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Tony B

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Tony Bear's expert writing, editing, and search engine optimization skills and his focus on results-oriented online content have engaged audiences since 2005.

His passion for the written word and a print publishing background has fueled his involvement in digital content management, online publishing and freelance writing since the early 2000s. His search engine optimization skills have generated thousands of search engine referrals since SEO became a thing!

As a life-long communicator, Tony's career path has taken him through experiences creating content for radio, TV, print and the Web. As a professional content generator, Tony is helping people and businesses de-mystify how to have an effective presence on the Information Superhighway. He has launched six WordPress websites since 2014.

His writing style is conversational, with a focus on short, sweet sentences whenever possible! The goal is to try and make the reader hear a voice in their head.
Blog posts, social media posts, copywriting, articles, listicles, reviews, business email, memos
San Francisco, Oakland, lifestyle, personal finance, science and technology, cooking and healthy eating, losing weight, entertainment business, photography, Internet radio
Projects by Industry

Tony Bear's background as a radio personality began in college and has continued professionally for his entire career. His work has included print publishing/ad agency start-ups, and writing for television news and magazines. As a media pro, his interests lie mostly in the business of the media/entertainment industries (as opposed to what-happened-on-that-show fodder).


As a lover of San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle, Tony Bear's work as a contributor for the San Francisco hub of a popular travel and culture website allows him to write about something he loves.

Self Help

Tony Bear's personal experiences with rebuilding his credit, losing weight, eating right, dating and more make for a fun and informative reading. His conversational tone helps demystify the topics in a relatable fashion.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

As Digital Content Editor for a popular news website, Tony Bear is responsible for the SEO on the site. As news stories and op-ed pieces are submitted, his job is to research keywords via Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner and discover the best keywords to use in headline building and optimize keyword usage within the story.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Tony Bear's blog site, "The Celebrity-free Zone by Tony Bear!" is an offshoot from his successful iHeartMedia blog page. He launched the blog site after leaving the radio station and posts to it frequently. His focus: lifestyle/quality-of-life subjects i.e.: health and wellness, consumer technology, personal finance, eating well, etc.


As a contributor for a popular travel and culture website, Tony Bear is submitting long-form articles and listicles on a variety of subjects

Radio Spot

Six years of brand management and content generation for iHeartMedia meant Tony Bear created scripts used for live reads and in the creation of recorded radio commercials. The tone was always 'conversational.'

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

A recent post on Tony Bear's blog site attempted to demystify the process of buying a new cell phone or mobile device.


Tony Bear's role as a contributing writer for a start-up Los Angeles regional news website is primarily writing news articles. Some articles are composed by researching and aggregating information from various sources, and when necessary, injecting a localised spin.


Six years as brand manager and content manager for iHeartMedia provided Tony Bear with daily advertising and marketing copywriting experience, for web page content and scripts for on-the-air commercials

Projects by Writing Style

Tony Bear's latest articles for a popular travel and culture website are written for people focused on finding something to bring enjoyment and fun to their lives. His conversational style is a good fit because each story is written with an "I've been there, I've done this, you should try this" tone.


Tony Bear's work for a popular Los Angeles regional website is focused on presenting newsworthy topics, so the writing style is very AP-centered, with little-to-no opinion or levity.

Projects by Company Size
Large Business

Tony Bear's work for iHeartMedia, the world's largest radio + entertainment company, required him to generate marketing content for web pages, e-newsletters, radio commercials, live read scripts and social media posts.

As a brand manager, there were many corporate reports and memos written to recap research data, market conditions and other business narratives.


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