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Staci L

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Location Newman Lake, WA
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Staci is a freelancer out of Washington State with over 15 years professional writing experience. In that time, she has written everything from television newscasts to white papers, reports, blog posts, website and social media content, newspaper and magazine articles and even a couple online dating profiles (which, she was told, were highly successful).

She is currently writing blog posts for an Australian blog on health and lifestyle issues for people over the age of 50, feature articles for a local newspaper and marketing and public outreach materials for a government agency that specializes in transportation.

Staci has experience in SEO; works well independently; is skilled in taking almost any topic, even the ones with potential to be very "dry," and make them interesting to the everyday person; and has very strong research skills. She is also a stickler for deadlines. Having worked in a television newsroom for many years, Staci is used to meeting and beating daily deadlines and makes doing so a priority for her clients.
Senior citizen issues, health and lifestyle, transportation (of all kinds, including land use and the movement of freight)
Eastern Washington University Journalism with a minor in English, Bachelor of Arts

Staci got a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eastern Washington University, and a minor in English.

Projects by Industry

Staci writes bi-monthly blog posts on health and lifestyle topics for a blog in Australia and has tackled a wide variety of health topics. She also writes on issues for senior citizens, which often involves health topics. With new technology emerging on a regular basis, it can be confusing for the average person who works and juggles family life to keep up with what is happening in the healthcare industry. Through her research and writing, Staci keeps up on what is new, what is a fad, what could be dangerous, and what could be a lifesaver in the health industry.


Staci has written for a local women's magazine on multiple occasions, usually tackling relationship issues. She has written on online dating, dating for older people over 50, how to avoid online dating scams, and many other relationship/marriage/dating topics.


Staci contracts with a government agency that specializes in transportation. As a result, she has written numerous articles, blog posts, social media posts, reports, emails, white papers, infographics, website content, etc. on a huge variety of transportation topics. She has tackled everything from the tie between land use and transportation, to how the a lack of people entering the truck driving industry will impact us all, and how the aging of the baby boomer generation could change how you get around, even if you aren't even over the age of 50 yet. Staci keeps track of new transportation developments, trends and statistics, including the shift in young people away from owning cars and the move toward a pay-by-the-mile taxing system rather than a blanket gas tax.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Staci worked for a content development company when she first started freelancing that taught her about SEO. For that company, she wrote multiple blog posts using SEO keywords and meta descriptions for a Texas law firm, and SEO articles and blog posts for a storage space company. Today, not as many people are seeking to include SEO in their written materials, so Staci doesn't use SEO on a daily basis but does still utilize it often.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Staci currently writes for two blogs; one on health and wellness issues and one on transportation issues. She has written for a trivia blog and a law firm's blog in the past as well. Staci excels in the blogging arena because she understands how to balance blog posts with enough data and facts to be relevant and interesting, while still keeping a post to a manageable length in order to keep it engaging.


Staci has written numerous articles for local newspapers and magazines, including the Liberty Lake Splash, Spokesman-Review, Providence Healthcare's "HeartBeat" magazine and Spokane Woman magazine. She has written everything from hard news stories to features and how-to articles.

Press Release

Contracting with a local government agency, Staci writes press releases on a daily basis. She has also written many releases for her other clients. Having worked in a newsroom in the past, Staci recognizes what it takes to write a press release that grabs an editor's interest and doesn't automatically end up in the recycle bin.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Staci loves the variety that being a freelancer provides. While she has some areas she writes about more often than others (health/lifestyle, transportation), she is skilled in writing on an array of topics and in a variety of tones. This keeps the day-to-day grind interesting to her. Plus she has found that she can make almost any topic interesting, given the time to do adequate research. Research is one of Staci's favorite elements of writing. She loves to dig in-depth on the internet to information that you can't find on Wikipedia. She is also skilled at locating and utilizing in-depth Census data.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Staci wrote for this small content development company when she first started freelancing to gain experience. She learned a lot about SEO and keeping blog posts tight so as not to lose the reader's interest. Staci's employment with this company came to an end after about nine months when the owner had a health issue and closed the business.

Medium Business

Staci writes for a local newspaper that is considered to be a medium-sized business. She mostly writes features and profile for this company but would tackle the police blotter or other areas on occasion as needed. She has been writing for this paper for over a year and both pitches article ideas to the editors and takes assignments.

Large Business

Staci had a contract to write for Providence Healthcare for several years, until the company changed their business model and brought writers in-house. For this company, Staci would write short articles, longer feature-length pieces and tackle a variety of topics, from seniors benefiting from dance classes to articles on volunteers who sit with dying patients that they don't even know.


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