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Eve has been writing in a variety of contexts and formats since high school. At the age of seventeen, she adapted a popular novel for the stage with the author's permission. In the last several years, she has written fiction and nonfiction for online outlets, theatre companies and educational institutions. She wrote an original novel, a full-length play based on historical events for a local university, and a three-act one-woman play which won a place in a prestigious New York theatre festival. Eve strives for specificity and clarity in writing and in life.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Friends and family members often come to Eve for relationship advice. Happily married to her second husband, she has made every mistake there is to make and learned from each one of them.


Eve is a mother and a feminist. She has worked in a number of different fields and has witnessed and experienced a number of issues commonly faced by women. She believes in respect and in working together for positive change.


Eve is a mom of one and aunt of three. She is a strong believer in evidence-based childcare with a healthy respect for parental instinct. She is also keenly aware of the challenges parents face and interested in ways to make life better for families.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Facebook Post

Eve has written promotional Facebook posts for webcomics, video series, and live shows as well as crowdfunding campaigns for all of the above.


Eve has written scripts on commission for theatres and educational institutions, including a variety show for a fledgling theatre company, a historical piece for a university, and monologues for a walking tour guide.

Product Description

Eve has sold many handmade items and personal possessions via Etsy and Craigslist over the course of her life. She has become adept at describing products in an informative and appealing way.

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