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Crystal T

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Completed Orders 38
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Repeat Clients 10%
Last Login 10/19/2016
Location Denver, NC
Education Masters Degree
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Summary of Experience
The past five years have been productive and successful for Crystal as both a writer and an editor. She has written, edited, and collaborated with publishers, authors, and clients to create various types of content including:
◊ Books—collaborative writing, ghostwriting, editing, formatting, front and back matter, table of content, and indices
◊ Articles—magazines, news, and website content
◊ Blogs
◊ Content development—evergreen copy, SEO, naturally including search terms, and rewriting preexisting content
◊ Resume writing—cover letters, resumes, vitas, proposals, and acceptance or declination letters
◊ Business writing—Memorandums, emails, general and grant proposals, research, reports, notices, manuals, internal documents, and website development writing

In addition, she has always been able to multitask. Managing multiple projects with varying deadlines is one of her strengths. Her time management and organization skills allow her to complete and submit work within the assigned deadline. She pays close attention to details and instructions to create content that meets the required criteria, contains substantial material, and is ready to be published. Crystal guarantees polished, reliable, accurate, relatable, and relevant content that defines and promotes the company’s brand and image. As an effective communicator, she is able to work with individuals that have diverse backgrounds, maintain confidence, and mediate solutions to complex problems. She demonstrates professionalism and displays decorum in all of her encounters and correspondences.

Crystal's work ethic is strong. She welcomes challenges, is prepared to overcome adversity and obstacles, and quickly adapts and adjust to sudden or frequent changes during the completion of a project. She has relied on her can-do attitude to obtain success and stay motivated. Her positive outlook allows me to encourage and inspire team members to be upbeat and excited and to continually work together, even in the face of complications and setbacks. She believes in working until there is no more work.

In addition to her writing experience, Crystal is an editor as well, having edited several published works.
Writing, literature, poetry, argumentative based writing, resume writing, fiction/sci-fi, and short stories.
Writing, traveling, reading, ending homelessness, healthy cooking and eating, movies, hiking, camping, and conferences/workshops.
Full Sail University May 2013 – May 2014
Creative Writing, MFA

Crystal received her MFA in Creative Writing and was able to write and revise a complete script. She is in the process of writing her third script and will be submitting various works to publishers in the coming months.

Appalachian State University Aug 2007 – Dec 2009
English, MA

Crystal received an MA in English. This degree prepared her to teach English courses.

Appalachian State University Aug 1997 – May 2003
Communication, Journalism, BS

While working toward her degree, Crystal was able to write for The Appalachian, the university's student newspaper. She also worked at the Public Affairs, News Bureau Office where she wrote and edited articles for the newsletter and various other sources.

Grant Writer Grant Writing USA
Mar 2016
Recently, Crystal completed the class and course material necessary to become a certified grant writer.

Projects by Industry

Crystal has worked in the publishing industry as a writer and an editor. She is a published writer who has also edited other writers' now published works. She has learned the industry by working as an intern, a writer, a formatter, researcher, interviewer, and a marketer.

Projects by SEO Skill
Link Building

Crystal not only writes contents, but she is able to create links that open in a new tab or new window, links to anchor text, or links to outside sources. She has experience building links that reference outside sources or links to other pages within the same source. Her links always work and are never broken, she can shorten them, and she can create one word or whole line links that are clickable.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Crystal is able to create content that is optimized around a keyword and that appears higher in the search results. She is able to include keywords, keyword terms, and search terms naturally.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Crystal has ghostwritten many blog post for clients ranging from CEOs, individuals, Fortune 500 companies to nonprofit organizations, law firms, and media outlets. While most of her work is available to the public, she does not exclude who she writes for. Over the past two years, she has written blogs that are mainly upbeat, witty, positive, and informative. Her own blog has been reconstructed twice and she only posts a piece when she has time. She delivers evergreen content that is applicable and meets any keyword or SEO requirements. Crystal is also able to write a post using Google Analytics and other search engine criteria to boost content in the results.


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