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Robert W

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Robert co-founded his high school's newspaper and became the editor-in-chief of LAMBDA, the oldest student-run LGBT magazine in the country, during his sophomore year of college. Also during college, Robert studied abroad in the Netherlands to conduct a research study on gay rights during the Nazi occupation. He later composed research reports for Safe Schools NC, which successfully lobbied for a comprehensive anti-bullying law for all NC public schools. After completing his English and creative writing degree, Robert taught public high school and middle school for three years. During this time, Robert also designed and released a role playing game based on the Epic of Gilgamesh. He published a book of poetry entitled "War on X-Mas" in 2011, and he began working as a writer for Textbroker the following year. He has since turned his love for learning and writing into a career, and he enjoys tackling new projects that can expand his widening skill set.
Content marketing, blog posts, landing pages
Medical research, education, video games
North Carolina Central University Jan 2009 – Dec 2010
Education, Teaching Certificate

Robert obtained his teaching license for high school and middle school English/Language Arts in 2010.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Aug 2004 – May 2008
English, Creative Writing, B.A.

Robert completed his B.A. in 2008.

Projects by Industry

Robert compiles consumer guides about HIV drugs, and he ghostwrites blog content about HIV research for companies that distribute HIV medications at low costs. Robert also happens to be a research subject in one of several ongoing clinical trials that hopes to find a cure for HIV. Therefore, he is directly involved in the research he writes about, and he takes pride in helping others cope with chronic illness. In his spare time, Robert runs HIV prevention and treatment workshops for a local youth organization.


Robert ghostwrites a weekly series about e-cigarette research and legislation for White Cloud. Robert is a proponent of tobacco harm reduction, a movement that advocates for safer alternatives to smoking. His posts provide an alternative perspective to sensational headlines about e-cigs by educating readers about how medical research is conducted, how laws get made and how media outlets can spin study results to fit their own agendas.


Robert loves to travel and is always looking for new destinations to visit! He sees opportunities to compile travel guides as a chance to take an imaginary vacation. He has spent substantial time in the Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Canada and about half of the U.S. states. He welcomes the opportunity to learn about new locations.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Robert is a regular ghost blogger for, a website dedicated to male fans of My Little Pony. Robert learned about the brony movement under unfortunate circumstances: A young boy near Robert's town attempted suicide because he was being bullied for being a MLP fan, and the LGBT youth organization Robert founded and works for made a "get well soon" card for the child. Many brony organizations across the world have since started raising money for victims of bullying. Robert's blog topics have included "MLP birthday party ideas" and "the best of MLP fanfic" in addition to the following piece about gender discrimination. Robert has become a brony thanks to the masterful writing of the current MLP television show, "Friendship is Magic."

Product Description

Robert has written descriptions about everything from pool cues to toaster ovens to adult toys. Below are description pages he authored for, and he is unashamed that he asked for his mother's help on this project. Indeed, Robert proudly turns to his friends and family whenever he believes their input can improve a piece of his writing.


In addition to writing landing pages and sponsored content, Robert specializes in creative advertisements like the following poem for Golden Star Bakery. Robert has also penned poems for a power tool company and fabricated fake news stories about outlandish jackpot winners at the behest of an online gaming company.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Robert loves writing top ten lists and general interest articles pertaining to DYI projects.

Technical Writer

In addition to writing instructional articles about fire safety and parenting, Robert enjoys playing video games and writing walkthrough guides.


Robert has been writing landing pages and webpage content for a variety of businesses for over three years. Below is a landing page for an extermination company.


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