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Sean S

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Sean has had quite an unusual journey as a writer. Majoring in Biological Science in college, he learned technical, scientific research writing in order to create a summative work of his undergraduate lab experience. He took only general writing classes in college and passed them with flying colors, but at that time had yet to discover his real interest in writing.

Post college, Sean pursued a teaching credential to teach science at the middle and high school levels. Never one to be satisfied, he did not stop there and he pursued a Master's degree in education as well. Throughout the course of his Master's, Sean delved deeply into research, writing to match a higher expectation than ever before. The challenge presented by this new standard of writing thrilled Sean, and he found that he wanted to pursue it more once his Master's had been accomplished.

In the past few months, Sean has stumbled upon the world of freelance writing for online content. He saw this new venture as an opportunity to continue to grow his skills as a writer through challenges from ever more critical clients and peers. Now he stands--or sits, as it may be--ready to take whatever task comes along.
Sean has the majority of his experience in the fields of science and education. His top specialty is education, as he is currently a teacher and earned a Master's in this field.
There is no shortage of things that pique Sean's interest. His hobbies include coding, video games, reading, fiction writing, puzzles and mind games, and DIY. Beyond that, Sean avidly works to stay on top of the latest news in science and technology and the new discoveries made there on a daily basis. Lastly, he is constantly learning about the world of online business revolving around SEO and keywords.
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Sean has four years of full-time teaching experience in the public school system, at both the middle and high school levels. He has continually pursued excellence in his field, recently attaining a Master's degree in Education.


Sean grew up on video games and continues that passion today. He keeps abreast of the newest developments in gaming and is excited for the direction that technology is taking.


A scientist at heart, Sean knows that the world is best understood through rigorous inspection. You cannot know without searching, and science provides the best way for us to use our ability to think rationally to understand the world.
Sean has a background science through his undergraduate degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.

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Sean wrote and managed his own blog-based website for several months before diving more in-depth into the world of freelance writing. His site is now temporarily on hiatus as he pursues opportunities to advance his skills in writing and continues to learn about making a living online.

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Management of several personal Twitter accounts as well as a business account for a marketing website.

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Research Writer

Sean's background career experience is not in writing, so he prefers to consider himself a bit more of a free spirit. He dabbles in every area possible just to extend his reach.


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