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Shaun V.V. is an experienced teacher of writing who holds a bachelor's degree in English and Spanish as well as a master's degree in English teaching. Gaining experience in both academic writing and the latest in teaching practice, he recently completed a five year term as an English teacher in an elite international school in Bogotá and has now returned to the United States to teach Spanish and write professionally. In March of 2016, Shaun V.V. won the professional writing contest for the Unión de Colegios Bilingües (Union of Bilingual Schools) for his English language essay on his teaching experience with and investigation into problem based learning. Publishing under a pseudonym, Shaun V.V. expects to see his first novel in print in September, 2016.
Shaun V.V. has specialized in academic writing and creative fiction in the mystery genre. Though he doesn't possess a law degree, he has experience in legal research and legal writing that. He is fluent in Spanish as well as his native English and is well-versed in Latin American culture and politics. An avid follower of tech trends, Shaun V.V. is able to write with authority on what the advances in technology will impact society.
Shaun V.V. is interested in pedagogy, science and technology, science fiction, politics, Latin America, publishing, languages, combat sports and finance.
Binghamton University: School of Education Sep 2006 – Jan 2008
English 7-12 Teaching, Master of Arts in Teaching

Shaun V.V. completed a MAT at Binghamton University and was granted a teaching certification the state of New York in 2008. The emphasis given to the program was on teaching literature and writing at the secondary level. The course work included a teaching practicum with two schools in the final semester.

Binghamton University Sep 2001 – Jun 2006
English and Spanish, Bachelor's degree

Shaun V.V. attended Binghamton University and graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in English and Spanish. The dual major degree included a year-long study abroad at The University of Costa Rica.

Honors and Awards
UCB Teacher Writing Contest Winner 2016 Mar 2016
Shaun V.V. wrote an essay documenting his investigation and teaching experience during the 2014-2015 school year with a group of students at an international school in Bogotá, Colombia. This essay, the culmination of a year of professional research and practice, was selected as one of three winning entries for the 2016 writing contest open to the roughly 1,000 teachers who are members of this professional organization of teachers at bilingual schools in Bogotá, Colombia. The essay is expected to be published later in 2016 on the website of the UCB.

Certificate of Englisht Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) Cambridge University
Oct 2010
Shaun V.V. completed an intensive one-month ESL teaching course certified by Cambridge University in Bogotá, Colombia. This course included teaching practice with feedback fro Cambridge certified instructors and the CELTA, the most widely recognized language teaching certificate in the world, allows its holders to obtain employment in language institutes around the world.

Projects by Industry

Shaun V.V. has written policy, curriculum and educational material for the school where he is employed as a teacher and department leader. In 2016, his essay on Problem Based Learning written for the writing contest held by the Unión de Colegios Bilingües won a prize of five million Colombian pesos. He now writes a blog for an education website that helps teachers become certified and presents new advances in teaching to veteran teachers.


Shaun V.V. has competed in several combat sports but has learned the most from his own investigation into fitness. He has knowledge of nutrition and personal fitness programs and has written in effective fitness training. Shaun V.V. has writing experience on Writer Access providing fitness advice targeted towards specific goals. He also has experience editing the English translation of a major published fitness text.


Shaun V.V. started working with computers when he was barely old enough to walk, building PCs with his father. He has continued to study computer science as a hobby and is an obsessive reader of tech news and articles on tech advances, cryptography, hacking and processor design. Self-taught in html, css and the WordPress CMS, he has built and used several interactive websites for classes over the years, including a school-wide digital newspaper site. Now writing articles on technology here at Writer Access, Shaun V.V. has composed B2B content for businesses as well as tech blogs for clients.


Shaun V.V. has gained experience researching and writing blogs on legal topics ranging from estate planning and divorce law to personal injury and immigration law. Blending a love for legal research with the ability to explain complex concepts clearly, Shaun V.V. began by helping his sister with her law practice and has now applied his skills to the world of freelance writing. Though not a lawyer himself, Shaun V.V. has an outsider's learned insight into the legal system gained from reading case files, legal code and law blogs that helps him to create a valuable connection between legal insiders and their potential clients.


Shaun V.V. is not a tax attorney or an accountant, but his experience lies instead in his own contact with the tax system both in the United States and abroad. His experience with research and his ability to condense difficult processes into easy guides are both key in the area of tax writing.


Shaun V.V. studied resume and cover letter writing in graduate school and has since that time perfected his craft both through independent study and in directing the hiring process at his school of employment. Now a writer, Shaun V.V. has written several pieces on tips for resume writing, advice on cover letters and advice for job seekers. In addition, Shaun V.V. writers for an website for teachers seeking career advice.


Shaun V.V. has studied history and philosophy more than politics but has gained experience writing across the political spectrum here at WriterAccess. He holds a mixture of conservative and liberal views and has experience living abroad for more than half a decade as well. Shaun V.V. uses his experience and deep knowledge of history to inform his opinions, but prides himself on his ability to be a true ghostwriter than can assume the position of any character and write persuasively from that perspective. His experience writing political newsletters here on Writer Access has helped him to hone his ability to weave facts together in a powerful way that goes beyond simple retelling.


Shaun V.V. has experience in personal banking and has written articles on improving credit card use, raising credit scores, investing for retirement and other personal banking topics. In addition, Shaun V.V. is well-read in investing and finance with experience in stock and options trading.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Shaun V.V. crafts titles that strike to the heart of the article and grab a reader's attention. Short and powerful, these titles score highly on SEO rankings while leaving an impact on the curious reader. Shaun V.V. approaches the meta description from a different angle than other web content creators, coming at them from the perspective a fiction writer. In fiction writing, the blurb of a novel absolutely must be tight and compelling. The essence of the idea is compressed and meaning distilled into an essential shard of crystallized language.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Shaun V.V. understands how to use long tail keywords as well as latent semantic indexing to create highly ranking yet naturally voices SEO content. Well-versed in the use of h1, h2, and h3 header levels to effectively organize web content, Shaun V.V. is able to maximize the impact of leveled header structures through layered-tier content design.

Projects by Asset Type
White Paper

Shaun V.V. has written several white papers that represent significant research into pedagogy and include proposals for policy and curriculum changes that have since been implemented. These works, the longer of which is around 12,000 words and includes 38 academic sources, have been used to drive educational change in several Bogotá schools in the areas of reading programs, teacher evaluation and curriculum focus.

Newsletter Content

Shaun V.V. has an exceptional level of expertise in writing newsletter content that pulls factual information from a broad range of primary and secondary sources and synthesizes it into a new and powerfully written piece. He is able to set context, inform readers and build arguments from a range of views across the political spectrum. He knows how to straddle the line of objectivity and target a specific audience. Experience gained here at Writer Access has helped him to hone these skills and his work has received acclaim for its cogent and informative style.


Shaun V.V. has taught public speaking for half a decade in an elite private school and has been responsible for delivering more than a few speeches of his own in his capacity as a teacher and administrator. He knows the elements of rhetorical and oral technique that make a powerful speech and one of his first writing jobs on Writer Access was a retirement speech that received rave reviews from the client.

Blog Post

Shaun V.V. is able to write blog posts that express key understandings of topics in a wide range of fields. Writing to educate and to entertain, Shaun V.V. is able to build brand value and customer connection for his blog post clients, cultivating a readership that looks to the blog site as a thought leader on topics ranging fro law to finance and medicine. Shaun V.V. understands that through providing free and easy to understand information that educates the reader, customer relationships are formed and business is strengthened. He has expertise writing on legal, medical, fitness, scientific, technological and travel topics, among others.


Shaun V.V. is not only a ghost writer, but he is also an author. Writing under a pseudonym, he expects to have his first novel in print in September, 2016 and is already hard at work on his next novel. A teacher of creative writing for almost a decade now, Shaun V.V. has made a deep study of the many skills required to write engaging fiction. He is expert at plotting, scene description and writing incredible action scenes.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Shaun V.V. has written policy, curriculum and educational material for the school where he is employed as a teacher and department leader. In 2016, his essay on Problem Based Learning written for the writing contest held by the Unión de Colegios Bilingües won a prize of five million Colombian pesos. This piece of writing, as well as two of the other paid projects, were extensive research texts ranging between 3,000 and 12,000 words with up to 40 academic sources. The research papers influenced school policy and helped to structure new educational programs.


Shaun V.V. is able to write compelling advertising copy that blends anecdote, description and emotion with a natural and evocative call to action. He has experience writing web copy and blog content that is designed to build customer relationships and establish clients as thought leaders and their products as solutions.


Shaun V.V. has experience in legal writing through working with a lawyer, his own sister, and through writing for a diverse selection of legal clients on Writer Access. He is able to research and write on a wide spectrum of legal topics and present clearly complex matters of law.

Projects by Writing Style

Shaun V.V. has expertise writing news letter content that blends factual reporting with a specific focus on an audience target. He is able to research across a broad range of primary and secondary sources and craft an original piece that brings together facts into an clear, informative and easy to read article. He is able to balance objective versus subjective writing, tailored to the client's needs and lying anywhere along a spectrum of journalism.


Shaun V.V. has the ability to use advanced rhetorical techniques to bring a reader to a purchase decision. He understands the use of blog posts that educate readers and provide a value proposition rather than a simple, hard sell and he knows how to subtly weave a call to action into these when needed. Shaun V.V. brings his background as a fiction writer to the task of promotional content with his use of imagery, diction and carefully varied sentence length to create the perfect voice and rhythm. Put simply, promotional writing is a form of art to him.


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