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Brian is a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist specializing in strength and conditioning with a degree in Exercise Science. His passion to help others with achieving their fitness goals is what drives his motivation to create the best articles possible covering topics such as weight loss, diets to prevent diabetes, and even bodybuilding.

Brian can provide high quality work that is SEO friendly and suitable for any websites criteria. If you need an article or eBook fitness writer then Brian is your go to guy!


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Brian has written over 400 articles, blog posts, and other various documents pertaining to the fitness industry. His experience over the past 9 years has allowed him to perfect what people enjoy to read about the subject matter.


Brian has written over 200 articles pertaining to nutrition for weight loss, muscle gain, and even special needs such as for diabetics. He holds a certification as a specialist in sports nutrition as well from ISSA.

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Brian has a personal blog as well, and is proficient in writing blog posts that enhances the website's information and ranking on search engines.

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