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Amanda L

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With a love of health and wellness in mind, Amanda crafts engaging and authentic content for blogs and other written platforms. She's most known for her ability to connect with readers and most proud of being able to break incredibly complicated topics down into smaller, bite-sized portions for the everyday reader.

Amanda's background in Search Engine Optimization and Creative Content marketing make her a hit among the web development community and an asset to any writing team. If you've been looking for a writer that can take standard, boring topics and turn them into shareable social media friendly content, Amanda is the right writer for you.

Having been working full time for a web development and marketing company, Amanda's profile is pretty empty looking. Don't let that discourage you from trying her writing! You will walk away feeling enthusiastic about having Amanda on your team. You will most remember her for her unique perspective in saturated topics, and you will book her again because of how easy she is to work with.
* Health and Wellness
* Self Help and Motivational
* Beauty and Trends
* News and Press Release
* Editorial and Magazine
* Lifestyle
* Home and Garden
* Commercial Writing
* Real Estate
* Sales Copy
* Product Descriptions
Amanda's favorite topics are ones that are easy to relate to. Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle topics are some that she can't seem to get enough of. Outside of writing, Amanda is involved in faith, fitness and entrepreneurship.
Projects by Industry

Having launched her writing career with entry-level research work on topics such as the health benefits of açaí berries, Amanda is well-versed in health-based writing. With an ever-changing hunger for new information, those "health" benefit articles both adapted and expanded, landing her a recurring blogging role for a health super-player,

After years of blogging for other web assets, and with the help of some great mentors, she planted herself in the role of running her own women's health and empowerment blog.

Since then, Amanda's written for many, many websites on health topics ranging from information on medical disorders to more forward thinking work on fitness and nutrition.


Health has always fascinated Amanda, leading her down a winding road of discoveries, truths, and personal experiences that would come to shape some of the best writing of her career.

To date, her most exciting projects have been those that focus on health and fitness. Her most popular pieces (some with several thousands of readers) have done the job of educating and enlightening the dark hallways of even the most complex health issues.

When paired with her understanding of search engine optimization and versatility in writing styles, this has paved the way for many successes.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Having worked for a high-end Search Engine Optimization and marketing firm, Amanda's worked on every part of the SEO Ladder from outlining the content, to writing it, to post-production editing. She's got proficiency in creating keyword rich content without making it sound unnatural and she's well versed in the basic rules of SEO.

When given a keyword / key phrase, Amanda always uses it at least once in the opening paragraph. She also makes sure she includes it 1-2 times in an H2. Most importantly, Amanda understands keyword density ratios. As Google adapts, their algorithms are reportedly looking for more context-clues in posts and articles to be sure they're giving the end user what they want.

Understanding the psychology of marketing and the mind of the reader, Amanda is able to create engaging, relevant content that reduces your bounce rate. With this diverse of a background Amanda is a valuable asset to your strategic content team, and is sure to impress.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

In school, one of Amanda's favorite topics was creative writing. Blogging, for her, is one of the most creative writing opportunities that presents itself.

The chance to palpably connect with the audience excites Amanda and keeps her motivated to produce content that doesn't just speak, it lives.

Press Release

While they're not her first love, Press Releases have long been a part of Amanda's writing career. Attacking them with poise and spin, Amanda has written press releases for both clients and employers alike.

Projects By Expertise

Holding a marketing position at more than three companies has afforded Amanda and extensive understanding of sales-psychology.

With an in-depth understanding of how a buyer thinks, she is able to create pieces that not only keep the reader engaged, but influences the reader's desire to act.

Having first hand experience with analyzing and impacting conversions, Amanda has had the opportunity to fine-tune these skills and create, within herself, a powerful tool for business.

Research Writer

Amanda has always prided herself as being a content-chameleon, and nothing has helped her do this more than her ability to allow her writing to flow in whatever direction a project begs for.

In this sense, being generalist is the most naturally-fitting quality Amanda finds in crafting her writing.


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