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Location Sherman Oaks, CA
Education College Diploma
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Since 2007 Jewel has been researching and writing on a variety of topics, such as travel, product reviews, live events, human trafficking, top 10 lists and reviews, self-help, inspirational, and the arts. She has also written live event video scripts, questions for music festival band interviews, and social media/promotional content. Some of her past and present clients include Acquire the Fire Magazine, Ceitci Demirkova, 5 Stones Productions, Oasis LA, Team Victory Gym, and independent individuals.
Martial Arts, Spirituality, Inspirational, Life Advice, Product Reviews & Descriptions, Blogs, Travel, Healthy Living
Martial Arts, Music, Justice Efforts, Youth Programs, Health, Travel, Photography, Cars, Motorcycles, Theology, Outdoors, Exploration
Grays Harbor College Jan 2002 – Jan 2004
English, Associate of Arts

Jewel has completed her Associate of Arts Degree with a focus on English and writing studies. Her primary classes included english, creative writing, short-stories, speech, and literature courses. She graduated as a personal favorite of her English professor, and as a part of the institution's honor roll.

Honors and Awards
Honor Roll Jan 2004
Jewel graduated as an honor's student from Grays Harbor College in 2004.

Projects by Industry

Within the last few years Jewel has re-vamped her eating habits and lifestyle to embrace many of the concepts she has studied about health. It all still feels new and fresh, so researching and passing along her discoveries- in blogs, articles and conversation- has become a passion on and off the clock.

Non Profit

Throughout her life Jewel has researched several youth-targeted injustices that run rampant in the world today. She volunteers consistently with youth programs, both in creative writing and mentorship. Her projects have included uplifting articles for a nation-wide youth magazine, as well as video scripts for live youth events. Jewel has also drafted newsletters and web copy for various trafficking rescue organizations.


A self-proclaimed wanderer, Jewel has always loved exploring new places. She then entices the adventuring spirit in others by sharing the most flavorful details in her blogs and articles. These projects have included top vacation spots, travel tips, and location descriptions.

Consumer Goods

Jewel knows it all starts with recognizing your audience. From there it's all about getting out the facts that matter, and getting people talking. She has written hundreds of articles about different products; everything from electronics and appliances to video games and furniture.


Jewel has actively practiced martial arts for the last couple years, and has researched many other fitness options that are now widely available. She has also headed up the promotion of a local Los Angeles gym through various social media outlets.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Since the age of ten Jewel has flooded journals with her inked-in perspectives of life. Eventually, these journals ran away from home and became blogs. For the past four years she has blogged consistently about things learned, justice causes, and travel explorations. She also includes readers in her perilous journeys through new disciplines such as healthy living, music, and martial arts.


Jewel understands that this generation flocks to the web first for its information. She has single-handedly woven hundreds of informational articles. Whether it's video games, rice-cookers, or where you should spend your honeymoon, Jewel has probably done it.

Facebook Post

In a day and age when marketing has largely shifted from print and television to social outlets, Jewel seeks to create posts that compel a response. Her goal is to write streamlined and powerful content. Some of her work has included profiles and posts for nonprofits, music artists, and fitness gyms.

Web Page

Jewel has crafted colorful content for several web pages over the years. Dabbling in a few different styles, she has worked with political websites as well as content for aspiring musicians. She also has experience with the Wordpress format.

Newsletter Content

Jewel loves to keep the patrons, customers, and fans in the loop while the boss gets back to running the business. She'll work hard to mold her client's vision and unique voice into the newsletter to sync seamlessly with the company it represents. Jewel's newsletter experience includes inspirational updates for an international nonprofit organization.

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

Jewel is frequently recruited for creative writing projects. She has painted her words on everything from live-event walkthroughs, to backstage band interviews, to short stories and video scripts.

Script Writer

Jewel has worked in the television industry for seven years, assisting on set and in the office of several well known shows. She is knowledgeable in the ways of entertainment and has written several video scripts for live event content. She has also written a couple short films that she hopes one day to produce.

Research Writer

Jewel seems to have a hound-dog nose for searching out interesting data, but thankfully doesn't have to type it up with paws. She has written hundreds of online articles based on her own research, including product comparisons, top ten lists, location summaries and opinion articles.

Projects by Writing Style

In reality there may be a keyboard, a computer, and hundreds of miles between Jewel and her readers, but she likes to imagine there's only a steaming cappuccino there. She may prefer coffee, but conversation is her cup of tea, and her articles and blogs often reflect this warm, engaging tone.


Jewel knows it often takes a comedic kick to catch anyone's eye nowadays. Luckily she had that kind of kick in her arsenal long before she ever learned muay Thai, and she's ready and willing to use it.


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