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Completed Orders 156
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Repeat Clients 39%
Last Login 10/14/2016
Location Harrison, AR
Education Bachelors Degree
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Summary of Experience
Carrie is a professional freelance writer and photographer with a natural talent for sales. She has a passion for life that shines through in her work. SEO savvy and capable of writing on any level, Carrie's philosophy is in line with her career and lifestyle, "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."
Carrie specializes in SEO friendly content that is attention grabbing and unique. If appropriate, she loves to add a bit of humor to an article. Carrie composes interesting blogs, product descriptions, articles, and in depth nutrition guides. There isn't a project she won't tackle for a client and enjoy completing.
Carrie finds it difficult to be uninterested in most things. She has a vivacious personality and a love of knowledge and life experience.

Photography, Journalism, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Wild Caving, Gardening, Holistic Medicine, Cancer Research, Community Events, Charity Organizations, Positivity, Travel, Psychology, Nutrition and Wellness, Children, Peace Corps, Red Cross, and Global Human Rights
University of Phoenix Aug 2009 – May 2011
Business Management, BA

Carrie maintained a GPA of 3.9 at UOP while working as a top sales rep in her company. Focusing on business management allowed Carrie to channel her ambition and ability into real world results.

NACTC Humanities, Associate of Arts

Carrie focused on art, photography, and journalism while attending NACTC in her early twenties.

Honors and Awards
Creative and Performing Arts/ CAVES Carrie has placed in 2 highly competitive AEGIS programs with her writing skills.

Most Positive Carrie believes positivity is a choice and it shows. To her credit she was awarded most positive by her colleagues on three separate occasions.

Sales Person of the Month Carrie earned salesperson of the month over 26 times in 3 years.

Association Memberships
Girl Scouts As a young girl Carrie joined Girl Scouts as a Daisy and as a Junior volunteered at youth camps. As an adult she has participated in both Girl Scout and Boy Scout leadership roles.

CPR Certification Red Cross
Carrie is always prepared to lend a helping hand to others.

Projects by Industry

Carrie doesn't limit herself where learning is concerned. Before her father would let her drive, she had to learn how to change a tire and check all fluids. Carrie can fix a car, but prefers to write fantastic content on a wide array of auto subjects.


Carrie takes crafty to a whole new level. Not only does she love to write about crafting, but she's always finding something new and interesting to work on in her spare time. Naturally creative, she often participates in local craft fairs and is forever completing one project or another. Carrie can knit, crochet, quilt, bead and tie a mean macrame knot. She believes in learning how to do things for yourself and having fun while you're doing it.


Carrie has been featured on Yahoo Finance multiple times and created content for large scale financial institutions direct websites, as well as content and blogs for small scale businesses. Carrie considers herself a self-made financial guru. As a small business owner herself, she knows the ins and outs of what it takes to succeed in the current global market.


Carrie has a green thumb and is currently working towards her Master Gardener Certification. While she prefers being in the garden, she also loves writing about anything garden-related. She's worked on a variety of gardening projects that range from descriptions on seed packets, to organic gardening tips and food preservation.

Green Living

Carrie is a proud tree hugger and lives a green lifestyle. She brings firsthand knowledge and experience to articles on solar power, rain water collection, gardening, and alternative lifestyle choices. Living in a solar powered home she and her family built from the ground up, she is always seeking ways to reduce her carbon footprint. She has written articles and blogs on green living for clients large and small. She is passionate about our planet and it's obvious in her work, as well as her daily life. She feels it is her moral obligation to leave each place better than she found it.


Health is an absolute passion of Carrie's. She has specific experience with cancer and cancer research, but has worked on projects concerning almost every aspect of health, from birth to hospice care.


Carrie has a great sense of humor and loves to let it shine in her writing, where appropriate. She loves to find humor in everyday situations, and believes that laughter has the power to unite people in a common cause. Carrie wakes up smiling everyday. Her classmates in college told her she should have her own late night television show. The only type of humor she doesn't like to write is "mean" humor.


Carrie has vast experience writing for clients in the legal field. She has written articles on everything from tort reform to medical malpractice, amendment rights, traffic tickets, and more serious subjects such as capital punishment and euthanasia. Carrie finds the law fascinating and enjoys writing engaging and knowledgeable content for the field. She feels that she learns something new with each article.


Carrie has written extensively for medical supply companies, about specific medical conditions such as Alzheimer's and dementia, and specializes in cancer research as well as cutting edge medical procedures/technology. Carrie is very familiar with medical terminology, practices and ethics. Her work is authoritative, professional and informative for readers.


Carrie loves attending and writing reviews for music festivals such as Memphis in May, Wakarusa and Bonnaroo. Carrie has written reviews for everything from small blues festivals, to huge 4 day events. Music has always been a big part of Carrie's life, and chances are she's seen your band or wants to. If you need an amazing review, Carrie knows exactly what your fans are looking for.

Non Profit

Carrie has written over 75 articles for, or concerning non-profit organizations. Not only does she care deeply for others in need, she believes it is her moral duty to make the world a better place. She has worked with the Red Cross, Humane Society, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Any non-profit projects are given high priority and completed with care.


Carrie's love of animals began at a young age with her Shetland pony Dusty, who was so gentle she could lie on his back and read a book. Her miniature Schnauzer Edi, adopted from the Humane Society, is her side-kick wherever she travels. Carrie has written pet-product descriptions, book reviews, web copy and blogs, breed-specific guides, articles and stories for children - pet related, of course.


Carrie believes that spirituality is much too lacking in Western society. She has worked on 45 projects concerning meditation, healing and wellness of the whole person, and has touched on blending spirituality with religion. As a personal interest, Carrie has spent hours studying philosophy, world religions, primitive practices and the expression of spirituality through art, music, and dance.


Before devoting herself to her freelance writing and photography career, Carrie worked in sales and travel very successfully. Having traveled to exotic destinations worldwide, as well as major and little known tourist destinations in the United States, Carrie has the ability to put a unique spin on travel articles and blogs that captivates readers. She is also very skilled at enticing prospective clients to visit areas or specific lodging.


Carrie has worked on projects concerning women's health, domestic violence, and women's rights worldwide. While she does gravitate towards projects that are serious in nature, she also loves to write articles concerning relationships, fashion, and parenthood.


Carrie will admit she is a fitness fanatic. She believes that fitness encompasses not only the body, but the person as a whole, including mentally and spiritually. She has written many in-depth articles on diet, natural solutions, organic foods, and exercise programs. Not only does she write about fitness but it is a part of her daily life.


Carrie has written over 150 articles concerning nutrition and spent hundreds of hours researching the effect of foods, additives, and herbs on the human body. Her interest comes from personal experience with a rare genetic cancer that she has successfully controlled with nutrition.


Carrie will be the first to admit that she has a passion for knowledge. Throughout college, science always came very easy to her. Carrie has experience writing an array of web content in the scientific field. She is especially fascinated with quantum physics and geological studies. To date, hasn't found a scientific topic she doesn't enjoy researching and writing about.


Carrie has written over 200 articles and blogs for Fortune 500 companies, mid-size businesses and start-ups. She is a small business owner herself and has a BA in business management. After college, she worked in sales and travel very successfully, until devoting her attention to her personal ambitions; working for herself. Carrie's business motto is, " To believe you can, creates the force that can."


Carrie is a very creative person and design ideas come easily to her. She has written an array of articles and blogs for wedding, baby, room makeovers, and design on a dime concepts. She also has knowledge of antiques and "How To" advice for creating an antique look without the big price tag.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Many of Carrie's first freelance writing jobs involved keyword requirements and she is a pro at meeting any requirement without creating an article that sounds phony or keyword stuffed.

Link Building

Carrie currently works with a company that helps businesses achieve higher search engine ranking by building a strong content base that employs link building to reputable sites. Any links she uses to support data or facts are used not only as support, but also as a way of boosting traffic to clients websites.

Projects by Asset Type

Carrie has a knack for sales that began with her study of advertising and marketing in college. She has assisted over 75 companies in creating advertisements for products and services. You'll find that Carrie can create a unique angle that appeals to clients of all financial brackets. From draft beer to a rare absinthe, Carrie offers ideal tone and language.


Carrie has written articles on everything from pest control to the latest in promising cancer research. All articles are thoroughly researched, well thought out, and delivered with the purpose of being informative, original, and evergreen.


Carrie has written product descriptions for a variety of catalog items that range from power tools to women's dress shoes. Her sales skills and training give her a unique perspective on what appeals to customers. She has the ability to find the features of a product as well as the benefits, which is essential in sales.


Carrie can move your audience to laughter or tears. Her high school class called her Katie Couric for her ability to deliver a stellar speech. She has assisted 25 people, including the owner of the sales company she worked for, in speech preparation. She has attended multiple positivity and public speaking seminars as well.

Product Description

Carrie writes product descriptions that are enticing and attention grabbing. She has the ability to uplay a products attractive qualities and downplay any negatives. She has written over 650 product descriptions for various clients.


Carrie lives and works in a beautiful area of the United States and has had the pleasure of assisting her local Chamber of Commerce in creating brochures for the area. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience and looks forward to the opportunity to create more.


Carrie has recently had the opportunity to write an entire season of television episodes and is currently working on a new project, as well as a movie proposal. While Carrie has always enjoyed an active imagination, to her surprise, she found that she has a knack for drama and action based plots, as well as the ever popular sci-fi and "end of the world" genres. Carrie is sincerely excited to grow as a writer in this field, and she looks forward to additional projects.

Projects By Expertise

Carrie has 3 years of experience in copywriting. When she first began writing content for clients, a good majority of her work was copywriting. This is how she broke into the field, you might say. Carrie's strong background in sales give her an edge writing influential material.

Research Writer

Carrie uses research to strengthen her articles and lend an authoritative voice, while adding quality and providing reliable resources for readers to continue their own research if they should wish to. She has experience writing well researched articles on a wide array of topics including health, law, finance, and marketing.

Projects by Writing Style

Many of Carrie's clients require an authoritative tone for medical, nutritional, or career based articles. Carrie delivers this tone in a professional way that readers find knowledgeable and trustworthy.


Carrie can easily write in a conversational and easygoing tone that captivates readers. She loves creating articles that are interesting and knowledgeable, while being fun and conversational.


Carrie always has a smile on her face and takes pride in finding the humor in life. She loves to laugh and her sense of humor appeals to most people. She is very careful not to offend others, kindness is very important to her but she can make any situation laughable.


Carrie can sell an ice cube to an Eskimo. She absolutely excels in the psychology of sales and has been salesperson of the month many times over. She can create promotional content that makes a reader like your company, want what you have, and not care how much it costs. Seriously.

Projects by Company Size
Medium Business

Much of Carrie's early freelancing career was spent working with medium sized businesses to improve their search engine rankings, rewrite and improve landing pages, and provide a professional welcoming tone attractive to clients. Carrie excels at any writing task involving sales or marketing and her motto is, "If you aren't early, you're late." She completes projects before their due date.

Small Business

Carrie is a small business owner herself and knows what it takes to gain ground and rankings. No project is too small for her to take seriously. She has helped over 80 small business produce relevant and unique content that appeals to varying audiences.

Large Business

Carrie isn't easily intimidated and there's a reason for it. She's capable, motivated, and knowledgeable. Carrie has worked with multiple large scale businesses on marketing campaigns, content creation, product descriptions, and even employee handbooks. If there's something she doesn't know how to do, she figures it out or isn't afraid to ask for help.


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