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Location Virginia Beach, VA
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Mel has been writing for business professionals for over a decade. She has ghostwritten articles, blog posts, white papers, e-books, and drafted letters in the fields of healthcare, fitness and nutrition, finance, industry-related trades and more. She has been published extensively online as well as off.

In addition to content generation, Mel has built lead generation and sales pages, full websites, and maintained social media profiles for clients; creating loyal followers through engaging Facebook, G+, Twitter, & Pinterest posts.

She looks forward to serving all of your content generation needs.
Creative writing
Healthcare & medical
Alternative Therapies
Certificate in Aromatherapy ACHS
Jun 2009
Mel enjoyed a rigorous course of study in Aromatherapy for a year from the only nationally accredited Alliance of International Aromatherapists' Level II Clinical Aromatherapy training program. She graduated top of her class.

Nutrition Consultant GCNM
Jun 2007
Mel attained high honors in her studies of nutrition and received a certificate in Nutritional Consulting.

Projects by Industry

Mel has created health content in many different formats and niches. Whether you are looking for a simple blog post on general healthcare or an extensively researched white paper on the epigenetics of medicine, she can create highly engaging content that your target audience will love.


Mel is a certified nutrition consultant and holds a diploma in Aromatherapy. Through her studies she has learned a wide variety of complementary therapies such as holistic care practices, herbals, essential oils, and general preventative wellness. She is well-versed in human anatomy, physiology, and biology, and has written about medical and healthcare issues for more than ten years. During her time summarizing health books for a major health news outlet, she honed her authoritative style to speak to this demanding audience.


As a certified nutrition consultant, Mel has been involved in helping many clients attain their ultimate health goals through nutrition and healthy eating. She has been practicing what she preaches through her own cooking, incorporating her knowledge of whole foods and vitamins with cooking meals that nourishes both the body and soul.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Titles and meta descriptions are an integral part of SEO, as these are what one sees on search engine results pages. Mel understands that these must be impeccable in order to get the click-through you want - instead of being passed over for a competitor. Mel has perfected this strategy with over a decade of SEO experience building her own sites and consulting for clients.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Having a successful SEO business is dependent on a firm grasp of what search engines want - and giving it to them. Mel understands that this starts with keyword research. Keyword research is no longer about conning the search engines, as they crack down harder on this tactic every time a new algorithm comes about. To be successful, one must know what groups of keywords the demographic is searching; be it buyer or informative. Mel understands this through her vast SEO experience and knows how to target the proper audience for the page.

Link Building

Mel built and ran a highly successful business in SEO and link-building for the better part of a decade, with many happy clients. She focused her efforts on a core clientele that included multiple million-dollar businesses. Staying on top of this business is crucial to success, and she moved her clients away from standard link opportunities to the staying power of social media integration in response to algorithm changes.

Projects by Asset Type

Mel has filled clients' needs for articles for more than a decade. She has written in the fields of general health, alternative medicine, nutrition, fitness, finance, construction, spirituality, and more.


Mel has written multiple e-books. The common topics have been cooking and nutrition, SEO, and erotica. She has been published under various pen names depending on the subject and would love to help you create your next blockbuster.

Web Page

Mel has built an array of websites both for her own personal niches as well as those of her clients since 1995. Do you have the need for a professional and concise page? Trust your business to someone who knows how to get your visitors to convert.

Projects By Expertise

Mel has created content for online and offline publications since 1995. Her experience encompasses more topics and formats to expand on here, from aromatherapy to writing tips; articles to press releases and web page content.

If you need engaging content on your site, Facebook page, print magazine, or anywhere your clients may be - look to Mel's proven track record for success!


Mel has done all of the copywriting for her personal projects, as well as a few for clients. She knows the power of eliciting emotions and a sense of urgency in the reader to get the calls to actions required of the material.

Book Ghostwriter

Mel has written e-books for herself and clients over the years, in niches such as erotica, cooking, nutrition, and fitness. She enjoys writing in this format because it allows for a more thorough expression of thoughts and ideas than shorter assignments. In addition she has edited many and has turned blog posts and articles into comprehensive books.

Technical Writer

Working as a restaurant manager, Mel had to draft many documents for the restaurant. She created standard operating procedures, inter-office memos, detailed cleaning procedures, and more. Since that time she has worked with clients to draft resumes. Imagine how surprised she was when she thought that she didn't have much technical writing experience only to discover that cookbooks are, in fact, technical writing! Through her passion she has gained much more experience in this area.

Creative Writer

Over the course of her writing career, Mel has written many types of 'creative' pieces. She first started in creative writing as a pre-teen with a love of poetry and short stories. In her erotica stories, she has brought her characters to life on the page in intriguing ways. She has co-written many pieces with other authors and is a published poet.

Projects by Writing Style

Mel has been writing in the healthcare and medical field for over ten years now. The target audience are highly skilled professionals and the content must be direct, authoritative, and without error. She gained much of her experience in this style of writing while summarizing top-of-the-line health books for a major online health news syndicate.


Mel has 20+ years of writing experience that has encompassed a wide variety of clients and niches. Some have required more technical writing skills, while many others had specific audiences that dictated more friendly and conversational tones. Her experience in this style includes blog posts, articles, e-books, social network posts, and video scripts.


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