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Location Albuquerque, NM
Education Bachelors Degree
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Kirk S. adds energy to your enterprise by adding clarity and excellence to Web content about products and services. Technical marketing is one of his editorial specialties... converting accurate and crucial technological detail into marketable copy. He generates material that drives the conversation for you!

This highly-skilled editor asks focused questions of any development team and Website content creators, to generate helpful user documentation and/or marketing materials such as banner taglines, blog postings, animated PowerPoint presentations and Web page ideas.

When drafting a press release or new Web page, Kirk S. smoothly translates that information into related document types for crosslinked publicity that covers a range of audiences: key players in IT, marketing and the organizational decision makers.

He has experience ensuring information quality in both private industry and the government sector. Trained as a production editor in a data processing environment, specializations include technical writing, project management, branding and creativity from PDF coverpage to WordPress slides! Kirk S. is familiar with the rigors of editing to comply with complex standards such as the accessibility requirements for print and electronic documents, referred to as 508(c) compliance. His portfolio includes thousands of pages of highly technical software, medical and data-related information.

Kirk S. maintains strict Quality Control for all editorial and content creation deliverables.
Kirk S. adds energy to every enterprise by adding clarity and excellence to the content about products and services. He quickly and creatively grasps the technical view and translates it for several audiences: techies, CIOs, marketers, publishers and consumers. He leverages the strengths of print publishing, Web pages, blog posts and presentations, supplementing colorful ideas with relevant and stimulating imagery.
Products for the home, weather, science, health and fitness; creative writing! Software for home or business. Music, film and art. Psychology of family relationships, mental health issues, public safety and social institutions. Current events, foreign policy, consumer and social activism trends. Generating effective and persuasive copy for marketing a product, service or organization's mission.
Oberlin College Sep 1986 – Jul 1992
Social sciences (Psychology), Bachelor of Arts

Along with special projects in psychology, history and philosophy, he studied these disciplines:
- Government
- Economics
- Statistics
- Sociology
- Biology
- Physics & Astronomy
- Spanish language & literature
- Religious traditions
- Sound design
Also received Minor in Ethnomusicology degree from the Oberlin Conservatory

Continuing Education, University of New Mexico Imaging in Adobe Photoshop, digital photography,

For production scanning and creative imaging work, he took courses at UNM focused in Adobe software.

Honors and Awards
Graduated with Honors Member of NHS as a senior in high school, representing academic and extra-curricular achievement plus community service.

National Merit Scholarship Corporation One of five graduates to receive this distinction in a high school class of 425 people.

Projects by Industry

To help Triumph Learning manage its content development more effectively, the company designed and built a structured vocabulary relevant for teaching mathematics and English language arts. The taxonomy contains terms reflecting concepts, skills, and learning standards in a hierarchical structure. Kirk S. communicated with the client about project goals, led the editorial and programming teams to achieve them, with close feedback happening at all stages of Phase I - development. He generated program requirements, data syntax specifications and a complex coding scheme, to capture the client's information in structures reflecting term usage and systematic coherence within the data set.


As the Technical Editor for the federal agency Indian Health Svc. Div. of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention, Kirk S. edited a range of document types from 1000+ page batches of diabetes guidelines (translational medicine) to 200-character Website flash module descriptions -- for an audience of health educators, providers and patients. He improved the style and readability on all the Division’s primary Web pages and sub-pages, added a new flair to print publications such as the Indian Health Diabetes Best Practices, Revised 2011, and created concise, intriguing taglines for many kinds of activities for instant distribution via email blasts, Web-based tools and health grant-related presentations.


Kirk S. worked for a federal government agency in the area of medical translation editing for publication: ensuring that guidelines for medical providers and educators met rigorous standards for clarity, accessibility of format/navigation and informational accuracy. One example of a large document he edited is the Standards of Care and Clinical Practice Recommendations: Type 2 Diabetes from IHS Div. of Diabetes Treatment of Prevention. This publication was 300+ pages in its print form, now distributed primarily as a linked version.
He also edited all 20 publications in the set of Indian Health Diabetes Best Practices, Revised 2011, for rigorous medical translation principles, accessibility and superior navigability features.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

IHS Div. of Diabetes Treatment and Prevention serves American Indians/Alaska Natives in Tribal communities through educational materials, resources and information for health providers. For this agency, Kirk S. generated dozens of tightly focused, keyword-aware, compelling text descriptions of programs, actions and grant opportunities, for the Website, training presentations and print publications such as brochures, fact sheets and quick-reference medical resources. His knowledge of public health issues, scientific research keywords and medical terminology can benefit your document control by advancing the metadata several degrees.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Kirk S. has written software Website content including excellent keywords for metadata tags and title tags. It is important to differentiate between the structure of components in an application, or set of applications, and the major uses of the programs for end users. For software in multiple industry sectors, he is an expert at describing the technical, practical and visionary aspects of a program or suite of programs. What is possible with this software? What are the great examples to illustrate its potential, its greatness... how can excitement be conveyed about computer software? By tapping into the needs of the user, the features of the product and the solving of problems! What do the user studies reveal about how the product could be improved?

Projects by Asset Type
Press Release

Common Core Standards-integrated Taxonomy: Marketing
Kirk S. managed a taxonomy design and development project for supplemental education publisher Triumph Learning, headquartered in New York City. He drafted much of the copy for this press release, and is quoted. A gifted technical writer, Kirk S. coordinated the full publication cycle for the user manuals, project administration guides and software help screen text -- his skills for technical communication are limited to the realm of marketing or userguides; he thrives in both domains.


Triumph Learning Taxonomy Development: Delivered the project design, coordinated data input, communications and specified custom export formats. Here's the presentation as delivered to Data Harmony Users Group international conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 2013.
Spoiler Alert! His editors and the DataHarmony programmers visualized solutions and combined efforts creatively to make them succeed. Accomplishing taxonomy goals required repeated reconfigurations of the data elements and adaptations to workflow. Multiple software customizations were requested, conceived, and built at the same time as we were producing the taxonomy data sets, synergistically.

Web Page

M.A.I. Batch Processing: Published
Kirk S. copyedited and finalized the Batch Processing Guide for this feature, and created the product Web page excerpted here. He is experienced in platforms like WordPress for Website updates: technical, marketing and image content at for example, Technical View and Products landing pages and sub-pages plus the slideshow taglines at Main.
For all Web copyedits and content creation, Kirk S. ensures correct spelling, punctuation and name conventions, along with consistent capitalization and use of emphasis. Reducing distraction for Web readers is a paramount goal; sticking to the point of material with no errors is a method he employs systematically.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

He has 16 years of technical writing experience for software products, home weather stations, grant application instructions and other documentation types. In 2014, he led a team of editors and software developers to publish more than 1200 pages of technical documentation for the Data Harmony 3.9 update release, then crafted that material into marketing content with attractive images and taglines. Kirk S. has generated user manuals for home products such as the Davis weather stations, middleware and end-user software applications, medical reference materials and technical specifications for enterprise-level software installations and Cloud-based services.

Book Ghostwriter

Kirk S. made corrections, copyedited and improved both conceptual flow and phrasing in Chapters 1 through 3 of the Taxobook, published by Marjorie Hlava. He suggested lively chapter titles, a friendlier reading style and made sure each paragraph made sense on its own and in the context of the chapter.
Once again, he helped to clarify a complex and confusing discussion with insightful inclusion of new concepts and better wording. The goal when ghostwriting or copyediting is to remove all obstacles to a reader perceiving the author's voice as a book or story unfolds. Inserting one's own editorial voice is only distraction. All copyediting and proofreading details must eventually be accountable to this primary goal, that of freeing the author's voice within the flow and rhyme of his or her written text.

Creative Writer

This writer hasn't been paid for creative writing such as poetry and stories (yet), and he creates original pieces for his own pleasure. Adept with vocabulary, sound structures and emotional concepts, Kirk S. captures the feeling of a time and place. He tells a story with direction and purpose but not without humor! Creativity is crucial to an active and facile mind such as that of this writer!


Kirk S. has been a production editor, senior editor, technical editor and editorial project manager in project-oriented work environments, for example a data conversion/document encoding specialty provider in the private sector. He handles documents with ease and completeness, adding clarity and reducing distractions, no matter the data set of the information: financial, marketing, product-oriented, services, inspirational, health editing, etc.


Kirk S. writes copy for Websites, print publications and presentations, to get the word out for his client organization or supervisors. Focused on offering compelling content, he generates an entry point or 'hook' that quickly takes a reader to the point of the piece. Often, writing a concise text description for publicity of an activity or product can be challenging due to restrictions on total length in the number of characters. He attains satisfaction by communicating the maximum amount of valuable information within the smallest readable descriptions...

Projects by Writing Style

As the technical editor for various departments and organizations, Kirk S. naturally has become an authority on certain disciplines, tasks and knowledge domains. He has trained fellow editors, communicated with programmers and copywritten content to sound authoritative but not condescending. Awareness of health literacy and using the best ways to create technical descriptions for non-technical readers are both important to this editor. His editorial skillset has become highly refined and subtle, all for the benefit of his readers, based on the nature of the message and the medium of transmission. Teamwork enhances this effectiveness.


Blog post on Data Harmony Web-service extension module: Published
Kirk S. originated and implemented many improvements to all software technical documentation for user benefit, then wrote up the improvements in conversational blog postings, at the time of software release. Skilled in conversational English, he can generate quotations for press releases, narrative scripts and fluid talking points for a speaker -- all to engage the active involvement of the listening or reading audience.


Kirk S. promotes all projects with accurate information, clear phrasing and compelling concepts! The writing and editing of promotional materials is targeted for the needs of the specific audience, to draw their attention and hold it. He discovers their specific needs, how the product meets them and adds colorful concepts to get the promotional message across.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

For Davis Instruments, he wrote consumer product manuals for home weather stations. Consulting with engineers and marketing staff, Kirk S. published new manuals for the Vantage Pro line, updated existing guides and revised product labels in Adobe Illustrator. He learned how to write clear and well-order instructions for the novice user, supported by strong illustrations with excellent captions and labels.


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