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Sarah W

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Sarah's writing style offers a fresh outlook on any subject. She loves writing about anything and everything, so much so that she is majoring in English at the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State University. Her passion for proofreading has landed her some very interesting job offers over the years, as well as many friends. She writes in many voices for many different situations ranging from serious science writing in the lab to rhetorical analysis of poetry. She is also majoring in Biology, so her background in science is as extensive as her writing abilities. Sarah loves researching, outlining, and organizing information. She also is accomplished in speech writing and rhetoric. Sarah is honing her communication skills in more than just English. She has been studying Spanish for four years and is proficient. In addition to being "well-written," Sarah is also well-read. From Shakespeare to Science Weekly, nothing has escaped her grasp. She is active in social media as well and follows the latest trends. She is a #(hashtag)expert and can guide you through the confusing and ever-expanding world of social media.
Sarah's specialties include Blog Posts, Proofreading, Idea Generation, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc), Research, Copy, Professional Reports, Speech Writing, and Spanish.
Sarah's interests include reading, writing, appreciating music, playing various instruments, experimenting with the arts, hugging trees, and sleeping.
Pennsylvania State University Biology and English,

Sarah is currently pursuing her passions at Penn State University (Main Campus) in State College, Pennsylvania. She is a member of the Schreyer Honors College as well as a Paterno Fellows Aspirant.

Projects by Industry

Sarah is majoring in Biology at Penn State University and is an avid science writer. She has experience conducting and evaluating research as well as sharing research information in a variety of ways including lab reports, essays, blogs, posters, and multimedia presentations.


Sarah is an experienced musician. She plays a variety of instruments including piano, drums, and mallet percussion. She was very involved in band during her time in school and plays in four bands in her community alongside professional musicians. Her playing interests vary from classical to jazz to contemporary. Sarah also enjoys listening to a wide variety of music from Mozart to the most recent Pop and has a broad, historical knowledge of music and musicians.


Sarah loves keeping up on the latest fashion trends in her teenage/college age group. She especially loves trying new hair and makeup designs. Sarah advises her parents on what fashion accessories to stock in their gift store an regularly tests the items.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Sarah frequents the blog world through her own endeavors and through those of her parents. She has written blog posts about everything from home decor to science fiction books and enjoys the opportunities for communication that blogs provide.

Twitter Post

As an active member of the social media world, Sarah is very familiar with many social media sites, Twitter especially. She regularly communicates with her followers on Twitter to share news and information. Sarah also uses Twitter to discover new information, articles, ideas, etc. and is knowledgable about the intricacies of the "hashtag."


Sarah has had a lot of experience helping her parents write copy and product descriptions for their business's catalogue, website, blog, and online store. She often proofreads catalogues and other literature and offers creative suggestions as well as word choice options.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Sarah is comfortable writing about almost any topic. Her personal curiosity and thirst for knowledge aid her in maintaining enthusiasm and focus on even the most unique assignments. Sarah also hones her excellent research skills to fine tune her knowledge before writing on a given topic. She is capable of writing in a multitude of voices and matching the perfect voice to any situation.


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