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Alexa P. is an award-winning author and content specialist who has been published by QuantumStones.com, Scholastic, Inc., West Chester University and numerous web publications. She has written hundreds of self-help articles, ebooks and email marketing materials for small business, entrepreneurs and clients on Guru.com on astrology, crystals and meditation for spiritual growth, alternative medicine, health and wellness, the power of positive thinking and other topics. As former account manager with a background in sales and social media marketing, her writing style is both engaging and SEO-friendly.


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Alexa has written numerous articles that focus on tapping into the benefits of spirituality for healing, growth and finding forgiveness. As a psychic and intuitive counselor, Alexa translates her experience to create ebooks, articles and email marketing materials that are informative yet still accessible and highly inspirational. Her articles combine her insights as a healer with extensive research on her topics. She currently creates motivational articles and guided meditation videos.

Alexa's website, focuses on using astrology for self-empowerment. She currently has 400 fans following her work.


Alexa has created journalistic articles around health and wellness. Her topics of focus include the benefits of tea, yoga, using natural supplements, detoxing and how herbs cure minor physical and psychological ailments. As an avid believer in the power of alternative medicine, Alexa is constantly experimenting with new methods to increase her health and wellness, and she translates her experiences to create articles that are genuine and inspiring to those who are seeking to make positive lifestyle changes.

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Alexa's main topics of interest for article writing include spirituality, self-help, diet and relationships. She focuses on not only on making esoteric knowledge about astrology and other topics more accessible to the everyday individual, but also on coaching readers to make behavioral adjustments and simple changes that will better their self-esteem, relationships and outlook on life. Alexa writes with an encouraging and compassionate voice, pushing audiences to both self-reflect and forgive themselves for their faults. Alexa's articles average over 2,000 shares on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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