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Matthew M

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Location Eglin AFB, FL
Education Bachelors Degree
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Matt started writing in the 8th grade. Like most petulant teenagers, he had a fight with his mother that had no resolution. Immediately after the fight, he took pen to paper and "told" her how he really felt. When he was finished, there still wasn't any resolution between himself and his parental unit, but he felt a hell of a lot better.

Like most lazy-assed teens, he took to writing "poetry" because complete sentences terrified him. He produced nothing but dreck for the next four years. Eventually, he realized that poetry was more of a concept than a form and has since then embraced complete sentences.

Regardless, he kept writing well into adulthood. Small victories were won: a writing gig here, a guest blog there. Thankfully, since the Internet has evolved into the beast that it is, he can achieve modest, monetary success with the help of web sites like Writer Access.
Kids & family, marriage, history, lifestyle (e.g health and wellness, art, music, etc.)
Matt is interested in a steady paycheck. If you need something done writing-wise and you're willing to pay, he's the dude for you.
Kaplan University Communications, Bachelor's of Science in Communications

At this point in his life, Matt was happily married with three children. He opted to stay at home with the kids while his wife worked as a Nurse. As if that wasn't enough of a challenge, he decided to attend Kaplan University online.

He graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Cuyahoga Community College Arts, Associate of the Arts

This is where Matt went to school after high school. Yes, it is a school that bills itself as being able to grant it's students a degree in two years. What most people don't realize that in order to achieve that you have to take an insane number of classes.

Matt couldn't take an insane number of classes because he had a full time job and other personal matters he needed to attend to.

St. Edward High School College Preparatory High School, High school diploma

This is where Matt went to high school. In theory, he received a good education in spite of the fact that there was a minimum of 4 hours of homework a night and that it is a strictly sports-centered school (Meaning, you had an easier time with teachers and the student body at large if you were associated with a sport even if that sport was something as benign as golf).

Writing for the Web Open Universities
Matt has completed certification through Open Universities (AUS). The certification covered the basics of writing for the web (SEO, pitfalls, practicalities).

Projects by Industry

The following is a sample from Matt's blog.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

As a member of another outsourced, writing web site, Matt has plenty of experience fulfilling keyword requirements. While he has found it tedious (especially if the client specifies a combination of words that defies logic), he appreciates that challenge that is.

Projects by Asset Type
Web Page

The following is a sample of Matt's copywriting skill.

Projects By Expertise

This was Matt's first assignment about the Tremont Arts Festival.

Projects by Writing Style

Shortly after becoming a member of a direct competitor of WriterAccess, Matt saw that there was a writing job available that had a single keyword, "dildos". He clicked on the job description in disbelief. The client wanted a compare and contrast piece (glass vs. rubber) written in the voice of 'Ms. Mia Lovegood, a smart, and sex positive blogger'.

It was too good to pass up.


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