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Dave G

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Dave has been published by multiple sources, and ghost written for CEO's, and has a book in the works. Many of Dave's qualifications and experience are in the industries of finance, business, marketing, the stock market, trading, and real estate.
Dave specializes in articles, blog posts, news items, and conversational pieces.
Dave is interested in fishing, kayaks, mountain bikes, off road driving, land rovers, exploring, reading, writing, underground music, esoteria, luxury travel, watches, New York City, and pop culture.
Geneva College, Duquesne University School of Law Economics, business, law, BS, BA, CLA

Business, economics, law school drop out

Certified Legal Assistant Duquesne University

Projects by Industry

Dave has worked in the financial field in many capacities. Starting out as an insurance claims adjuster, moving into stock, option, commodity and forex trading, his experience runs deep and wide in the field. He has worked with several hedge funds and is very familiar with the present financial markets. Not to mention creating and growing several successful small businesses. He has great passion for the field.

Real Estate

Dave created, built, and ran a real estate publishing company for 15 years. His company acted as a supplement to the MLS for Realtors in eastern Pennsylvania. The company grew to become a must-have marketing system for the region's Realtor community. He became very familiar with the real estate market, particularly the very high end, in this role. He also has extensive experience in managing, owning and selling residential investment properties. Not to mention, owning several substantial home properties in the past.


Dave's a law school drop out who worked as a paralegal and claims adjuster for Prudential and Cigna insurance companies. Not to mention having been married to a high profile entertainment/complex litigation attorney who shall remain nameless! He has had extensive exposure to the legal world from both the practioners and plaintiff/defendant side. He is familiar with contracts, debt collection, basic business law, insurance law, among other everyday type legal issues.

Projects by Asset Type

Dave has written a number of articles for clients in finance, personal finance, insurance, stock market, options, deriviatives, real estate, energy, alternative energy, commodities, gold, oil, silver, forex, mortgages, and banking. His style is conversational yet informative, trying to bridge very different concepts to extract one distinct message.

Blog Post

Dave's style with blog posts is very conversational with an educational or thought-provoking twist. He likes to incorporate current events, facts and insights that you normally wouldn't expect to find speaking about certain topics.

Projects By Expertise

Dave has extensive experience in the financial journalism field. He conducted a series of over 80 interviews with leading money managers, economists, academics, and authors that has been published worldwide in a multitude of languages.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Dave has run several small businesses, including a publishing company and a marketing company. He knows what small business people are looking for due to hands on in the field. He believes this experience comes through in his writing to the small business audience. Everything from start ups, marketing, advertising, financing, franchising, buying and selling a business, he has direct experience in doing and writing about.


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