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Joshua is an entrepreneur by heart and is currently building two startups with big dreams. Each startup expresses a passion he carries in his life. Shortly after graduating from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Josh and his family bought an old Suburban, renovated an even older Airstream, and took to the road to start their first entrepreneurial adventure. An unusual first startup, Josh and Emily decided to head to Montana, buy some land, and live off the grid as they learned firsthand how to live a self-sustaining, off-grid lifestyle. The startup idea? Teach and educate thousands of like-minded individuals to grow their own food, store their own energy, build their own homes, make their own clothes, and live a more simplified life. This is Simplified Four.

Though Simplified Four has big ambitions it does not yet have big profits. Josh provides for his family as a content marketing consultant and content writer. This is also one of Josh’s deep passions as he deeply enjoys marketing smart with heart. There is no better way to market than through content that adds value to your buyer while building a story that is memorable and shows sincerity. You can’t fake good content marketing, and this is why Josh labels his style of marketing, “Smhärt”. Market smart with heart and your business will stand the test of time, making the positive difference you wish it to make.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Early in Joshua's marketing career, he had the opportunity to work for a stellar reading curriculum company, Reading Horizons. He began his work for RH as an area salesman, but they soon recognized his talents in marketing and placed him in charge of marketing their failing home-use product.

During his stay with reading horizons he was able to write several pieces in both the homeschool education arena as well as the traditional k-12 education arena. His writings focused mostly on literacy for struggling readers, but also included the political and government complexities of education.

Green Living

Joshua has dove into green living the only way you can, by living it. He eats, sleeps, and dreams sustainability. Josh and his family recently renovated an old Airstream trailer, took it to Montana, and purchased some raw land on a hillside near the Missouri River. There they have begun building an off-grid, self-sustaining homestead.

Both Josh and Emily share there learning experiences and green living on their blog, Simplified Four. Josh and Emily wish to create both a physical and virtual space for learning the four basic areas of sustainability: food, shelter, clothing, and energy.


Joshua has spent most of his professional career helping to build startups and grow small businesses through the power of content marketing. This profession has become a deep passion and is a primary reason why he has become a freelance content writer and marketing consultant.

He has successfully built out and operationalized the content marketing process for his own startups and has helped operationalize the content marketing efforts of other small businesses. He believes that content marketing is about marketing smart but with heart. There must be a systematic process that is well documented and implemented in order release consistent content that converts buyers. At the same time, Josh stresses the need for empathy and deep understanding of how you can help buyers. Together, a systematic content marketing process that is created with a desire to add value to the buyer builds evangelistic relationships with your customers.

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

As a content marketer, Josh has had the opportunity to write several blog posts on a host of different subjects. Each blog post he writes is optimized for current SEO standards, focuses on one specific buyer persona, and has a main keyword focus. Joshua believes in long-form blog posts that informative and geared towards converting buyers into brand evangelist. He does not believe in writing filler content, and does his due-diligence to understand the buyer persona outlined and the subject matter he is writing about.

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