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When Velma began dreaming of being a writer, she was in the fourth grade and she was thinking best-selling novel. While that remains a possibility, her writing reality has been much more prosaic.

After spending a number of years in the banking and finance field, she found a writing job with her hometown newspaper when she and her son returned home after enjoying the adventures of life in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia. The staff at the paper was fun and the work enjoyable, so Velma settled down in the Living/Lifestyles department.

Her work expanded to editing, beginning with the Wednesday food section, ACCENT. Her time with the newspaper has included producing a very popular weekly column called "New Neighbors/Back Home" and the joy of getting to know people from all over the county (and sometimes beyond). When the Living/Lifestyles editor retired, Velma was promoted into the position at the end of 1995.

Over the years, she has become an authority on wedding dresses, veils and cakes, as well as anniversaries, birthdays and life's celebrations. Her beat has covered local theater, music, art, books, museums, country breakfasts, Lord's Acre Sales and whatever or where ever Living is happenin'.

Velma's writing and section have been included in numerous state-level awards, from first place state-level feature writing honors on down to a fifth place, including a state-level, second-place award in March 2015 in multi-media for an intensely researched article on the local men who perished aboard the U.S.S. Sultana in an explosion on the Mississippi River on April 27, 1865.

Outside her newspaper work, Velma has dabbled in freelance writing and photography and has been published by several magazines and online sites. As a journalist, she considers that, with a little research, she can write about most everything.

She looks forward to the opportunity to meet the needs of the clients of Writer Access while turning some spare time into extra change for a long-dreamed of trip.
lifestyles, travel,genealogy, geocaching, weddings, food, cakes, cooking, plays, theatre, theater, concerts, entertainment, style, fashion, clothing sewing, quilting, art, painting, photography, pets, animals, nature, history
pets, parrots, birds, birding, wine, wine making, vineyards, gardens, dogs, cats, outdoors, nature, theater, theatre, home, garden, travel, Great Britain, history, genealogy
Carson-Newman College, Jefferson City, TN, and East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN, English, Economics, none

Did not complete degree

Carson-Newman College, Jefferson City, TN, and East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN, English, Economics, none

Did not complete degree

Honors and Awards
Feature Writing Velma's work has been included in the feature writing competition at the state level for many years, including some first place honors and one in which her column was the only feature mentioned by the judges who awarded first place. There have been other years where her writing, combined with the work of her colleagues, has finished in other top positions in the state competition.

Multimedia Division III Velma's Disaster on the USS Sultana won second place in the TPA's annual awards. The article required that she research first the sinking of the ship and what caused its boilers to explode. The most difficult research was combing through the list of names of the men known to be on board and looking for those names in the Greene County censuses for 1850 and 1860 as the purpose of the article was to learn how many local men had been involved in the greatest maritime disaster this country has had.

Association Memberships
Tennessee Press Association Velma is a card-carrying representative of her hometown newspaper, a member of the Tennessee Press Association.

Projects by Industry

Part of any newspaper's "women's section" will naturally include fashion, pageants, hair, nails, dresses, attire, cosmetics and all things frilly. Velma has written about all items dear to the hearts of women for years, both at the newspaper and some online sites.


With her newspaper job, Velma has covered community theater as well as professional shows that have appeared at the performing arts center or Barter Theatre in Abingdon, Virginia. She loves concerts of a wide variety of music, and personally knows performers in several genres. She loved meeting the elderly Betty Lynn, who played Barney's girlfriend Thelma Lou on "The Andy Griffith Show" and interviewing Lewis Grizzard as well as other artists as they have come through the Northeast Tennessee area.


Since travel can be as near as the next state or as exotic as a boat trip on the Amazon River, Velma has written so many articles on locations and fun things to do that she has completely lost count. The joy of exploring new places is at the top of Velma's makes-me-happy list. She's canoed in the Okefenokee Swamp, taken photos of an overabundance of bears in Alberta, Canada, and tent camped with the lighted faces on Mount Rushmore visible from her site. She has had travel articles and photographs published in her own newspaper, a number of magazines and online sites.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

The above number is a guesstimate as the exact number of articles Velma has written to keyword specifications is unknown. She has been dabbling in online and content writing since the fall of 2010. She knows not to keyword stuff and is precise about getting the keyword in at the beginning and ending of her articles. She also know precisely how to work a keyword into the article naturally.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Who knows how many titles and meta descriptions Velma has written in the nearly five years she has been writing online? She doesn't. She realizes the importance of writing an alluring meta that will make the reader want to click to read more. As an avid reader, she understands how vital a headline is to any piece of writing.

Projects by Asset Type

"A Little About Rocks" impressed Velma's elementary school friends when her article was published in the local newspaper. She wrote long even then. At that time she could not know she would be writing thousands of articles for her local paper, several magazines and online writing sites.

Blog Post

Velma has had two personal blogs -- one about a hundred-year-old farmhouse she purchased and another about her beloved pets. She discovered that while it seemed to her that her animals are endlessly fascinating, it was not true that their antics were enough to keep even her interested for an extended period of time.

While writing her own blogs did not produce income, she has produced a number of blog posts with one of the online companies for which she writes.

Product Description

Some of Velma's online writing has been for catalogs of lighting fixtures and household accessories and likely others she has forgotten. This is an area she especially enjoys.

Projects By Expertise

While Living/Lifestyles articles are Velma's major focus, she has been assigned hard news stories occasionally. During the decades of her newspaper work, she has completed thousands of articles that use AP Style, somewhat adapted by her own newspaper.

Research Writer

The work of a journalist requires a person to write about a bit of everything, or life in general. How much more of a generalist can a writer be than one who records life in so many varieties -- people life, wild life, wild flowers, art, music, stars and constellations. Having worked for a community newspaper from more than two decades, Velma likes to believe she can research any subject then put it on paper so that people "get it."


As part of her online writing, Velma has composed copy for numerous clients at various websites that provide copywriting.

Projects by Writing Style

Numbers, everyone wants numbers. After a while, who keeps up with it anymore? You do the work, you pick up other other jobs, you move on -- or that's what Velma does. She can write with authority about weddings, animals, food, history and about anything that can be researched. She has for a quarter century.


Over the many years Velma has been writing everything from novels (none published yet) to content (many published, but unverifiable because the articles no longer belong to her), she has lost track of the numbers. In fact a trip through the newspaper's archives brings up entire stories she had completely forgotten. She writes. That's what she does.


Because Velma has worked for a newspaper for almost a quarter century, the number of articles she has written numbers into the thousands. Many are without her byline as she takes information submitted by others and turns each into a finished product -- most often for the lifestyles department, but sometimes for other areas of the newspaper. Her work has appeared on the front page and in special sections throughout the years.


During the years Velma has dabbled in content writing, she has produced a number of product descriptions that were obviously promoting various items. She has also written press releases for a veterans organization that brought two television stations, a few radio stations and numerous journalists to the event in her small hometown -- which does not have a television station. She also served as the public relations person for a theater that produced the area's first Shakespeare-in-the-Park and an original Jack the Ripper drama.


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