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Location Wytheville, VA
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Summary of Experience
Morgan H. is committed to providing all her clients with well-researched, thoughtful work that succinctly meets the needs of their readers. Her areas of expertise include real estate copy and business blogs for both B2B and B2C industries. Business blogs are more than just another arm of a business’s marketing strategy; they are an opportunity to create a community around a business. That community is made up of existing and prospective customers, and as an entrepreneur herself, Morgan knows firsthand how important it is to provide a client’s audience with engaging, useful blog posts that will generate buzz. She also understands SEO best practices and is skilled at weaving LSI and longtail keywords into copy without disrupting the reading experience.
Morgan has been writing professionally since 2008. Recently, her credited work has appeared in a regional magazine and on two nationally recognized parenting websites. She has also written and edited copy and promotional materials, including newsletters, press releases, brochures, and informational bookmarks for bookstores and libraries.

Morgan’s career background outside of writing is in early childhood education and literacy. After college, she worked as a reading tutor and then as a literacy aide in elementary schools. She served as the youth services coordinator for a public library system for four years, implementing family programs, literacy initiatives, and caregiver workshops. She partnered with her regional supervisor to successfully write two grants for improvements to the children’s department, including acquisition of educational software and take-home kits.

Her writing in college received accolades as she completed her bachelor’s degree in English literature and writing. Her work was selected for presentation at Big South Undergraduate Research Symposium and nominated for the Winesett Scholars Library Research Award. She was awarded for a non-fiction entry in the Appalachian Heritage Writers contest in 2011 and for fiction in 2015.

Writing has been Morgan’s life-long passion. She first started writing the age of five, creating a series of books about a girl named Happy and her pet bird.
Morgan H. specializes in a variety of topics relevant to her background and has written extensively in the following categories:

Real Estate
• City and Neighborhood Guides
• Moving Guides and Checklists
• Home Buying Advice
• Real Estate and Property Tax
• Apartment Guides

Career & Business
• Start-ups
• Small Business
• Entrepreneurs
• Home Daycare Regulations
• Salaries
• Qualifications
• Accounting
• Taxes
• Hostile Work Environment
• Workplace Discrimination

Health & Wellness
• Weight Loss
• Geriatric Fitness
• Pregnancy Fitness
• Postnatal Fitness
• Yoga
• Vegetarian Diet
• Specialized Diets
• Medical Diets

• Dogs
• Cats
• General Pet Care
• Breed Guides
• Animal Adoption

Kids & Family
• Baby Care
• Pregnancy
• Parenting
• Adoption
• Baby & Children’s Products
• Toys
• Children’s Books
• Art Therapy
• Kids’ Mental Health

• Developmental Milestones
• Cognitive Delays
• Early Literacy
• Screening and Tests
• Language Acquisition
• Financial Education
• Book Reviews
Morgan H. blogs about culture and beliefs. She also writes fiction, essays, and poetry. Her interests outside of writing include hiking in the Appalachian Mountains with her dog, as well as photography, sewing, and reading.
Radford University Aug 2002 – May 2007
English, Bachelor's

Morgan H. studied English literature and writing at Radford University. She graduated with a bachelor's degree from RU in 2007.

Honors and Awards
AHW Award for Non-Fiction Morgan H. received an award for her non-fiction essay, "Treasure," in the 2009 Appalachian Heritage Writers Symposium.

Projects by Industry

Morgan has worked in early childhood education settings as a reading aide for K-5 students, a recreational day camp director, a daycare teacher for three- and four-year-olds, and served for three years as the youth services coordinator for a public library. She has completed numerous writing projects on parenting, child development, and education for both online and offline publications.


Morgan has worked with a non-profit literacy initiative, Tales with Tails, to bring therapy dogs into libraries. She also has experience fostering dogs and coordinating with rescue organizations. She has worked as a pet-sitter, caring for dogs, cats, and even a gecko. She has written web articles on pet care, grooming, food, and breed characteristics for a variety of clients.


Morgan H. has provided career-focused articles for a variety of websites. Past topics have included salaries, qualifications, and job overviews, as well as job-hunting and interviewing tips. She has written for a wide range of industries, such as education, counseling, law enforcement, legal, and service. She specializes in topics for entrepreneurs.


Morgan H. has written articles on diverse topics within the business and personal finance industries, including both B2B and B2C. Examples of topics include requirements for startups, legal considerations for entrepreneurs, relationships with bosses and coworkers, and tax tips. She specializes in marketing solutions for small business and non-profit organizations. She has provided website and newsletter content for an independent bookstore, and promotional copy and other marketing material for a public library.


Morgan H. is an indie crafts community insider, having previously operated two Etsy shops. She has written extensively on the topic, including blogging about crafts for kids and writing informational guides to help crafters reach a wider audience. Advancing independent crafters is her passion, as her family and friends are involved in the local arts and crafts scene as well.


Morgan H. has provided numerous health and wellness articles for a major healthy living website. Topics include weight loss, specialized fitness programs such as those for seniors and pregnant women, specialized diets such as diaic renal, and early childhood development. She has also written mental health and psychology articles on topics including emotional development of children and the influence of media on teens’ behavior.

Real Estate

Morgan H. helps realtors and real estate companies connect with potential clients by providing engaging, accessible information. Whether it’s a casual neighborhood guide or an in-depth, granular market analysis, her work delivers information the end-user needs to make informed decisions about the real estate market. Current clients include a nationally competitive online real estate company and a company specializing in rental properties. Her primary focus is Virginia real estate, but she is able to use extensive research abilities to create quality content for virtually any location.


Morgan H.’s professional background is in early childhood education and literacy. She worked as a literacy aide in a public elementary school, helping students attain grade-level reading skills. She was also a reading tutor for middle and high school students. She served as the youth services coordinator for two branches of a public library, creating programs for kids and families and promoting literacy initiatives. She has written many education-based articles and research essays on topics including cognitive, literacy, and language development as well as modes of learning.

Consumer Goods

Morgan H. has written B2C articles, blog posts, and press releases about a wide array of consumer goods. Topics have included everything from hay balers to automotive services to collectible toys. She has written marketing material for existing goods as well as announced product launches. Morgan's work both generates interest in and excitement for the product and ensures that the end consumer has enough relevant information about the product.


Morgan writes blog posts, editorials and personal essays on women's issues. She focuses in particular on the intersections of women and politics, religion, and American culture. She has also written several heavily-researched academic essays examining popular works of literature through a feminist lens, including Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon and Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.


Morgan writes passionately about today's political climate, primarily on issues concerning environmentalism, women's and LGBT rights, and poverty eradication. She blogs on these topics as well as the intersection of politics and culture, in particular her own Appalachian culture. She has also written essays on hot-button issues including separation of church and state and marijuana legislation.


Morgan has created marketing material for numerous small and medium business clients, as well as for non-profit organizations. She wrote press releases, social media content, and other marketing and promotional material for a local independent bookstore and a public library system. She has also written press releases for several WA clients, announcing television shows and toy launches.

Search Marketing

Morgan has created blog posts and informative articles on search marketing topics including tips for using SEO naturally, incorporating Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), and in-depth advice for increasing traffic to business blogs. Her work provides the end user with clear, concise information, often in a skimmable, bulleted format, and includes attainable calls to action.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Morgan is skilled at weaving SEO keywords and phrases into copy in a way that feels natural to the reader, rather than jarring them out of the reading experience. This content helps the end user easily find information relevant to their needs and interests, benefiting the client by getting eyes on their material. Morgan has crafted SEO content for blogs, articles, and web pages in a wide variety of industries, including real estate, B2B and B2C, health, and lifestyle.

Projects by Asset Type
Press Release

Morgan H. has written press releases for a public library and an independent bookstore. She has created content for newspapers, community calendars and bulletin boards, radio announcements, and a local public access cable channel. Her press releases catch the reader’s eye and maintain interest while succinctly providing all the relevant details.


Morgan H. has provided web content for local non-profit organizations and businesses, as well as online clients. She has written for the book review and special events pages of an independent bookstore’s website, and has created promotional content for a library’s website. She has also written more than 200 articles for a variety of websites, on topics including careers, legal, salary, lifestyle, pets, family, home, and more.


Morgan has written book reviews for an independent bookstore's website and newsletters. She has reviewed a variety of fiction and non-fiction children's, young adult, and adult titles.

Blog Post

Morgan H. has written many posts for her own blogs on parenting, education and literacy, crafting, culture, pet ownership, and other topics. She has also provided guest posts for both writing and small business blogs. In addition, she has completed numerous paid projects ghostwriting posts for real estate, recreation, and consumer product and review blogs.

Web Page

Morgan has created web pages for an independent bookstore, a public library, and a variety of other businesses and organizations. Her content is laid out in a way that reads intuitively for the end user while meeting the needs of the client. She skillfully incorporates SEO principles so the web pages are easy to find while providing the information the user wants to see.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Morgan H. has written academic essays, two of which were recognized with collegiate awards. She also has experience working as a library associate. She has used scholarly databases including Lexis-Nexis and JStor, as well as library databases such as Find It Virginia and Literati Public. In addition, she has produced hundreds of research-based web articles.


Morgan H. has written promotional and marketing copy for a wide variety of clients. In addition to product descriptions for the tech and publishing industries, she has helped her clients raise brand awareness, having written more than 50 copy articles on topics ranging from dog training gear to the hay trade. Her specialties include real estate, business, and children’s products.

Projects by Writing Style

Morgan H. has created promotional content for both non-profit organizations and businesses. She has written press releases and newsletters, designed brochures, provided website content, written social media posts, and created special material such as bookmarks and posters. She has promoted festivals, author signings, children’s literacy programs, workshops, and other special events.


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