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Robin W

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Location Columbus, OH
Education Masters Degree
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Innovative, creative and strategic are words that have been used to describe this executive with more than 25 years experience in marketing, communications and business development. It's unusual to find a skill set that includes both the ability to write copy - and the expertise to also sell a service or product to a client face-to-face. Robin is a business development executive with an advanced degree in marketing/communications, and a track record of success in both areas.

Think of Robin like this: She's a Vice President with a blue collar work ethic.

Robin's portfolio includes developing and implementing multi-faceted national marketing campaigns, the creation of sales collateral, press releases, web site copy, new business strategies and communications plans. She has an odd love of writing academic articles, grants and RFP responses and has edited three published books on health care and countless peer-reviewed articles.

Whether it's writing creative text to sell your products and services or developing think outside the box marketing campaigns that drive sales leads, Robin has the skill set to complete the assignment on time, within budget and in a way that makes you want more.
Health care. RFPs and grants. Academic writing. Copywriting for sales collateral, web sites, brochures, press releases and white papers.
Gardening! Crafting! Dogs! Cats! Birds! Nature! Yoga! Walking! Hydroponics!
Antioch College Human Development/Social Welfare, BA

Antioch College creates free thinkers. Students study a mix of traditional classroom offerings in addition to working in their field of study in a cooperative education program. Antioch taught Robin how to land on her feet and to think so far outside the box that the box just simply -- disappeared.

Franklin University Marketing/Communications, MS

Integrated marketing communications program focused on real-world expertise designed for the working adult. The practical application of the discipline was emphasized and the final project included the design of a loyalty program for a local credit union.

Association Memberships
Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development Mar 2015
SHSMD is a U.S. based professional association affiliated with the American Hospital Association. SHSMD members include health care marketing/communications and public relations executives, strategic planners, and government planners. SHSMD includes more than 4,500 members nationwide.

Certified Emergency Response Training FEMA
FEMA's CERT program teaches community volunteers how to respond to help their communities during natural disasters. CERT volunteers are trained in triage, basic life saving skills, terrorism response and search and rescue.

Projects by Industry

Robin created the conceptual design for a consulting site and wrote much of the copy on the site. The copy was designed for high-level c-suite hospital and health system executives, a well-educated audience who reads extensively. Google Analytics consistently showed high web-site traffic with length-on-page times well above the national average.


Robin thoroughly enjoys academic writing and is eagerly anticipating her retirement-engagement: Creating a PhD dissertation in Sociology. In the meantime she writes on the side for an academic writing company.


Robin writes copy. Unfortunately (or fortunately) she's been fully engaged in business writing for 10 years, with no time to blog, write about the garden she loves, or just generally cozy up to writing about...anything else. But here's a recent sample of an RFP response, worth $1 MM that takes a creative slant on...mushrooms. Enjoy!

Projects by Asset Type

Robin has been writing health care copy for more than 10 years, including press releases, Power Point presentations, speeches, proposals and RFP responses, email blast language and much more. She's edited three books for publication and numerous peer reviewed articles.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

For more than 10 years, Robin has been called to write: from obituaries and funeral remembrances, creative writing and academic papers to work-related documents in health care.

Projects by Writing Style

Robin has an extensive track record in copywriting, strategy development, marketing planning and direct sales for a variety of products and services – from ad agencies to health care. What could she bring to your team?
---Outstanding “think outside the box” skills;
----An instinctive feel for writing copy that sells;
-----Expertise in business building and service line development;
------Terrific client relationship skills;
-------Understands when to push and when to let things simmer;
--------A ten year track record of working remotely from a corporate office;
---------An advanced degree (and a good deal of experience) in marketing/communications.

If that isn’t “unusual” enough, please consider the following urban legend, courtesy of liberal arts icon Antioch College:

Antioch College offers a cooperative education program that requires students to work ?in a job that reinforces their field of study for six months each year. Legend has it that you can airlift an Antioch student into the heart of any major city and leave them without food, a job, and money. Within 24-hours, they will have settled in an apartment and have found a new career. (And they will most likely be eating terrific vegan enchiladas from Trader Joe’s.)

Robin has been living that “make it happen” mentality since she graduated from Antioch more than 20 years ago. Robin describes herself as an artist, writer, farmer -- and business development executive. Imagine working with a creative thinker that also offers solid organizational skills. Is it possible that Robin is a living oxymoron? Yes.


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