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Neal E

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Repeat Clients 38%
Last Login 10/28/2016
Location Hart, MI
Education Bachelors Degree
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Summary of Experience
-Writing articles for a small-town newspaper
-Blogging and guest blogging
-Articles and current events
-Christian writing
-Currently writing a novel
-Blog Newsletters
-Home and family
-Biblical Christianity
-Creative writing/fiction
-Classic Literature
-Fishing/the outdoors
-Mental health improvement
-Biblical studies and practice
-Running and strength training
Summit University Aug 1998 – May 2004
Biblical Studies, Bachelor of Science

Neal majored in Biblical Studies and minored in General Missions while studying in northern Pennsylvania.

Honors and Awards
Highly Commended May 2008
Neal won the "Highly Commended" award for his short fiction piece through The writing contest topic was "In-Laws."

Projects by Industry

Neal writes from the worldview of Biblical Christianity. He studied in Pennsylvania and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Studies. While pastoring a church in rural Manitoba, Canada, he wrote monthly devotionals for the local paper there. He currently lives in Michigan and runs a blog that deals with the topic of spiritual inspiration in the form of articles and devotional thoughts. Topics of special interest within this scope for Neal include the following:

-Family-related topics
-Counter-cultural thinking
-Focus on eternity and Heaven
-Creative writing
-Inspirational and devotional writing


Neal has over five years of experience working with the mentally ill population. This included both hospital and crisis stabilization center settings. Those experiences taught him how mental, physical and spiritual health are interconnected. Neal personally has dealt with depression and won the battle of maintaining a healthy weight. Here are some of the topics he covered in his past work.

-Mental health
-Physical exercise
-Nutritional Health
-Disabilities (Neal is a left arm amputee from a childhood lawnmower accident)


Neal worked in case work which dealt with assisting children and families. He also has experience in the education field. Neal has much personal family and children experience, too. He and his wife are expecting their seventh child. He often finds plenty of rich examples and ideas for writing from his own family. Special areas of interest and experience include the following:

-The family and spirituality
-Outdoor family activities
-Physical health in the family
-Positive Interaction
-Better life for the elderly population

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Neal has experience in providing keyword requirements for clients as well as for his blog. His attention to detail in this area will help your pieces rank higher in search results.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Neal currently runs a blog that deals with spiritual encouragement through devotional thoughts and articles. He has experience in guest blogging as well as writing email articles/newsletters. Below is an article on self-improvement from Neal's blog. The previous focus of the blog was "the healthy outdoor family" and this particular article is reflective of that fact.


Whether journalistic, inspirational, informative or humorous, Neal delivers quality articles. They're well-researched, contain quotes and interview results. Here's an outdoor article he wrote for his blog.

Projects By Expertise

Neal is comfortable writing on a wide range of subjects and in differing styles when it comes to copywriting. Neal has most commonly written in the following forms:

-Short and long product articles
-Product descriptions
-Persuasive pieces

Projects by Writing Style

Neal thrives in the conversational writing style. This style shines through in his blog posts, promotional writing and inspirational pieces. Neal's writing sample is a Christian devotional he recently submitted to a publisher.


Neal enjoys employing humor to make works fun to read and to lift the reader's mood. Neal has written humorous pieces about the dangers of running, ice fishing, and more. Below is an article from Neal's blog in which he uses humor.


Neal’s insatiable curiosity and love for current events well suit him in the journalistic realm. He’ll deliver you a timely, entertaining and accurate piece that exceeds your expectations. Here's a sample from his blog.


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