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Marie is a full-time freelance writer and journalist with 20 years experience. She has written for many different online publications as well as many glossy magazines, newspapers, and blogs. She has extensive experience in storytelling, commercial writing, blog posts, and advertising. She excels at copywriting. she has worked for a literary agency and a public relations agency.
She specializes in writing about music, self-help, health, beauty, travel, construction and women. As a business coach for seven years, she helped many independent women entrepreneurs brand, market and grow their businesses while creating balance in their lives. Working with her Master Electrician husband for 25 years, she learned about all aspects of construction and can write about them so that the expert and layperson can get equal value and knowledge.

Acknowledged as “The Research Queen”, Marie has been known to use constructive, as well as unorthodox methods to ferret out the salient details that enhance any project. She is a creative individual who isn't afraid to go to the source and ask questions to find key information to expand and create well written pieces.

After a life-changing personal experience, Marie is proudly rebooting her writing career. She possesses three qualities that make a difference to her clients: diverse knowledge, time flexibility and determination.

She takes pride in consistently under-promising and over-delivering.

Marie is currently completing her Microsoft Office and Adobe Dreamweaver Certifications.
Marie specializes in writing articles, blog posts, brochures, newsletters and does branding for website design. She strives to create scintillating outcomes.
Marie has done sustainable gardening for over 50 years, starting with her herbalist grandmother as a toddler. She has a very diverse range of interests including storybook quilting, sailing in races, swimming, herding a lone cat on a leash, as well as belly dance and reading epic sagas. She loves to study History, particularly in Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, as well as, Tudor History, the American Revolutionary War period and the Victorian Era. She is passionate about acoustic, rock and folk music. In her down-time, Marie enjoys fiction writing.
Coach U Business and Life Coaching,

Coach U 's training focuses on learning coaching skills in life and corporate coaching, building a coaching practice and integrating what is learned into a current business or personal life.

Katharine Gibbs School - Boston Business and Finance,

Katharine Gibbs specialized in education in business administration and finance.

Boston University General Studies - Liberal Arts, Associates of Arts

The College of General Studies offers a global, interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum. The program focuses on general education curriculum focuses on humanities, social sciences, rhetoric, and natural sciences.

Association Memberships
Southeastern Connecticut Women's Network Jan 2014
The purpose of the NETWORK shall be to provide its members with the opportunity to meet other professional and business people, to communicate and exchange general and career information, to promote personal visibility and a sense of community, and to develop a constituency for the purpose of examining and speaking out on issues of concern to the membership.

Romance Writers of America Feb 1995
Romance Writers of America is dedicated to advancing the professional interests of career-focused romance writers through networking and advocacy.

Licensed Marketing Facilitator Get Clients Now! tm
Get Clients Now empowers readers with practical, proven strategies for choosing the right marketing tactics for their situation and personality, diagnosing exactly what's missing in their marketing and fixing it, and replacing unproductive cold calling with the power of relationship marketing

Marketing and Branding Mentor Income Builders International
Income Builders International focuses on corporate branding, marketing and networking for small businesses.

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Trained in Business and Finance at Katharine Gibbs, and Life and Business Coaching at both Coach U, and Income Builders International, she brings a practical yet, cheery insight into moving your business forward. Licensed in "Get Clients Now" she brings the systems and strategies that make a business sparkle and succeed. With a keen eye to what makes your branding a standout, she can write the articles, blogs, and keywords that gain attention and attract your niche audience.






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News Story

For over 15 years, Marie has been writing articles for various local newspapers and magazines. With a conversational style, she creates stories that enlighten and delight readers. She brings a unique perspective, as she searches for just the right quotes and information to make an article sparkle. Known for under-promising and over-delivering, Marie seeks to produce articles that serve her client’s mission.

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Over 20 years, writing small articles about local businesses.


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