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Barbara F

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Location Keaau, HI
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Barbara has over 15 years experience in technical and non-technical writing and editing. She is an excellent writer and editor, who concentrates on clear, concise writing using the active/imperative voice and present tense. She has written many feature articles on a wide range of topics having to do with gardening, health and local news. Some of her additional experience has been in the areas of marketing, hardware and software documentation, reference materials, web sites, blogs, online help and social media.
Barb is very interested in gardening, herbs, native plants and the environment.
She also has experience in web site and blog development.
She is also highly proficient in proofreading and editing for quality and maintenance.
Gardening, reading, playing with pets, teaching about herbalism, organic cooking, trying new restaurants, visiting with friends.
San Jose State University Education/Instructional Technology, Master of Arts

The instructional technology masters degree program prepares students for careers as corporate trainers and developers of both in-person and computer-assisted courses. Using a systematic approach to the development of instruction, the instructional designer learns how to craft a course of instruction to suit the learners' pre-existing knowledge and to develop hands-on activity-based lessons that ensure that the behavioral objectives are met.

Honors and Awards
Award of Appreciation The annual Betty Crocker Landscape Award competition includes professional landscape designs as well as home gardens that amateur gardeners have created. Barbara's garden, "Hi'iaka's Healing Herb Garden," received this Award of Appreciation in the Xeriscape category.

Secondary Teaching Credential San Jose State University
Barbara earned this lifetime certification after completing the course of study and student teaching required for a standard secondary teaching credential.

Projects by Industry

Barbara has been a prolific garden writer for numerous web sites and two alternative newspapers on the Big Island of Hawaii. She is also the author of a popular gardening book about creating gardens in Hawaii. She has published articles about many environmental topics, including the inherent issues relating to invasive species, genetically modified food, pesticide and herbicide use.


Barbara has written numerous published articles about food, primarily concentrating on organic cooking and herbalism. She has also written restaurant reviews of locations in the Hilo, Hawaii area, all of which have been published in "Big Island Weekly" and "Hawaii Island Journal."


Barbara is the author of over 2000 published articles about gardening for several how-to websites. In n 2006, she also wrote a popular book about creating gardens in Hawaii, and it remains a best seller at local bookstores and the Internet.

In 2000, she created a public botanical garden at her home in East Hawaii that specializes in tropical medicinal plants. Over the years since, she has led educational tours and taught numerous workshops on gardening and herbalism.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

As the creator of a website (; no longer live), Barbara is experienced in ensuring that the content she writes includes keywords that are relevant and appropriate for SEO optimization. As the writer of several online technical manuals, she has also proven to be diligent in incorporating keywords that will drive traffic to the site on which her document resides.

Projects by Asset Type

Barbara is a prolific article writer, with published articles on several how-to websites, two alternative newspapers and several magazines. Most of her articles are relating to gardening and the environment, but she has also contributed copy on current events, political topics, restaurant reviews and more.


Barbara is the author of two published books about gardening and herbalism. One is a print book and the other, published recently, is an e-book.

Press Release

As a contributing editor for two Big Island of Hawaii alternative newspapers, Barbara was sometimes called upon to create press releases for community organizations.

Blog Post

Barbara has been a volunteer blogger for Huffington Post Hawaii since November 2013. She writes occasional entries about life on Hawaii Island, with an emphasis on invasive and endangered species.

Projects By Expertise
Technical Writer

Barbara Worked as a software technical writer in Silicon Valley, California from 1984 through 1998. Her longest staff assignment was at Tandem Computers, Inc., where she documented operating system software. Other freelance assignments include Cisco Systems, Liquid Audio, Commercial Data Servers, Northern Telecom and Empowered Internet Solutions.


In addition to standard copy editing, Barbara has also provided assistance to individuals and organizations seeking to prepare their works for publication. She is highly proficient at formatting documents according to publisher specifications and improving the quality of the writing.

Projects by Writing Style

Barbara contributed articles to two alternative newspapers on Hawaii Island. From 2002 until 2008 she wrote a column titled "The Healthful Herbalist" for "Hawaii Island Journal," until it ceased publication. She contributed the same column to "Big Island Weekly" from 2009 until its closure in 2014.
Since its inception in 2009, Barbara has also been a contributing writer to "Ke Ola" magazine, which covers life on the Big Island.
She also contributed feature articles about local news, the environment, events, restaurant reviews and more.

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

As a software technical writer and editor, Barbara worked for several Fortune 500 companies during her 14-year career in Silicon Valley, California. Tandem Computers, Cisco Systems and Northern Telecom were three of her main employers. She was always praised for her use of the active voice in her documentation and user feedback indicated that her technical manuals were readable and user-friendly.


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