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After 15 years as a professional manager in a multi-billion dollar company, Richard chose to start a new path in life - writing. His passion lies in business, parenting and media of all kinds. He has been published on multiple companies across the Internet.

His services include ghostwriting, eBooks, social media and more.
Richard specializes in product reviews, local reviews and short to medium length SEO content and well as travel related content.
Video games, parenting, fitness, writing and sports nutrition.
Glenville State College/Shepherd University Music Education/Business Administration minor Management,

Richard studied for approximately 4 years in the education field and well as the business field. He completed 120 hours of course study with GPA of 3.0. Upon transferring to Shepherd University, Richard began an extensive course load consisting of business administration courses.

Projects by Industry

Business management, retail management, managing people. Richard was a senior management associate within a Fortune 500 company. His responsibilities included managing $75 million in annual sales, with a profitability margin of 8%.


As an non-traditional "foodie", Richard has traveled throughout the country seeking the perfect dining spot that is family friendly as well as priced for the everyday Joe. He has dined at world-class restaurants as well as some of the best local eateries towns have to offer.

Self Help

Richard has been featured on multiple online websites showcasing his knowledge regarding financial matters as well as his ability to balance work and family. He takes a complex subject and pulls the reader into the articles like a fine crafted story.


Richard is a native of the east coast and has been living near the beach for approximately three years. He understands the requirements of living in a location that is traditionally considered a vacation location.


Weight loss, diet pill reviews and fitness tips. Richard is an avid fitness buff, recently completing two round of P90X and a round of P90X+. He maintains a healthy lifestyle by seeking alternative treatment verses traditional medicines.


Richard has an extensive background in the health industry writing for a major supplement company as well as blogging for a New York-based OB/GYN.


Richard is proud parent of four children, including fraternal twins. He has raised his family in a manner that follows a healthy moral and ethical code. Considering the negative impact of society, he has shown his family that hard work and dedication trumps all. Aggressively working with his children's education, his oldest child entered college at the age of 14.


Richard has more than 15 years working for the largest Fortune 500 company specializing in management. The business operated exceeded $130 million dollars in annual sales and $10 million dollars in revenue.


Richard is an avid gamer with experience with various platforms and gaming systems. He covers topics embracing not only the game, but the benefits to the user.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Richard is an expert with SEO by writing content that conforms to Internet search standards. He understands optimal keyword placement as well as density in order to rank high on search engines.

Projects by Asset Type

Richard is a master at crafting words and provides detailed information to every project. We masterfully informs the reader providing first-hand knowledge of every topic.

Blog Post

Richard has the ability to write what the reader want to read about at any given time. He writes timely and relevant content that is not overtly dull. Instead, he crafts content that is exciting, yet informative.

Projects by Writing Style

Richard understands the difference between writing to provide information and writing as if as talking to the reader. Richard crafts content like a story filled with hills and valleys that pull the reader into an intricate web of information.


Richard crafts content not only meant for the business professional, but for the reader that wants to find humor in his writing. Although the subject matter is serious, Richard writes for the general audience.


When promoting a product or brand, Richard has the ability to masterfully craft the words in order to, not just inform the reader, but provide relevant and timely information. Richard provides content that sells the clients product right off of the page.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Coming from a large, big-box business and starting a small business, Richard understands the mentality needed to succeed. He takes his expertise and forms details plans and procedures so every small business owner has the ability to benefit.

Fortune 500

Richard has worked for the largest company on the Fortune 500 for more than 13 years. He translated his experience into masterful expressions of the retail industry.


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