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From small and silly stories to essays written as a child, Trey has always found joy in writing. Between hours of playing video games and studying movies, he always spent time developing his writing. His work was rewarded in tenth grade when he achieved a perfect score a writing exam given by his home state.

After devoting hours perfecting the writing of small personal projects and student assignments, Trey went to college to study one of his greatest passions: film. There he learned about every aspect of the filmmaking process while studying and critiquing the work of the greats. He also studied creative writing, English, and scriptwriting during his time before graduating with honors.

In his last weeks of school, Trey immediately began his freelance writing career. He learned the basics of SEO by writing for various small businesses. Trey has learned to infuse his creative tendencies into quality SEO copy and strives to create the best work possible.


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Trey has been playing video games before he could walk. As unhealthy as that may be, the mixture of art and competition have commanded a special place in his heart. Trey's incredible passion for gaming fuels discussion that goes far beyond mere opinion and delves into analysis. He strives to examine the hard work that goes into mastering the making and playing of video games through his work. Trey's thoughts on gaming have allowed him to write for gaming blogs and briefly for a gaming website.


Trey has always tried to find the humor in not only his life, but everything around him. Growing up attached to comedic films and television pushed Trey to study to finer points of comedy throughout his scholastic career. From satirical literature to the structure of jokes, he has examined all of the finer points of comedy in what fellow comedians (and Trey's parents) consider a colossal waste of time. Fortunately, he has not only gained the ability to craft funny content, but sense of humor about his life decisions.


Aside from actually working on film's throughout college, Trey also spent those four years analyzing and reviewing films. In tandem with hands-on experience in all aspects of filmmaking and a profound connection to entertainment, his experience in studying English and the techniques of other filmmakers yields in-depth and thoughtful discussions about film, television, and other forms of entertainment.

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Trey has been teaching himself the format of screenwriting since his mid-teens. While studying film in college, he formally learned the art of screenwriting in the form of commercials, short films, TV scripts, and feature films. In addition to all of the work he completed during school, Trey has studied the format in his free time by reading existing scripts and working on his own.

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