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Erik is a former naval officer and current defense contractor (but he's not allowed to talk about it). He is also the author of Demon, Guardian, Bigfoot Crank Stomp, and numerous small press works and short stories. He started writing for publication in 2005 tender age of twenty-seven. In 2006, he attended the Borderlands Press Short Story Writers Bootcamp, where he learned under such best-selling writers as F. Paul Wilson, Thomas F. Monteleone, Thomas Tessier, and Douglas Clegg. Since then, he has routinely sold short stories, novellas, and novels both professional and small markets magazines and publishers. In 2014, HarperCollins published his novel Demon, followed by its sequel, Guardian, in 2015. In addition, in 2014, the film rights for his novel Bigfoot Crank Stomp were optioned for film. Currently, besides writing, he working with a Hollywood publishing/production company to develop some of his work for both publication and possibly television.
Besides his work as an author, Erik has a combined thirteen years experience serving in and working for the Navy. After he resigned from active duty, he spent nine years as a defense contractor. His specialties in that line of work include warfare training, surface ship training, technical writing, developing briefs, and critical analysis. As an author, his specialties include action, swift pacing, dialogue, and humor. Erik also has an ability to write and complete projects fast. The first draft of his novel Demon was written in twenty-eight days. He is also an active blogger.
Erik interests include writing, blogging, film, television, and sports. Besides fiction writing, he often blogs about film, sports, and television with detailed analysis, preditions, and criticism. He also enjoys reading religous theory and the occasional conspiracy theory. Recently, he developed a passion for true crime books.
University of Southern California Psychology, Bachelor's of Arts

Erik attended the University of Southern California on a full Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship. He majored in Psychology with an emphasis in Developmental Psychology. He graduated with a 3.17 GPA. The day of his graduation he also received his commission as an officer in the US Navy.

Association Memberships
Horror Writer's Association Erik became a member of the Horror Writer's Association upon completing the professional requirements for admittence.

USC NROTC Alumni League Erik became a member of the USC NROTC Alumni League upon his graduation.

USC Alumni League Erik became a member of the University of Southern California Alumni League upon his graduation.

Psi Chi Erik became a member of Psi Chi, the National Honor Society for Psychology, upon his graduation from the University of Southern California.

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Erik is a former Naval Officer and defense contrator with over thirteen years of combined experience in Navy training and technical writing.

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Blog Post

Erik maintains an active blog for his own personal use but has also blogged numerous times in third-party blogs by invitiation and/or as part of a promotion for his books. Over all, he's completed more than a hundred blog post in some form or another.


Erik is the author of nine books that have been published by a variety of publishers, including HarperCollins. He has also self-published several works as e-books, in which he did all of the formating and cover design.

Twitter Post

Erik is an active user of Twitter. He uses it both for personal communication and for promotional reasons in regards to publication news. He also has his Twitter linked to Facebook and his Amazon Author Page so that all get updated as soon as he sends out Tweet.

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Research Writer

Erik loves watching and reviewing movies. For what that's worth.


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