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DL has devoted much of his life to adventuring in search of inspiration for fiction writing. He has authored two novels; Werther Underground (The AWOL Cookbook), Legerdemain, and a collection of comic short fiction called Planet Roughhouse. The aforementioned adventures include time spent piloting a guided missile destroyer, hitchhiking the length and breadth of the American continent, and researching the interactions between clandestine communities and mainstream communities.

DL ran a novel writing workshop in San Luis Obispo, CA called the Night Writers. He has been working as a freelance fiction editor and ghostwriter for the past six years.
- Product and service reviews; gadgets, websites, industrial equipment, cars & trucks, travel ad and vacation destination description.
- Health & Wellness; addiction medicine, home health care, fitness and mental health.
- Professional life / Productivity; time & resource management, business psychology, developing executive function.
- News & Current Events; politics, breaking news, editorials.
- Education; web resources, professional development for college graduates, study skills and pedagogy.
Science, Psychology, Education, technology, world events, art and literature.
Cuesta College Literature, An expensive bus ticket to New Orleans

The most important part of my education was the time spent dating my English professors.

Think Again - How to Reason and Argue Coursera
Sep 2013
A course on logic and rhetoric from Duke University via Coursera.
Completed with distinction.

EMT - Emergency Medical Technician College of the Sequoias
Certification as an EMT -1

Projects by Industry

As a former nursing assistant and EMT as well as some training in psychology and fitness medicine, DL is uniquely qualified to write on number of out-patient, elder/dependent care. He is currently studying addiction medicine at Dover City College.


Humor is an invaluable aspect of most of DL's fiction and political writing. Satire and cheeky commentary can sometimes reach a broader audience where they would otherwise be put off by information contrary to their beliefs.


DL has written many reviews of web services, gadgets, and other technological whirligigs. A technology buff himself, he particularly enjoys highlighting the innovative features of new devices, cars, tools or whatever the client may need reviewed. DL enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for meaningful advances in technology so that consumers will have a better idea of just how much value they can experience with new products.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

SEO keyword requirements are much easier than might be expected. When a client asks for SEO keywords to be included, these keywords become the skeleton of the article. And once the skeleton is in place, filling in the gaps with meaningful content becomes so easy as to be a pleasure.

Title/Meta Descriptions

This is perhaps the most enjoyable part of doing web content. Headers and titles have more room for creativity than any other part of an article. Even in rather serious topics, titles can use double meaning, humor and can expend the meaning of the entire piece. It presents an opportunity to passively link other content to the article in the mind of the reader, content that the client wants to promote.

Link Building

Linking points of content is a simple way to lead readers who's eyes may wander to a page where the client still has their attention. The short attention spans of the average internet reader, whether you like it or not, have to be catered to. So by anticipating where in an article certain minds may begin to wander and placing a link designed to satisfy their wanderlust, I can keep potential customers where I want them - on my client's page.

Projects by Asset Type
Product Description

Product description is DL's staple freelance style. Whether in product, review, comparison, DL is especially proud of his brand of product description which is focused on highlighting the superior features of a product without sounding like a commercial. This way buyers are able to connect with the most exciting and meaningful aspect of the products they want and use on a daily basis.


Difficult as it is for freelance writers to find work writing articles on topics of interest to the writer, DL has had a few opportunities to do just that. His interest in culture and politics has allowed him to publish stories that would be challenging to a mainstream audience and have helped him to carve out a small niche for himself in social media.


As the operator of an active You Tube channel with a small, but dedicated following, DL has built up a considerable amount of experience writing scripts for video presentation, interviews, short lectures, comedy and commentary. He has experimented with a range of tones and styles so that he can produce content for a wide variety of clients.

Projects By Expertise

DL has experience writing about internet trends, news stories, product releases and travel stories. He has enjoyed a degree of freedom to be sufficiently honest as to qualify much of his writing as journalism. Next to fiction, this is the type of he most prefers since providing valuable reading to people is his core professional value.


I do manuscript editing for novelists in my area, and remotely. These jobs have consisted almost entirely of fiction, which I enjoy. But of course, all writing includes an element of editing. I think the most important thing for an editor to know is how long his energy level can sustain focused scanning.

Projects by Writing Style

I have written successfully about child development, early college issues, and a number articles on the merits of various degree programs and learning institutions, as well as many health related pieces and technical material. I would produce the content you are looking for using a voice that is authoritative, yet accessible using well-sourced facts and properly crafted arguments.


Conversational writing is damned near a standard for internet content. It has the benefit of not alienating those who easily feel spoken down to, and it stands as a good way to keep a writer from using language that isn't overly esoteric. The conversational tone works great for return clients, since it flows easily from the fingertips.


Writing with humor is the least reliable, and most enjoyable type of writing. It's least reliable, since few people agree on what's funny and what's not. Most enjoyable because, well- because I can jive my way around absurd explanations like 'why writing humor is so enjoyable.' After all, any writer worth a damn is a ranking jive turkey.


I have written dozens of promotional reviews and commercial content for products and services for many satisfied clients.

I will write up your topic using an approachable and conversational tone that is informative, accessible, friendly, and professional. I will detail your topic in a way that will drive and attract your audience by appealing to their interests and desires. The piece will be concluded with a motivating call to action that will spur your target audience to take steps toward the desired action.


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