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Jordan D. is the state coordinator for the Illinois SOAR program and recently received her Masters of Public Policy from the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. Her policy and advocacy work at the nonprofit Kids In Danger (KID) garnered national media attention. Her research report entitled "After the Recall: Dangerous Products Remain in Home" led to the Nightline segment: "Recall Roulette" as well as many other media pieces. As part of her advocacy work, Jordan D. wrote blog entries, op-ed pieces, and many persuasive fact sheets and infographics. She also helped revamp KID's advocacy and news pages on their website. She also has experience writing press releases for press conferences.

Since coming to Writer Access, Jordan D. has branched out to real estate and company descriptions. She has also recently done some work for gaming and political blogs.
Public Policy & Advocacy
Analytical Writing
Real Estate
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Jordan D. is looking to expand her writing repertoire. If you have an interesting idea for an article or blog, then please feel free to message her.
Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago Public Policy, Masters of Public Policy

Jordan D. received her advanced degree from the fourth-ranked public policy program in the nation. She studied economics, game theory, statistics, government, and a wide variety of social issues. She learned how to boil complex sociopolitical and economic issues into two-page persuasive memos as well as thirty page in-depth analytical reports.

Knox College Major: Environmental Studies; Minors: Political Science & History, BA

Jordan D. received a well-rounded education that prepared her for the rigors of graduate school at Knox College. There she first started to develop her writing, research, and advocacy skills.

Honors and Awards
Bosman Fellowship Jordan D. won a competitive and prestigious fellowship from the Amy Marie Bosman Memorial Foundation. The Bosman Fellowship allowed her to continue her policy research and advocacy throughout the summer of 2014.

Association Memberships
Pi Sigma Alpha Jordan D. was invited to join the national political science honor society while studying at Knox College.

Projects by Industry
Non Profit

Jordan D. works hard for nonprofit organizations. Whether getting an organization's name out into the public's ear or ideas into a legislator's hands, Jordan D. is consistently up to the task. She understands that resources are limited and needs are great for the services nonprofits provide. That's why she her work with nonprofits is so targeted and efficient. Infographs and fact-sheets catch potential donors eyes the first time. Blog posts are leave an impression. And her cross-platform social media campaigns get the job done.


Jordan D. knows political writing can be tricky. It's easy to get bogged down in the political muck or just skim the top of an issue without ever drilling down to political pay dirt. That's why her articles are nuanced but reachable and keep the audience hooked no matter their politics.


Jordan D. has worked on multiple legislative campaigns. She writes targeted articles designed to capture very specific audiences as well as more generally relatable blog pieces. Her fact sheets and infographics are changed to suit differing constituents and legislators alike. And her in-depth research reports are written to gain traction within policy expert enclaves.

Real Estate

Since bringing her talents to Writer Access, Jordan D. has focused on Real Estate writing. She has written real estate pieces ranging from data-driven synopses of neighborhood housing markets to thoroughly researched neighborhood guides.


Jordan D. has written several video game articles. As a lifelong gamer she relishes any opportunity she can get to write about the games and culture that she loves so much.

Projects by Asset Type
Annual Report

Jordan D. has written two annual reports. Both have led to a lot of good publicity for her employer. The first resulted in a press conference with the Illinois State Attorney General and Nightline interviews with the Executive Director and Founder of the organization. It also led to articles in USA Today and a mention on CNN. The second report brought another press conference with the AG and a local media frenzy.

Blog Post

Jordan D. has published many thought-provoking blog posts. From updates on advocacy campaigns to intriguing bits of weekly filler for blog-based websites, Jordan has provided employers with the internet content they need. She believes that blogs should in general be appetizers to the more main course content. Thus she often pairs blog blurbs with in-depth articles.


Jordan D. wrote many articles for various organizations. As part of her advocacy campaigns, Jordan became very well acquainted with the persuasive op-ed style. Her pieces were to the point and pointed when it was deemed necessary. The desired effect--whether just to grab attention for an issue or to persuade fence-sitters--was achieved.

Press Release

Jordan D. has written several press conferences. These press conferences were part of legislative campaigns. They were also for research results. All the press conferences that she wrote press releases for were well-attended and a couple garnered national attention.

Twitter Post

Twitter posts are an important part of Jordan D.'s social media campaigns. She works to tie them in with Facebook posts, blog posts, and articles to build issue recognition and support.

Facebook Post

Facebook posts are an important part of Jordan D.'s social media campaigns. She works to tie them in with Facebook posts, blog posts, and articles to build issue recognition and support.

Newsletter Content

Jordan D. has written a lot of newsletter pieces. She understands that audiences want to stay informed, but don't want to be bored. That's why her newsletter content is written to inform and excited readers.

White Paper

Jordan D. has written a few technical reports. Analytical and other research findings are presented in a formal, but easy to understand manner.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Jordan D. is a trained policy and sociology researcher. She has written many different analytical reports with in-depth statistical and economical analysis. She has presented her written work at public health conferences across the nation and to policy experts within the federal government.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Jordan D. maintained and updated WordPress blogs. She also worked on developing awareness and legislative advocacy campaigns that spanned several months. She produced media grabbing policy research reports and wrote speeches for press conferences. Persuasive infographics, flyers, and fact-sheets were consistently and professionally produced as needed throughout campaigns. She also created crowdfunding campaigns that brought attention and resources to her employer. She also created cross-platform social media campaigns to boost results.


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