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For more than 30 years, Steve has developed his skill as a communicator on diverse topics such as business, history, boating, cooking, and genealogy. He is the author of a nonfiction book and more than a dozen published articles, as well as many client-specific projects that called for accurate, compelling writing—delivered on time and ready for publication.
As owner of a successful small business for 25 years, Steve's writing projects have included employee training manuals, business plans, grant proposals, technical manuals, white papers, product descriptions, web pages, and advertising copy. His knowledge of the specialized needs of the small business shows in writing that is accurate and specific while also highly readable and engaging.

Steve has written extensively about maritime and regional history. He is the author of a book of maritime history published by a university press, and has published articles in historical journals over the past 17 years. Steve has the ability to transform detailed historical research into a narrative that brings the past to life.

When he's not writing, Steve's love of nature and outdoors drives him to pursue boating, kayaking, hiking, scuba diving, and fishing. He has written about these activities in articles, blog posts and web pages, demonstrating an ability to entertain, educate and engage people who already share these passions, as well as readers who are only just discovering them.
Steve is an experienced technical scuba diver with advanced certifications which include deep diving, mixed gas diving, cave diving, and closed-circuit rebreathers. Underwater, his passion is finding, documenting and exploring historic shipwrecks. He is the writer and producer of two independent documentary films about ships that met their ends beneath northern seas, plus a book about a shipwreck in Alaska that sank more than 100 years ago.

An accomplished home cook, Steve enjoys creating delicious, wholesome feasts for family and friends with a particular emphasis on organic vegetables, fresh-caught seafood, and locally-sourced wild foods. Many of Steve's culinary influences come from his travels in Spain, Italy and France, lands whose history, art, architecture and culture further inspires him.

A lifelong reader and book lover, Steve is a fan of history and crime fiction. His devotion to the printed word led to a successful career as owner of a large specialty retailing operation which was on the cutting edge of online bookselling beginning in 1992, and which for more than two decades operated one of the largest used bookstores in the United States.
University of Alaska Justice; Business,

Steve's initial post-secondary education goals led him to major in Criminal Justice, but coursework in business law led to related classes in writing, accounting, and real estate. He took a break from formal study after two years, embarking on a successful five-year career as a real estate broker before starting his company, a large retail store which has flourished for more than 25 years. During that time, Steve has furthered his formal education with university-level classes in many subjects that interest him and which further his goal to be a life-long learner.

Honors and Awards
2003 Alaska Small Business Person of the Year With his wife (and business partner), Steve was the recipient of the 2003 Alaska Small Business Person of the Year award following the relocation and major expansion of their retail business, which has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Association Memberships
International Association of Air, Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD) Steve is an experienced technical scuba diver, with advanced training and certification that includes deep diving, mixed-gas diving, cave diving, and closed-circuit rebreather diving. IANTD is the preeminent training and certification agency for divers who, like Steve, test the limits of underwater exploration.

Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society (PSMHS) As a historian, Steve is particularly engage by the seafaring history of the Pacific Coast. His love of scuba diving led to an interest in shipwrecks, a subject which has Steve has made the subject of a book and two documentary films. The Sea Chest, which is the quarterly journal of the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society, has published more than a dozen of Steve's articles on the subject of Alaska shipwrecks.

CCR Cave Diver International Association of Air, Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD)
Jan 2008
Technical scuba diving certification

CCR Trimix Diver International Association of Air, Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD)
Sep 2007
Technical scuba diving certification

Megalodon CCR Diver International Association of Air, Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD)
Sep 2005
Technical scuba diving certification

Advanced Recreational Trimix International Association of Air, Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD)
May 2004
Technical scuba diving certification

Advanced EANx Diver International Association of Air, Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD)
May 2004
Technical scuba diving certification

Deep Diver International Association of Air, Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD)
May 2004
Technical scuba diving certification

Enriched Air Nitrox Diver International Association of Air, Nitrox and Technical Divers (IANTD)
Mar 2000
Technical scuba diving certification

Projects by Industry

The challenges and rewards of starting and running a small business are intimately familiar to Steve, who has taken the knowledge and skills he gained over 25 years as an entrepreneur and applied them to writing projects which include small business planning, start-up, financing, and marketing. He has the ability to customize the style and tone of his writing to effectively communicate with customers, staff members, and colleagues, as well as outside stakeholders such as lenders and investors.

Real Estate

Before embarking on his entrepreneurial career, Steve was a residential and commercial real estate broker for five years. His experience in that field—coupled with university-level coursework in real estate appraisal and business law—served him well as a business owner involved in site selection, lease negotiation, bank financing, and tenant improvements. More recently, he has been personally involved in residential real estate transactions which have given him insight into the buying and selling process in three distinct market areas.


It is said that numbers are the language of business. As founder and owner of a successful business, Steve developed skills for communicating detailed financial information to investors, lenders, employees, vendors, and clients. He has the ability to present financial information is an accurate and understandable way across multiple industries, using non-technical language conveyed in a concise, authoritative style.

Projects by Asset Type

Writing for both print and online publications, Steve has experience crafting thoughtful and informative articles on topics which have included business and personal finance, boating, scuba diving, travel, cooking, car buying, winter driving skills, and home improvement. He successfully adapts to article lengths that run anywhere from 200 to more than 6,000 words, giving Steve the ability to explore a topic succinctly or in much greater detail as the needs of the project dictate.

White Paper

Steve brings his background writing well-researched historical articles to contemporary subjects such as small business start-up and management, expedition planning, and company training materials. As he does when writing about history, Steve brings his attention to detail and his respectful treatment of source material to the task of developing white papers that are easy to read and understand, while still conveying detailed and accurate information.

Web Page

Steve's professional and vocational interests have led him to develop engaging and informative web pages for a retail store, a manufacturing company, a visual artist, a vacation rental, and a historical research specialist. He has the ability to communicate detailed factual information in a conversational tone, with writing that is easy to understand and fun to read.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Steve's background as a historian has provided him with the experience to conduct comprehensive, accurate research as a foundation for writing projects that require it. Whether he is reading old news stories on microfilm, sifting through yellowed documents at the National Archives, or conducting an electronic genealogy search using the latest online tools, Steve has the ability to absorb material from every available source and distill it into accurate, documented language that tells a story.

Technical Writer

Technical writing is often considered to be inextricably linked to computers and programming, but the definition actually extends to any type of writing which instructs or explains how something works, or describes how to achieve a desired result by employing a specific series of actions. Steve's clear and expository writing style has led him to complete technical writing tasks as diverse as cookbook recipes, software implementation white papers, equipment assembly instructions, and a machinery repair manual. Steve can target his style and language in a way that effectively communicates technical concepts to readers as diverse as an amateur hobbyist or an experienced software engineer.

Projects by Writing Style

Drawing upon more than 25 years experience as a writer in the fields of business and history, Steve writes fluently and effectively in the authoritative style. If research is required, he first educates himself about the topic so that he can offer his own insight and perspective, quoting authorities or citing published material in support of his position. His writing resonates with its audience because of its clarity and use of real-life examples. He understands that readers are often looking for answers, and need to be able to trust the accuracy and completeness of the information they read. Steve keeps his points clear, and includes just the right blend of facts and editorial amplification to create potent, convincing articles and white papers.


To Steve, the hallmark of writing in a conversational style is to tell a good story. Since our ancestors first gathered around a campfire and regaled their friends with tales of adventure and danger, the human ear has been attuned to the elements of good story-telling: Vivid language; engaging characters; action; narrative flow. As a history writer, Steve uses many of the same techniques to bring the past to life for his readers, and to tell a story that grabs their attention, flows smoothly, and makes them want to continue reading to the end.


Steve's experience as an author of lengthy nonfiction pieces translates easily to projects that call for an expository or journalistic writing style. He uses language which is objective, succinct, clear and engaging for readers while incorporating appropriate examples and anecdotes into the story. Steve writes effectively in both hard-lead and soft-lead styles, creating attention-grabbing stories that adapt readily as features or news stories.


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