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Winston O

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Location Wilmington, NC
Education Bachelors Degree
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Winston has extensive experience building and maintaining a corporate brand utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methods. He has written numerous articles, research reports, blogs, managed social media campaigns and hosted podcasts. His work has been quoted by journalists and featured in industry publications. His efforts established his previous clients as the most visible thought leaders in their industry. He also has experience managing employees, working in teams and meeting deadlines.

Winston has written on a diverse range of topics including 3D printing, commercial real estate and tax strategy. He studies and comprehends each industry before even starting to write - ensuring honest and genuine work. He truly enjoys learning new things and coming up with fresh perspectives. His experience and skills blend analytical, creative and composition abilities.
Writing, research, creative, analysis.
History, literature, film, TV, music, politics, international affairs, sports.
George Mason University Aug 2005 – May 2009
Marketing, Bachelors of Science

Winston graduated from the prestigious George Mason University in 2009 after four years of rigorous study. Though he started with aspirations of a history or international affairs degree his attention switched to marketing after watching Mad Men. Always an excellent writer, marketing allowed Winston to exercise his creative abilities in a field ruptured by exciting new technologies and job offers. He specialized in internet marketing - enthralled as he was by this daring new medium and the changes it sent rippling through society.

Projects by Industry
Real Estate

Winston has 6 years of experience writing content for the commercial real estate industry. Writing projects ranged from short blogs to detailed research reports. He thoroughly studied the industry to create honest, intelligent content which was distributed to 100,000's of people weekly. His research reports were cited throughout industry publications and reporters sought out his comments as an expert on the industry.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Winston has six years of experience writing weekly blogs concerning commercial real estate and tax policy. Blogs include such topics as news commentaries, interviews, research reports, white papers, event profiles and market analysis. Winston has successful experience meeting deadlines, inventing topics on short notice, planning out features in advance and finding relevant topics. His writing style is exemplified by an easy flexibility to switch between tones depending on the topic at hand. He also brings a wealth of outside knowledge and perspective in such areas as history, politics, literature, music and cinema. Above all he has a love of learning and an ability to drill to the center of each topic.

White Paper

As Research Director, Winston has authored numerous white papers on a variety of subjects within the commercial real estate industry. His writing is clear, precise and easy to understand. He communicates the core principles of complicated subjects with an easily comprehensible style.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Winston has extensive experience writing research reports - including the initial data compilation, analysis and composition. Reports have ranged from simple one page flyers detailing monthly market trends to multi-page yearly economic reports. These reports have served a variety of functions, featuring in email campaigns, sales presentations, property valuations, website promotion and national publication.

Winston combines a wide ranging analytical perspective with a clear writing style to communicate detailed information in an intelligent and east to understand manner.

Projects by Writing Style

Winston has six years of experience speaking as an authority on the commercial real estate industry. He creates his research reports from the bottom up - assembling data, correlating it's significance and communicating that meaning in an easy to understand but intellectual manner. His reports feature a clear and precise writing style that communicates the facts without shouting them. He has the intellectual ability to study and thoroughly understand an industry. Though he had no background in commercial real estate initially, he learned, comprehended and eventually mastered the metrics of that industry. Winston believes true authority on a subject can only be demonstrated through genuine comprehension. In that light, he strives to gain an understanding of every topic about which he writes.


Though much of Winston's work has centered on research and analysis, he has successfully demonstrated the capacity to communicate in more humanistic, casual tones. This style is especially vital in today's world, where media is ubiquitous and people are often overwhelmed by the weight and velocity of content fanned before their eyes. Winston has a strong background in literature, film, TV, music and to a certain degree "pop culture" which allows him to easily slip into a talkative voice. He has mastered the ability to balance conviviality with authority.


Winston has written numerous reports covering a ride range of topics including commercial real estate, tax/legal aid, 3D printing and politics. These reports include policy perspective, market updates, event coverage and data analysis. He is capable of quickly grasping the fundamentals of a subject to create intelligent, thought provoking content.


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