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With a varied work history and insatiable curiosity, she is constantly exploring and learning new things. She has a strong Social Media background, is no stranger to medical/technical writing from her time as a disability claims adjudicator and even has experience in tourism as the social media/marketing manager for a Visitors and Convention Bureau. She is well versed in business reports, speeches, marketing materials, and website content. She can amuse with a blog post, dress up flyers and pamphlets or handle the nitty gritty of an employee manual and everything in between.


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Ms. Broyles has a history of working with legal professionals and has been applying her experience to blog posts and articles on various legal topics from distracted driving to family law. She brings a very personal tone to each piece in an effort to make them easy to read and relate to.


Created tourism marketing materials for a visitors & convention bureau, penned blog posts, website content and professional letters

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Tracy has contributed multiple blog posts covering indie publishing, parenting, pop culture/entertainment, NFL/sports, and tourism. She has been complimented for her creativity and delivery but prides herself on a well-researched piece. With a diverse history, she brings a unique view to every piece she writes.

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