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Kirsten earned her B.A. Degree in Political Science and Women's Studies at the University of WA in Seattle. She earned her M.A. Degree in History and Archiving at CA State University Northridge, and was an intern at the U.S. Navy Seabee Museum in Port Hueneme, CA, for a year as a graduate student. Kirsten also attended ABA-Accredited Whittier College of Law in Costa Mesa for two years, and passed all of her classes. She is still in good standing, and was a T.A. in Contracts in law school due to her high grades in that topic.

Kirsten has been widely published in magazines, newspapers, books, professional journals, academic papers, and also on websites. Her work has been cited by the Brooklyn Museum (NY); in Daniel Scharf's "For Humane Borders: Two Decades of Death and Illegal Activity in the Sonoran Desert" in the "Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law"; in Chris Bobel's "Our Revolution Has Style" in "Sex Roles Journal, Volume 54"; in Elizabeth Bernstein's "Carceral Politics as Gender Justice?" in "Theory and Society Journal/Columbia University, Volume 43"; in Katherine Ann Casey-Sawicki's "The Circulation of Reality Tv and Internet Activism: Real World Meet the Zapatistas" published by the University of Florida; in Marcyrose Chvasta's "Anger, Irony, and Protest: Confronting the Issue of Efficacy, Again" in the "Journal of Text and Performance Quarterly, 26" and more. Kirsten has self-published many books on a wide range of topics including herbal cosmetics, CA history, travel, historical cookbooks, how-to books, cultural interviews, etc.

In her personal life, Kirsten is a parent, and enjoys outdoor activities and historical exploration. She is a painter and musician, was a street performer for decades, loves fresh farm to the table food, enjoys reading and writing, and can still be found performing comedy. Kirsten especially loves Southern CA history and archival research about the Wild West and the CA Missions.
Inclusive/Sensitivity-Writing and Editing (GBLT-friendly, anti-racist, non-classist, pro-feminist, agnostic/atheist/pagan/non-Christian-inclusive, age-positive, fat-positive, alter-abled); Law (legal requirements, local/state/federal laws, legal summaries and legalese to everyday English); Business (especially contract law); Busking, Barter, Ecological Defense and Alternative Lifestyles (well-connected to off-the-radar and underground cultures); CA and Western U.S. History (1700's-Modern); Web Design/Building (XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, ECommerce); Digital Education (Adobe Captivate, online tutorials, games, etc.); Urban Adventures/Exploration in Southern/Central Coast CA (Los Angeles, Santa Barbara); Herbalist (cosmetic recipes, medicinal uses, wildcrafting); Cooking (gluten-Free, vegan, vegetarian, historical); Arts and Crafts (sewing, painting, etc.), Parenting (play, education/homeschooling, thrifty tips, DIY, "hip" parenting, health)...
Health, nature, law, instructional design and digital educational materials, graphic design, art, food, travel, plants, ocean, books, bookbinding, outdoor activities, history, web building, local culture, busking, comedy, politics, barter, women's history, CA history, archiving, painting, sewing, writing, dancing, music...
Santa Monica College Jan 2014 – Jan 2015
Entertainment Technology, Classes Taken/No Degree

Kirsten has been studying graphic design and technology at Santa Monica College. She has studied ECommerce, in addition to several entertainment technology, maintaining a 4.0 GPA in all classes.

Cerro Coso Community College Jan 2009 – Jun 2012
Graphic Design/Web Design, No Degree/Classes Passed

Kirsten took several web/graphic design classes at Cerro Coso College. She has studied XHTML, CSS and Photoshop st Cerro Coso, and has maintained a near-4.0 Grade Point Average throughout.

CA State University Northridge Jan 2008 – Jun 2010
Archiving/History, M.A.

Kirsten graduated with a 3.86 Grade Point Average for her Master's of Art Degree from CA State University, Northridge, in 2010. While there she received the esteemed Historical Society of Southern CA's "Haynes Research Grant," in addition to CSUN Academic Achievement Awards and CSUN History Dept. Eichenberger/Bruce Fellowships. She was the Secretary and is a Member of the Golden Key Honor Society. Kirsten is also a member of the Phi Alpha Theta Historical Honor Society. While doing her graduate work, Kirsten was an intern at the U.S.Navy Seabee Museum and Archives in Port Hueneme, CA, providing digital archiving, historical writing, scanning, research and preservation skills to the archival staff.

University of Washington, Seattle, WA Jun 1990 – Jun 1993
Political Science, Women's Studies, B.A.

Kirsten earned her B.A. Degree at the University of WA (UW) in Seattle, WA in 1993. She had a double major of Women's Studies and Political Science. While at the UW, Kirsten worked on the UW Women's Commission, performed for many events including Women in the Arts, Women Take Back the Night and the Miss Seafair Protests, and was also hired to give talks about the law school application process.

Whittier College of Law in Costa Mesa, CA Aug 1993 –
J.D. (Doctorate of Jurisprudence) - Law, 2/3 J.D. in good standing

Kirsten attended ABA-Accredited Whittier College of Law in Costa Mesa. She completed/passed all prerequisite coursework (but for electives not taken yet) and is still in good standing. While in attendance, Kirsten was the Vice-Pres. of the Whittier Law School Women’s Law Association, Vice-Pres. of the Whittier Law School GBLT Law Association, and a recipient of the Cook Scholarship, Whittier Alumni Scholarships, the Berger Scholarship, Black Law Students’ Grant, and more. Her highest First Year Grade: 91 Contracts. Due to Kirsten's high grades in Contracts, she was a Teacher’s Assistant for Professor Cohen in Contracts.

Honors and Awards
Haynes Research Grant Jun 2010
Kirsten was awarded a grant from the highly-esteemed Historical Society of Southern CA for research she was doing in 2010 on the notorious Los Angeles child protection warehouse, MacLaren Hall.

CSUN History Dept. Eichenberger/Bruce Fellowship Jun 2009
Kirsten won the CSUN History Dept.'s Eichenberger/Bruce Fellowship in 2009.

CSUN Academic Achievement Awards Jun 2009
Kirsten was awarded the CA State University Northridge Academic Achievement Award in both 2009 and 2010.

Seattle Pride Grant Jun 1998
Kirsten was awarded a Seattle Pride Grant in 1998 for her activist work in the GBLTQ community.

Berger Scholarship Jun 1997
Kirsten received the Berger Scholarship at Whittier College of Law in 1997.

Cook Scholarship Jun 1997
Kirsten received the Cook Scholarship while attending Whittier College of Law in 1997.

Black Law Students Association Grant Jun 1996
Kirsten was awarded a book grant from the Black Law Students Association while in attendance at the Whittier College of Law.

Whittier Alumni Scholarship Jun 1996
Kirsten received several Whittier College of Law Alumni Association scholarships while in attendance as a student.

Seattle Milk Fund Single Mother's Scholarship Jan 1990
Kirsten was awarded the first Seattle Milk Fund Single Mother's Scholarship while attending North Seattle Community College in 1990. Since, their program has grown and helped decades of women get help with their higher education.

Women's Re-Entry Scholarship Jun 1988
Kirsten won the Women's Re-Entry Scholarship at Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA in 1988.

Association Memberships
Golden Key Honor Society Jun 2009
Kirsten is a current member of the Golden Key Honor Society, comprised of the top 10% of college students. Kirsten was the Golden Key Honor Society Secretary for the CSUN Chapter from 2009-2010.

Virginia Robinson Gardens Jan 2009
Kirsten has been a member and volunteer at the Virginia Robinson Gardens, located in Beverly Hills, CA.

Olivas Adobe Docent Society Jan 2009
Kirsten is a docent for the 1850's historical Olivas Family Adobe located in Ventura, CA.

Phi Alpha Theta Historical Honor Society Jan 2009
Kirsten is a member of the Phi Alpha Theta Historical Honor Society.

Whittier Law School GBLT Law Student Association Aug 1995
Kirsten was a co-founder and the vice-president of Whittier College of Law's GBLT Law Student Association, with Professor and West Hollywood Mayor, John Heilman, as our student advisor in 1995-1996.

Women's Law Association Aug 1995
Kirsten was the vice-president of the Women's Law Association Chapter on the Whittier Law School campus from 1995-1996.

California Boater Education Certificate California Department of Boating and Waterways
Jun 2010
Kirsten has earned the CA Boater Education Certificate. To earn this certificate, Kirsten was tested on her knowledge of safe navigation on the water, California's Legal Requirements of Boating, Boating Emergencies, and more.

Sailing Certificate CA State University Northridge
Jun 2010
Kirsten has passed certification tests to rig and sail 14 and 16 foot Hobiecats by herself.

CA Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) States of CA and OR
Jun 1996
Kirsten has earned her CBEST certificate, which allows her to teach in K-12 schools in CA and OR.

Projects by Industry

Kirsten has blended her background in law, business and archival research to provide superior industrial copywriting, utilizing primary sources and clear articulation of complex industrial and business concepts.


Kirsten has a strong background in alternative health, including health food, herbalism, body esteem, natural remedies, and community health care. Her articles about health have been published by Susun Weed, noted herbalist, as well as other alternative health venues, such as HipMama and Adbusters. Her women's body esteem work has been featured in magazines including Off Our Backs and On Our Backs, is featured in Gale Publishing's "Culture of Beauty" book, and her self-published book about women's anatomy and mythology, art and history is in the holdings of the Danish National Library. She has facilitated workshops for women's body esteem at retreats including Breitenbush Hot Springs in OR, and universities, including the University of WA in Seattle and Western WA University in Bellingham.


Kirsten has a legal background rooted in her academic studies at ABA-accredited Whittier College of Law, combined with a past as a political activist. Her insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the criminal justice system have been cited by attorneys and journalists alike, and her devotion to the use of law to right injustice is consistent. The article cited below was purchased by Gale Publishing and is in their book, "Criminal Justice: Opposing Viewpoints."

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Kirsten is proficient at keyword requirements for SEO optimization, A wide vocabulary and prolific experience at wordsmithing makes SEO keyword-smithing an art Kirsten comes to naturally.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Kirsten has been building websites by hand since 1999. Her personal website has had over 2 million hits. Due to her wide vocabulary and the artistic use of words, she is able to craft clear and professional titles and descriptions for web projects for SEO optimization.

Link Building

Kirsten is proficient at XHTML and CSS, and has been building her own websites since 1999. She has been building links for SEO for over a decade now. Her own website has had over 2 million hits due to her own SEO optimization using link building skills.

Projects by Writing Style

Kirsten is an expert on several topics, including street performance, feminist performance/comedy, political activism, barter economies, indy media/zines, natural health and herbs, archiving and institutional history. She has written many authoritative articles on a variety of subjects, which have become staples for those topic areas. She is especially well-known for her authoritative articles about busking, or street performing.


Kirsten is well-known for her stream of consciousness, conversational articles. In these articles, she decomposes complex issues in a comfortable tone which allows for deep thought and lasting discussions. Some of her more profound conversational topics include homelessness, hunger, poverty and social injustice.


Kirsten has been a paid comedian for over 30 years. She has performed with some of the world's greatest comedic actors and mimes. She is best known for her shoot-from-the-hips political satire and her shamanic clowning. Kirsten has also published a book of feminist, hippie and musician jokes in 2011. "What's the difference between a pizza and a musician? A pizza can feed a family of 4!"


Kirsten is known for unusual and intriguing interviews with artists and political activists. She has interviewed street medics, buskers, environmental defense activists, indy media journalists and more for articles in the past. Most recently, she has been interviewing women street performers (or "buskers") from around the world.


Kirsten is gifted at crafting informative articles which are a guise for promotion. Kirsten has taught workshops at universities teaching people how to use journalism as a form of political activism, by highlighting important organizations within the structure of an informative article.


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