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Alyssa H

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Alyssa H loves to write on almost any topic and has a wide range of experience in using different formats and types of writing. She always offers top quality content and has proven punctual with deadlines.

She has been primary writer for a travel blog and her experience includes professional travel and outdoor web content writing. She has written landing pages and promotional content for multiple tech startups and often works creating product descriptions and reviews for sport and outdoor equipment.
Product Reviews, Tips lists, Web development, non-profits, cultures, languages, travel, outdoor sports and recreation, agriculture, gardening, and cooking.
International cultures, languages, humanitarian ventures, new tech, programming, gardening, travel, and history.
Simpson University International Communication, English Literature, Bachelors of Arts

Eanring a BA in International Communication and AA in English Literature, Alyssa graduated magna cum laude and was very active on campus as a secretary, teachers aid, student body senate member, academic honors president, and cross country athlete. Both her major and extra curricular activities required writing constantly and gained her a lot of experience in writing academically.

Projects by Industry
Web Development

Alyssa does web design and frontend development for a small tech start up and runs their blog, which requires writing articles about different programming techniques, new apps, or future trends. She loves staying up to date on new technologies, especially within the web development world.
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Alyssa has years of experience in travel, but usually writes cultural guides or very brief travel tips, which is why the number of projects is so low. This is actually one of her favorite topics to write on however, and one that she is very passionate and knowledgeable about. Most recently she wrote some summaries of eco hotels and Airbnb listings, which are shown in the sample.

Non Profit

Alyssa's time as a Peace Corps Volunteer and her studies in international development have given her a lot of insight into the non profit world. During Peace Corps she gained a lot of first hand experience facilitating many talks on grant writing best practices or tips for working with foreign partners, and constantly wrote reports and Monitoring and Evaluation documents for Peace Corps internal use. She is still very passionate about non profit work and loves to follow new trends, look for good tips, and write about them. The sample provided is from a press review that Alyssa wrote for the national youth development organization she worked with during Peace Corps as resource director.


Alyssa has a lot of hands on experience with gardening which she uses to make her writing clear, useful, and insightful. She operated a 2 acre family farm, worked as a gardener, helped with CSA programs and organic gardens in multiple countries, and volunteers as a gardener at a local community garden on top of keeping her own backyard full of herbs, vegetables, fruits, and wildflowers. Alyssa loves to attend meetings and self educate herself on topics of soil science, soil testing, bio-dynamic farming, a wide variety composting methods, no till gardening, and others. She loves to write on the topics of botany, natural and organic gardening methods, gardeners tips, tools, friends, and foes, and also loves to delve into the science behind gardening methods. As she lives in the southwest, she is also very keen on water researching water conservation in gardening methods.

Projects by Asset Type
Technical Article

Alyssa writes blog articles for a tech start up that deals in many new web apps and the nuances of programming languages. She has written many how-to articles as well as technical explanations of complex code concepts. The sample provided is one such article, written about Angluarjs, a newer frontend framework.
**This sample does not include the tables of data that it would normally have

Web Page

Alyssa has written landing page copy for a few tech startups and has often created copy for web pages tailored specifically to the company's intended character and tone. Often, Alyssa does the web design and frontend work and adds her own copy with it, so she has become very familiar with working with startups, developers, and business owners to find copy that really fits what they're looking for. The sample provided is for a landing page, (with the company name removed) where she offered two different options and let the owners decide which aspects of each they liked most.

Blog Post

Alyssa has been writing blog articles for a few years now. She has written for her own personal use, for companies as clients, and done ghost writing for other bloggers. She loves to research and write on virtually any topic, and has written blog articles on topics such as international travel, children's crafts, agriculture, nonprofits, and web development. The sample is a blog article Alyssa wrote for her own blog about Typfaces for web developers, it will be missing the tables of information that would normally accompany it.

Projects By Expertise

Alyssa has been a freelancer for almost a year now and has written lots of copy for a variety of websites and in every format from quick lists to full technical articles, as the need arose. Unfortunately, she does not have the rights to many of these to use as samples, but has provided an excerpt from one quick list written for an online traveler's site.

Technical Writer

Alyssa enjoys writing technical articles on a wide variety of subjects and is always willing to do research into complex issues. Most of her experience writing technical articles is in the tech world and some in the agriculture/soil science field, but she is open to anything. Most of all, Alyssa loves taking complex issues and making them clear for readers. The article sample provided was written for her own blog, the tables of information will not show here.

Research Writer

Writing on a wide variety of topics and in any format makes Alyssa happy. She loves to do anything from creative writing, to technical and article writing. Trying new techniques or writing on a new subject keeps her on her toes and she has proven herself able to learn quickly, explain clearly, and deliver on time. The sample provided is example copy she wrote for a startup.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Alyssa has written web content and copy for a small business startup in San Diego for the past year and during that time has written on many topics from how-to guides for surviving extreme wilderness situations to giving reviews of fancy hotels. Working for this startup Alyssa has become the resident expert on all things outdoor, travel, nature, sport and survival related, while also writing in their other areas of health, fitness, and product reviews. Her work has been noted for its high quality and timeliness, she edits her own work and always delivers content that is ready to go.


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