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Patricia B

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Patricia B is a veteran of the high-tech industry, with deep and vast knowledge in network monitoring and network management, cybersecurity, and healthcare IT. In her 25-year career in high-tech she has worked as a technical writer for a software company and a call center provider company (total: 8 years); as a technical instructor for a large well-known computer chip company and a routing/bridging company (total: 5 years); managed global sales training and technical training for two healthcare IT companies (total: 3 years); and led all marketing content efforts for a cybersecurity company (total: 5+ years).

She has written numerous technical manuals, articles, white papers, sales playbooks, competitive analysis, press releases, customer testimonials, and blog posts for the companies she has worked for. In addition to her technical knowledge, she is recognized for her intuitive abilities in creating marketing messaging, and telling the right story that connects companies with their prospects.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, an MBA in international marketing, and is a published author. Patricia’s industry knowledge, expert writing and communication skills, work ethic, and “never-miss-a-deadline” motto can help you easily and seamlessly meet all of your technical and marketing content needs.
Taking a complex subject and making it simple (consumer-friendly and easily digested!) Targeting messaging directly to your prospects and customers. Proficient in creating white papers, customer testimonials, competitive analysis, press releases, articles, and blogs.
Spending time with my family, the outdoors, playing with my dog, witnessing a friend or stranger succeed at what they love to do; being inspired.
Northeastern University International Marketing, MBA

Patricia B received her MBA in International Marketing from Northeastern University in 2009.

Projects by Industry
High Tech

Patrica B. has worked in the high-tech industry for 25 years in the areas of networking, cyber security, and healthcare IT. She has the unique perspective of working in both technical roles (technical writer, technical instructor, project manager) as well as in sales and marketing roles where she created whitepapers, technical articles, sales tools and playbooks, customer testimonials, and messaging.

Projects by Asset Type
White Paper

Patricia B has researched, written from scratch, edited, or reworked white papers for several high-tech companies in the networking, cyber security, and healthcare IT industries, designed to: display thought-leadership from the company; teach the reader something they did not know before reading the white paper; offer the reader a new perspective on their own existing knowledge of the subject; and serve as an avenue for lead generation, increasing both traffic to the company's website, as well as corporate brand awareness.


Patricia B. has written numerous technical articles for high-tech companies in the networking, cyber security, and healthcare IT industries. Articles are more in-depth than blogs and are designed to be published in trade rags or industry news sites.

Press Release

Patricia B is experienced in writing press releases for any type of industry. She is skilled at story telling so that the press release grabs attention and subsequently becomes "picked up" (circulated) throughout wider circles of print and social media.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Patricia B has a total of 9 years experience as a technical writer in high-tech companies, both startup and Fortune 100 companies. One of her greatest strengths is delving deep into the technical details, and then making it comprehensible to the end-user, the reader.

"Making the simple complex is commonplace. But making the complex simple, awesomely simple - that's creativity." - Charles Mingus

Projects by Writing Style

Patricia B is a skilled and proven writer of well-researched, unique, and authoritative articles that help a company distinguish themselves from the fluff and the copycats.


Patricia B knows how to write so that the reader feels they are sitting down at a Starbucks, having a conversation about what's important in a given industry and why. This is often the best way to connect with your readers (prospects and customers) and is one of the qualities that sets her apart from the crowd.


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