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Shakti has been a freelance writer since 2012. She has written for many different online publications and has extensive experience in copywriting, commercial writing, blog posts, fiction, and advertising. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and has spent the last 6 years in software development and Systems Administration. She is currently continuing her education and pursuing a second degree in IT Application Development.
Shakti has written on a wide range of topics and her specializations are in ghostwriting, blogging, editorial writing, and product descriptions and reviews. She is well-skilled in SEO and has a strong background in a variety of programming languages. She uses her skills in web design to produce effective and creative advertising pieces that engage the reader. She also has recently expanded into the field of real estate and small business promotions.
Additionally, she is specializing in travel and entertainment blogging. She enjoys writing fun and lighthearted articles about celebrities and TV shows or movies, and she has extensive experience in travel writing and blogging.
Shakti has travelled extensively and has lived in 9 different countries across 4 continents. She has a very diverse range of interests including camping, historical costume making, taking Thai cooking lessons, and catching up on all the latest celebrity gossip. In her down-time, Shakti enjoys fiction writing and has written numerous mystery and sci-fi stories.
Center for Language Studies, Beloit, Wisconsin Certificate

8 week certificate in Japanese 1

Nashville State Community College Associate of Applied Science

Computer Information Systems - Application Developer Concentration

Tennessee State Univerisy Bachelor of Science - Computer Technology

Interdisciplinary dual major of Computer Science with a focus on Programming and Fine Arts with a focus on Classic Technique.

A+ IT Certification CompTIA
CompTIA certification for the maintenance of PCs, mobile devices, laptops, operating systems and printers.

Projects by Industry

Shakti has extensive world travel experience across more than 50 different countries and in situations ranging from 5-Star Nile cruises to a 28 day car-camping trip through Ireland. She's written numerous travel pieces including blog posts, articles, destination guides, and hotel and tour promotions.
She currently resides in the United States but has lived in many countries including Thailand, Scotland, Ireland, the Czech Republic, and Botswana.


Shakti has been an avid hiker for the last 20 years and has gone on numerous treks and camping expeditions throughout North America, Europe, and Africa. Additionally, she enjoys a variety of outdoor sports including skiing, rafting, and rock climbing.
She has written numerous travel guides and camping equipment reviews and uses her many years of experience to guide customers into picking the right items to suit their individual needs.


Shakti has written numerous pieces relating to the entertainment industry. She has a passion for this subject and is well-versed in current events, upcoming cultural trends, and retro culture. She enjoys writing with flair, keeping her articles funny, entertaining, and with lots of personality. While she is happy to tailor her writing style to whatever is requested, she's a big fan of the casual and approachable style of magazines like People, OK! Magazine, and US Weekly.

Home Living

Shakti has written many how-to guides and articles related to home living, decorating on a budget, and advice on choosing the right equipment or design. She is well-versed in creating informational and approachable articles that mix a casual tone with straight-forward facts and advice. She has worked with both professional designers and home repair agencies and frequently writes articles for small businesses including HVAC, countertop installers, and pool services.

Consumer Goods

Shakti has written about a wide range of consumer goods including office furniture and supplies, clothing, camping equipment, and electronics. She has written both advertising and promotional pieces as well as product descriptions and reviews. She works with small businesses, individual sellers, and has written catalogue summaries for a large online retail store. She greatly enjoys writing in this field and staying up to date on the latest trends in tech and consumer products.


Shakti has worked for 6 years as a freelance programmer and systems administrator. She has written a variety of blog posts on the latest trends in tech as well as product descriptions and reviews. Recently she's written a series of articles targeted at small businesses and how they can adopt upcoming technology to expand their customer base.


Shakti has written both reviews and blog posts for hotels across the country. She has also written promotional pieces and advertisements for resorts and tour services. She focuses on local interest guides and seasonal articles that highlight the events or natural features of an area at different times of the year.

Real Estate

Shakti has written for numerous real estate pieces and is looking to expand further into this industry. Among her projects are brochure house listings and property and lot descriptions. She has also recently done a series of neighborhood guides and statistical demographic research pieces.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Shakti has written blog posts for both her personal blog as well as commerical or private blogs. She is adept at creating articles that are both interesting end engaging to read while still providing the reader with valuable and clear information about the individual or business. She has covered topics ranging from company newsletters to how-to-guides and more technical design discussions. Because of her fiction writing experience, she is adept at writing everything from lighthearted, comedic pieces to covering serious and complex issues.

Product Description

Shakti greatly enjoys working with small businesses and helping them maximize the potential of their products. She writes product descriptions with an attention to detail and always keeps a focus on the value to the customer in mind. Her past projects include catalog listings, reviewing the functions and performance of various equipment, and product comparisons and recommendations.


Shakti has written articles for everything from personal sites or blogs to promotional pieces for small and large businesses. She stays up to date on current events and entertainment news and often writes articles about electronics and the latest trends in tech. Among her recent articles are pieces on celebrities, how to adopt the latest technology to your business, and a series of neighborhood and restaurant guides. She also has written several decorating and how-to guides, articles for small businesses, and health-related blog posts.


Shakti has written advertisements for a diversity of clients ranging from private individuals to small businesses to large mail-in catalogues. In addition to various promotional campaigns, she has written social media posts, mailing lists, sales pieces, and product descriptions. She knows that the key to successful advertising is to focus on the end-user and highlight how the value of the service or products and how they will benefit them. She takes a friendly and low-pressure but thoroughly researched and informational approach to reaching her audience.

Projects By Expertise

Shakti has written numerous articles and is a flexible writer who can easily switch between technical and conversational writing styles as needed for the job at hand. She enjoys doing detailed and thorough research and looks forward the to challenges of constantly learning new things. She writes with an eye for detail and balances accurate information with an approachable style.

Technical Writer

Shakti has over 6 years' work experience in the technology field. She is skilled with a variety of programming languages and works as a freelance developer. Additionally, she has an extensive background in systems administration as well as computer, tablet, and phone repair.
Shealways stays up to date with the latest technology and trends and enjoys writing technical articles and product descriptions.

Projects by Writing Style

Shakti enjoys writing both entertainment pieces and blog posts or articles that have a casual and approachable style. She knows how to keep the reader entertained and engaged with the piece while still providing them with useful informational that will help them make their mind up on a topic. She knows how to strike the balance between a friendly and conversational tone that's still motivational.


Shakti greatly enjoys writing entertainment pieces and keeping up with current events. She has written for several online publications and primarily focuses on celebrity entertainment news. She often writes with a lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek style and hopes to expand her writing career deeper into this field.


If you're looking for a journalistic POV, Shakti has covered press releases, news stories, and promotional blogs for a variety of sources. She is adept at giving an accurate and compelling view of local events. Her recent projects have included detailed descriptions of tourists attractions, coverage of upcoming events around town, and articles about finding opportunities for nearby getaways and adventures.


Shakti has written numerous articles about promotional events, product descriptions, and motivate-to-purchase advertisements. She is skilled in writing pieces that are informative and uses a concise and factual style that's still approachable. She knows how to tailor the tone of the article to match the company's message and image.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Shakti has written a wide variety of articles for small businesses. Among her projects are ghost blogposts, advertising promotions, and Facebook and Twitter posts. She also has written several articles relating to small businesses and how they can market themselves and attract more customers by using the latest technology to reach out to a larger audience.


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