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Darby R

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Darby started getting paid as a writer at an early age. He got so good at forging notes from his mother, excusing him from class, that other sixth graders gave him their lunch money so they could play hookey, too.

When informed of her son's larcenous activities, his mother is rumored to have said, "Well, he'll either outgrow it or get better at it."

But a real career in writing had to wait. There was a living to be made. So over the next thirty years Darby cycled through myriad careers. He worked in hospital emergency rooms as an x-ray technician in the seventies. He got a graduate degree and was an art professor at the Rhode Island School of Design in the eighties. And he owned and ran three different marketing and design firms through the nineties and two-thousands.

Even though Darby always had a day job, his real passion was writing and his love affair with the written word has been the one constant throughout. He has written extensively for The Huffington Post as well as for his travel blog and has had several books published including three novels.

As the Creative Director of several marketing firms, Darby has produced winning creative for such marquee clients as Nike, Apple and Microsoft to name just a few.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, his mom was right.
High-tech, high-touch, B2B, B2C, travel, adventure travel, cycling, bicycle touring, telecom, blog, Email, collateral, Web, SEO, branding, identity, creative writing, strategy and tactics, healthcare.
Cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, travel, running, writing, snow skiing.
University of Washington Graphic Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Darby earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of Art at the University of Washington.

Rhode Island School of Design Graphic Design, Master of Fine Arts

Darby earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. His thesis on design systems, titled "Syntax Of The Visual System" is in the permanent collection of the school's library.

Honors and Awards
Echo, Pioneer, Clio, AIGA Darby has been awarded numerous marketing, design and advertising accolades.

Projects by Industry

Darby has written extensively about adventure travel. In 2012 he embarked on a bicycle trip around the world. Eighteen months later, he returned home. During that year and a half, Darby kept a daily blog recording his life on the road. Those blog posts have provided the material for several books.

Darby also worked on the Westin Hotels and Resorts account producing winning marketing and advertising campaigns.

Darby continues to wander the Earth by bike and write about it. He is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post as well as to his own travel blog.


Darby has extensive experience writing to a healthcare audience. In his twenty plus years as principal and creative director for several marketing and advertising firms, Darby has created hundreds of marketing and advertising campaigns for such marquee clients as Harrison Hospital,Valley General Medical Centers, Pacific Medical Centers, Sonosite and more.

His thirteen years experience as an x-ray technician gives Darby the depth of knowledge needed to connect with a healthcare audience.


Darby worked on the Westin Hotels and Resorts account and developed a wide variety of creative campaigns including direct mail, collateral and newsletters. Darby is also a seasoned traveler. In 2013 he circumnavigated the Earth on his bicycle. He pedaled more than twelve-thousand miles through nineteen countries on three continents.

While on his trip he kept a daily blog. At the end of his trip he had well over four-hundred posts. His blog posts have provided material for several travel/adventure books.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Darby has written search engine optimized copy for several Web sites. Top key words for each industry were researched and used strategically to increase the Web sites' organic search results.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Darby has written extensively on various topics for The Huffington Post. He also keeps a personal blog with more than a thousand posts.


Darby has owned and held the title of Creative Director in several marketing and advertising agencies. He has created advertising and direct marketing copy for such clients as Nike, Apple and Microsoft.


Darby is a published author with six books in print. He has written three novels, a non-fiction and two travel books. He is currently working on a book about his bicycle ride around the world.

Titles include: "Steep", "Snoqualmie Pass", "Think Fast", "Your Three Second Window", "Right Lane Ends" and "How To Ride A Bicycle 'Round The World."

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Darby has a depth and breadth of life experience that few writers can match. His time as a medical professional, university professor, designer, copywriter and creative agency owner gives him a broad range of knowledge from which to draw. He has written extensively for The Huffington Post as well as for his own adventure travel blog. He has had several books published including three novels.


Darby has more than twenty years experience writing copy for direct mail, collateral, Email, Web, blogs, advertising, newsletters, white papers, broadcast and outdoor.

Creative Writer

Darby is the author of three novels but he doesn't reserve his creativity only for his books. He knows that it's important to use imagination to connect with an audience. Darby has the creative chops to bring snap to even the most mundane topics.

Projects by Writing Style

Darby has extensive experience writing to voice, strategy and audience. He has created winning copy for direct mail, email, Web, collateral, outdoor and broadcast. Darby is also an expert at developing marketing strategy, tactics and execution.

His twenty-plus years as a creative director and advertising agency owner assures that Darby can deliver the right message, on strategy, on budget and on time.


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