following of well-read, geriatric antique pickers and bargain hunters.

He puts a humorous spin in most of his personal writing, often dark and irreverent.

Humor, subtle or broad, permeates his writing. It stands on it's own, but it's utility in driving the narrative is what sets it apart.


A musician and record store rat for almost four decades, Brent wrote record reviews and music articles for three years, from 1984 until 1987, for the Chattanooga News Free Press (now the Chattanooga Times Free Press). Though musically active, and never without an insight or opinion, he wrote less for a few years, concentrating on career and family. A few pieces for local and independent publications, and that was about it.

He started cranking up again in the nineties, participating in digital discussions via newsgroups and bulletin boards, doing a few articles for music-oriented websites. In 2002, he started his own blog, UberMullet, dedicated to in-depth and irreverent studies of established canons of several musical genres. It later stretched to encompass politics, culture, art, and sports.

A period of functional blindness sidelined him for a year. When he came back, the original Ubermullet blog had been sold in one of those predatory dotcom transactions that littered the digital landscape. He was not able to comply with the new owners demands, and the content was lost. No doubt, it still sits on a hard drive somewhere, but numerous searches (and pleas to automated "help" desks from various and mutating companies) have come up empty.

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, he registered the name, and rebooted the blog. It is active today, at .


Brent has written articles and web content on religion, politics, business, culture, and history. His versatility as a writer lends itself not just to different styles, but to diverse subjects. He has no fear of digging into any subject, even one in which he might be initially unfamiliar.

Projects by Asset Type

Brent has written about articles on various subjects, including music, history, and culture He's also written business and management pieces for various corporate "in-house" publications, for companies as diverse as music and entertainment retailers,jewelry retailers, and pawn shop chains.

Blog Post

Through his own blog, Brent has put his unique spin on various subjects, mostly music, politics, and sports. In addition, he has guested on other blogs, and has done book reviews for "Bookspin".

Product Description

For over a year, Brent wrote sales copy for a non-profit auction site. He listed 40-45 pieces per day, mostly donated jewelry. His use of descriptive language, sales driven copy, and humor earned $10,000 to $17,000 per month, on the sales of the items he listed.

Projects by Writing Style

Brent is able to deliver, on the subject he knows and loves, a knowledgeable and insightful viewpoint. His days as a rock critic taught him the value of looking below the surface, and finding aspects of the subject that might have otherwise gone overlooked or ignored.


Brent often adopts a casual and conversational style to his writing, personalizing it to cement a point or subject. An early participant on internet bulletin boards and chat rooms, he honed his skills as a less "formal" writer, developing a comfortable and unique style.


A tilted perspective allows Brent to find humor in even the most serious subjects, which allows them to be put into context and more precisely examined. He specializes in the irreverent and dark, but always within a valid framework, never for pure shock.


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