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Maui H

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Over the past twenty years Maui Holcomb has written stories, screenplays and blogs to satisfy his interest in creative writing while earning a living as a post production sound engineer in the film and television industry. His writing has appeared in a variety of online journals and magazines, and his screenplays are currently in the industry marketplace. A day does not go by in which Maui fails to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, working around his professional sound duties and his responsibilities co-raising teenage daughters with his wife in Los Angeles, California.
Maui specializes in creative fiction writing and is also available for journalistic writing on the film and entertainment industry; contemporary domestic life; film reviews; and political commentary.
Other interests include travel, backpacking, literature, film appreciation, and history.
Pomona College Aug 1991 – May 1995
Media Studies with emphasis in English, Bachelor of Arts

Maui Holcomb attended Pomona College in Claremont, California, taking a wide variety of courses in anthropology, economics, political science and creative writing while searching for a field to Concentrate in, Pomona's term for a major. At the end of his sophomore year he realized that none of those suited him and, looking at the other courses he'd taken, realized that the closest available degree to film studies that Pomona offered was Media Studies, a concentration that requires its students to choose an emphasis: psychology, theater, English, or fine arts. His chosen concentration allowed him to focus on the study of film, books, and writing that most interested him.

Honors and Awards
Eagle Award May 1989
Maui was awarded the highest honor in the Boy Scouts of America when he was 16 years old, and the ideals and training of the organization remain with him in his commitment to see a project through and his determination to do his best in all professional duties, no matter how small.

Projects by Industry

Maui Holcomb has worked in the film industry for twenty years. For the past eighteen he has been employed in post production sound editing and mixing, working on over 150 feature films, shorts and documentaries, as well as numerous television series. He runs his own business in which he is responsible for providing clients with full post production sound packages, including editing, recording and mixing. He has been responsible for seeing films through to completion and working creatively to help filmmakers fulfill their vision. In addition, he is a screenwriter and member of a writer's group called Submerge Collective. The members collaborate and support one another by reading and critiquing each other's projects.


Maui Holcomb employs humor successfully in all his creative writing, short stories and screenplays. Even the darkest work needs a healthy amount of humor included not just to make it bearable but in fact to make the dark parts all the more effective. Journalistic writing also needs humor in order to help the subjects come off the page and enable the reader to relate them as real human beings.


As the father of two teenage daughters in the Los Angeles area, Maui Holcomb has extensive personal experience with all aspects of child rearing, including the education system; childbirth and daycare; traveling with children; extracurricular activities; parent/child conflict; extended family issues; navigating the teenage years; boys, boys, oh, crap they've discovered boys.

Projects by Asset Type

Maui Holcomb has over a decade of experience in creative fiction writing. Projects have included short stories, humor pieces, stage plays and screenplays for television and film. He has also written voice-over scripts for film projects on which he served as Post Production Sound Supervisor. Several of his stories have appeared online in various outlets.


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