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An award-winning marketing strategist comfortable with local and global communication; her sweet spots are engaging content that makes people take an action and technical writing.

Myca brings 12 years of director-level marketing, sales and communications experience. She has worked with all sizes and types of organizations from GE Capital Corporation and a $100MM non-profit down to a small local promotional products manufacturer. Her experience in publishing, process improvement, change management, leadership, finance, communications and marketing give her a broad background to draw upon when crafting compelling content.

Seven years in publishing with the last two of those years driving digital publishing initiatives for a major Christian publishing house provided a solid understanding of the needs of authors and editors as well as detailed knowledge about how to rise above the rest in a very crowded marketplace.
Do you need compelling content that will drive traffic to your site on an ongoing basis? Repeat traffic in the content business means dollars in your pocket. Find out how your great ideas can become viral and make people take action.
Watching her two uber-flexible daughters contort themselves into directions that just don't seem natural. She also enjoys reading, planning, learning and starting new projects.
Belmont University, Massey Graduate School of Business Business, focus on Marketing and Negotiation, Masters of Business Administration

Myca attained her M.B.A. while working full time and raising two small children. She is proud to have maintained a 3.85 GPA throughout the process.

State University of New York, Saratoga Springs eBusiness Administration, B.S., Business

Myca completed her business degree with a 3.8 average.

University of TN at Martin Mechanical Engineering, Physics, N/A

Myca began her college years as a University Scholar, an elite group of students within the UTM community.

Honors and Awards
Best in Class: Leonard M. Perryman Award of Excellence Jan 2016
National winner for United Methodist Communications 75th Anniversary Campaign: 75 Years of Communicating Faith

Leonard M. Perryman Award of Excellence Jan 2016
Received 2nd place overall nationally for Imagine No Malaria Integrated Marketing Campaign Strategy

Best in Class - Social Media Strategy Mar 2015
Myca defined and executed the overall social media strategy for Imagine No Malaria during the Advent 2014 season. The strategy went beyond offering resources and graphics to churches and engaged a global audience with malaria on a whole new level. Engagements with Facebook advertising were in the 8-10% range and the campaign resulted in approximately 2 MM social impressions over a two week period.

Award of Excellence - Imagine No Malaria Advent Campaign Mar 2015
Myca developed and executed a successful multi-channel Advent content marketing campaign which included church resources, a worship handbook, social media assets and suggested posts, direct mail and web. Project engaged over 3,000 churches and drove additional giving of $2.4MM during December 2014.

Award of Excellence: Social Media Strategy Mar 2015
Myca developed the Social Media strategy behind non profit Imagine No Malaria's successful social media project for the season of Advent 2014. In the months leading up to Advent, the team pushed relevant written and visual content into the social sphere resulting in a Facebook follower rise from 9k - 58k and a Twitter follower increase from 3k - 14k, over a period of less than three months.

Association Memberships
Direct Marketing Association Jan 2010
Myca is an avid member of DMA, the Direct Marketing Association. She most recently attended DMA &Then, the global meeting of direct marketing minds in Boston in October 2015.

National Association of Women MBAs National Association of Women MBAs

American Marketing Association Active American Marketing Association member.

Projects by Industry
Non Profit

Non-profit work is challenging - it requires a light touch to ensure you are not alienating your clientele while you are asking for funds, or proving the benefit of the service that you provide. Over eight years of experience in this sector means a high comfort level with what to say - and what to stay away from.


Kids and family writing is incredibly competitive, and you need to know that your content will stand out from the crowd. Check out this great example from WriterAccess!


Writing about the medical industry in a way that is approachable and interesting is a special talent, and extensive experience and understanding - as well as an excellent vocabulary - are requirements for success in this type of writing.


Myca recently-completed large project for a UK finance organization outside of Writer Access, which included writing 25 blog posts about peer-to-peer finance and crowdfunding.


Need to sell your automotive services in the United Arab Emirate? Then Myca's your gal! Check out a sample of her automotive work.


Recent work with businesses of all sorts - this specific example is for a mobile app developer who wanted some blog content for their site.

Consumer Goods

Need copy or blog posts that will make your consumer goods fly off the shelves? Selling consumer goods online requires a very approachable voice that allows customers to see themselves using your products.


Marketing encompasses a broad range of topics, and Myca is comfortable writing on all of them. No matter whether you need social media marketing, digital marketing or even print writing - you will find accessible and understandable writing with a clear call to action.

Green Living

Green products were all the rage a few years ago, and while the furor has died down, "being green" can still be an important part of your marketing mix.


Beauty has become a commodity - how do you sell commodities? You sell the sizzle, not the steak. Enjoy this sample of a herbal soap description.

High Tech

Few things are more fun than writing about high-tech gadgets and gizmos. This sample gives you a good idea of the level of research done for each project before writing ever begins.


Legal writing can be incredibly dry, but it is a necessary part of our lives on the web. Need some fancy legal-ese? Myca is no lawyer, but has had plenty of experience in writing contracts and can get you pretty close without a hefty lawyer bill. No implied legal involvement.

Home Living

Home Living articles are special - they have to be interesting and engaging and draw people into the feeling that this could be their dream home. Check out the sample to see how we did.


Relationship writing requires a different tone; fun, carefree - almost, but not quite flippant. A chameleon by trade, Myca can match the tone of your project the first time--every time.


There are some types of writing that defy classification, and those would be part of the broad "Other" category. Her extensive writing experience in this category includes writing hundreds of 300-word product group descriptions for Amazon, writing for funeral homes, and even national online tutoring companies.


Writing about information that women care about takes a special skill - empathy, engagement and finding a way to approach products and services that women will find interesting and relatable.


Travel industry writing can be fun and fascinating - giving you an opportunity to share a window into a part of the world that someone may never see any other way. Finding ways to approach this content and bring it back to something the reader can relate to requires technique and empathy.


Tech writing requires a deep understanding of people, process and technology--and without this combination your writing will either not appeal to highly-technical and knowledgeable individuals, or will be completely over the head of those who are dabbling in a specific tech. Crafting the right combination of knowledge and experience together can be challenging, but you'll find that this intersection is where Myca excels.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Working a set of keywords into an article requires precision and skill--the precision to ensure you're not keyword-stuffing and the skill to work them naturally into the article in the location where they are needed. Myca has both.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Need meta descriptions and keywords that will make your content pop to the top of the Google search listing? Give Myca a try.

Projects by Asset Type
Email Copy

Do your emails average 30-40% open rates and 20-30% click through rates over long periods of time? Myca's do. Compelling subject lines, crisp and professional copy and a clear call to action all work together to drive customers in the direction you want them to go.


There are as many different types of articles as there are fishes in the sea - and Myca has been honing her craft one by one! Each new project she takes on--whether it's for a funeral home writing about green funerals, a HVAC company as the sample shows below, or an online relationship dating service--they are all given the attention they deserve.

Blog Post

Blog posts are meant to portray a conversation, a way to engage your audience that may not currently be happening. Check out our engaging blog post sample, one of the hundreds written just in the past few months.


Catalog copy needs to be able to take the same, or similar products and make them all appear fresh and new. This is a singular talent.

Product Description

Myca has spent the last 15 years crafting content for consumer goods, publishing and services and has a deep understanding of how to compel users to take action. Her product descriptions are rich and never boring -- and are one of the ways that she showcases her marketing chops.

Web Page

Writing compelling marketing copy for the web is a unique art form that often includes a variety of bullets, call-outs, shorter paragraphs and jazzy sentences. Myca has 15 years of writing copy for the web, and can help present your information in the way people read online.

Press Release

Myca has extensive experience writing Press Releases for a variety of different types of projects--many in Christian publishing or for consumer goods. She has also worked with several non-profits to use press releases as a way to raise awareness without the need to spend limited marketing funds.

Projects By Expertise

Compelling copy plus breathtaking images create customer responses that most marketers only dream of! Myca believes in clearly defining goals and tactics upfront in order to provide you with marketing copy designed to make customers take action.

Technical Writer

Technical writing is unique--it requires a broad understanding of the different forms of technology on the market, both hardware and software. Myca has the big picture view of technology plus the mind of a business person to address both extreme detail and to translate highly technical writing into a more approachable scope.

Research Writer

Nearly every project Myca tackles requires some level of research and expertise. Fortunately, her 15 years of professional experience in marketing, finance and technology offers a good platform for advanced knowledge. She excels at presenting information understandably for any audience level.


While Myca does not often leverage her legal writing, she spent 5 years working with GE Capital Corporation as a contracts administrator and then later as a legal assistant. She is able to easily lapse into the language needed for legal or paralegal writing.

Projects by Writing Style

Broad technical knowledge is a primary hallmark of Myca's writing. She is able to bring solid CIO-level understanding of complex topics, and present them in an approachable way to all levels of readers.


Successful blog writer with background in marketing, eBooks and publishing for non-profits and for-profit organizations. This particular work sample was published on, a Christian leadership site with 250k unique visitors per month.


Myca's more than 15 years of marketing experience provided plenty of opportunities for writing press releases and informational text. Whether the topic was a global focus on malaria, or the release of the latest Christian Fiction title in publishing, her polished style gets attention from readers.


Imagine No Malaria is a global effort by the People of The United Methodist Church to end death and suffering from malaria by raising $75 million by December 2015. My responsibilities within the project include defining and developing global marketing and communication strategies.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

The majority of Myca's writing comes at the small- to medium-sized business level, where business leaders are required to wear a variety of hats and communicate at all levels. Her knowledge of productivity and technology tools are an especially important asset for this particular audience.

Fortune 500

Myca's work with GE Capital Corporation stands her in good stead for working closely with organizations of all sizes, and audiences at every level. There are certain style requirements for corporate writing and Myca is able to mimic those styles with ease.

Large Business

Imagine No Malaria is a global effort by the People of The United Methodist Church to end death and suffering from malaria by raising $75 million by December 2015. My responsibilities within the project include defining and developing global marketing and communication strategies.

Medium Business

Interpreter magazine is a printed and digital high-quality resource for pastors and leaders of The United Methodist Church. My role with the project includes all marketing and communications with our 150,000+ subscribers and annual subscription pushes.


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