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Miranda is a freelance writer/editor/journalist and former English professor. She taught writing courses focused on composition/rhetoric for ten years, has written for various publications, websites, agencies, and clients since 2001 (articles, essays, reports, blog posts, press releases, case studies, white papers, business writing, content writing, financial writing, reviews, news writing, travel writing, marketing copy, interviews, report writing, proposal writing, academic writing, editorial writing, textbook writing, financial journalism, etc.), and have extensive copywriting (including SEO-optimized copywriting and persuasive marketing copy), editing, and copy editing experience.

She has a M.A. in English Language and Literature, a Certificate in Teaching College Writing, a Certificate in Editing, and a Certificate in Business Writing, among other relevant professional certifications.
Writing, editing, copywriting, copy editing, journalism, news articles, in-depth articles, white papers, SEO copywriting, e-books, blog posts, reviews, editorial writing, marketing copy, e-learning, edtech, academic writing, report writing, proposal writing, grant writing, content marketing, travel writing, essays, content writing, digital marketing, business writing, financial journalism, tutoring, teaching
Writing, reading, language, rhetoric, business, sociolinguistics, literature, art, journalism, travel, finance.
Eastern Washington University English Language and Literature, Master of Arts

Thesis: "'A woman like that is not a woman, quite': reclamation of power for the private self in the poetry of Anne Sexton."

Also earned a Certificate in Teaching College Writing

University of Washington English Language and Literature, Bachelor of Arts

University of Washington's Quarterly Dean's List and University of Washington Annual Dean's List High-Scholarship Award

Association Memberships
Society of Professional Journalists Apr 2015
Member of the Society of Professional Journalists

National Association of Independent Writers and Editors Mar 2015
Member of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors

American Copy Editors Society Mar 2015
Full member of the American Copy Editors Society

Advanced SEO: Tactics and Strategy Udemy
Jul 2015
Advanced SEO: Tactics and Strategy Certification

High-Impact Business Writing Coursera Verified Certificates
Jul 2015
A University of California, Irvine Business Writing course offered through Coursera.

Writing Press Releases
Jun 2015
A certificate course in writing effective press releases.

Writing Business Reports
May 2015
A certificate course in writing effective business reports.

Poynter ACES Certificate in Editing The Poynter Institute
Apr 2015
Copyediting certificate offered by The Poynter Institute and the American Copy Editors Society.

Teaching College Writing Eastern Washington University
Jun 2003
Completed in tandem with my Master of Arts in English Literature.

Projects by Industry

Miranda has written about many topics related to education. Additionally, she is a former English professor with a Master's Degree in English Language and Literature and a Certificate in Teaching College Writing. She has extensive experience teaching in both the classroom and online and is certified in various e-learning software systems. Her college-level English courses focused primarily on composition and rhetoric (argumentative writing). She has also worked as a writing tutor and as a faculty advisor in a campus Writing Center.


Miranda has written book reviews for a variety of online and print publications. She began publishing book reviews when she was a graduate student studying English Literature. Writing book reviews gave her the chance to put to practical and concrete use much of the literary theory she was immersed in while studying for her M.A.


Miranda is interested in and knowledgable about both contemporary and historical political issues. She has taken multiple higher education courses focused on politics and political science and is an avid reader of political writing. Additionally, she has written articles, news stories, essays, reports, opinion pieces, textbook chapters, etc., about various political topics and issues for many different online and print publications.


Miranda has traveled to a variety of locales but not nearly enough for her liking, and she hopes to be able to indulge her constant wanderlust more frequently in the future. Additionally, she enjoys reading about travel, whether in books, on online sites devoted to travel, or in travel guides of any sort. She also loves travel writing/writing about travel, has had some opportunities to craft published travel writing in the past (both about her own travels and as an "armchair travel writer", so to speak), and looks forward to the opportunity to do much more paid published travel writing in the near future.


Miranda has written articles, blog posts, and web copy (almost always of the marketing/SEO-optimized variety) about insurance, the insurance industry, insurance policies (auto, home, health, life, etc.), why consumers should purchase one type of insurance policy instead of another, the importance of and benefits of being insured, and more. Interestingly enough, her experience with researching (finding credible information, statistics, and other facts to cite in the written piece) and writing these insurance-focused assignments has helped her in "real life' when she has had to make decisions regarding which insurance policies to purchase for herself. Because of her work on this topic, she is now equipped to understand which insurance policies are the best fit for her, and, more importantly, *why* they are the best fit.


Miranda has written blog posts, articles, and other types of web content/copy about a variety of career-related topics including human resources, hiring practices, staffing agencies, employment issues, career success, job searches, and employee recruitment. Most of these articles and blog posts have been published on the websites of various career and/or employment focused businesses and corporations.


Miranda has written articles, blog posts, reports, essays, social media posts, and other types of content and web copy about many different medical issues and topics, including multiple informative web pages about the nursing profession, articles on the benefits of one medical procedure over another, and blog posts for the websites of multiple plastic surgeons.


Miranda is interested in and knowledgable about many aspects of the business world. She has a great deal of experience creating both SEO-optimized business writing and business journalism. Some of this writing is about business and businesses, while some of it is written for businesses. This type of business writing, much of which is classified as B2B or B2C copywriting, provides businesses with useful, interesting, and persuasive marketing content and copy that includes clear calls to action and that can be used in whatever way best meets their needs. Some businesses post it on their blog (often turning it into an effective inbound marketing tool in the process), some use it as content for one or more pages of their website, and some use it as general marketing copy. Miranda greatly enjoys writing about business and for businesses, and, if the writing is done for a particular business, she always makes sure that it will be a good fit for that particular business and takes the time to tailor it to the business's specific and unique goals, concerns, and/or needs. Additionally, Miranda has multiple professional certificates in business-related topics.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Miranda is familiar with the latest SEO best practices and techniques for both standard SEO campaigns and local SEO campaigns, including on-page optimization via keyword targeting and placement. She frequently puts this knowledge into practice in the SEO keyword optimized web content and copy she writes, adapting the techniques in question to best fit the specific goals and needs of each client.

Projects by Asset Type

Miranda has written many types of articles (brief articles, informative articles, news articles, opinion-based articles, articles that involve in-depth reporting, etc.) on a variety of topics and subjects for both online and print publications and has also copy edited, line edited, and proofread articles written by other writers and authors.

Web Page

Miranda has crafted countless web pages of every size and type over the years. Many of these web pages were for school/university work, some of them were created just to practice her HTML and programming skills as a curious teenager, and many were and currently still are sites for her resume, writing portfolio, writing samples, published writing clips, etc. Through her work as a freelance marketing copywriter, she has also created web pages for many clients and companies, many of which are what are generally referred to as "landing pages". A portion of a sample "landing page" that Miranda created for a company is included below.

Press Release

Miranda has written and distributed press releases for businesses, non-profits, individuals, organizations, and groups. Additionally, she has written press releases for many different purposes, including to draw attention to upcoming events, to recognize the achievements of individuals or institutions, to announce product releases, and to encourage consumers to buy various items. Her press releases are always informative, interesting, detailed, persuasive and, if it's appropriate (re: the subject matter of the press release), they're sometimes also humorous in a way that clients enjoy. In addition, Miranda sometimes works as a freelance journalist, so she is familiar with press releases from both sides of the traditional spectrum, and whenever she reads press releases in the course of her journalistic work, she comes across many that fail to do the one thing that a press release must do at a bare minimum: inform its readers about the subject of the press release and encourage the readers to take some sort of action in response to that information. And, although it is disappointing to see so many poorly-done press releases, Miranda also finds that it motivates her to make sure that her own press releases are consistently engaging and effective.

Projects By Expertise

Miranda is both an eager consumer and an eager producer of journalism. It is one of her passions. She is an experienced freelance journalist whose articles, reviews, interviews, essays, news stories, editorial writing, opinion pieces, reports, etc., have been published in both online and print outlets. She has recently transitioned from a part-time occasional freelance journalist to a full-time freelance writer, editor, and journalist, and is looking forward to spending more of her time on journalistic writing.

Projects by Writing Style

In both her academic and writing careers, Miranda has created a great deal of authoritative content that communicates her specific knowledge and expertise in a clear and confident fashion. However, she knows that one's authority in and of itself is not inherently persuasive, so she does not rely on her knowledge or expertise alone and always makes sure to supplement and support her points and assertions with evidence from quality sources, making her content more authoritative in the process.


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