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Location West Deptford, NJ
Education Masters Degree
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Dennis M is an MBA with lots experience as a freelance writer. He has written for a variety of clients, ranging from small businesses to a Fortune 500 company.

Dennis has hands-on consulting experience from his time as a marketing and business consultant at a local university's small business development center. During this time, he met with local business owners and helped them fine tune their business and marketing plans. He also worked with them to strengthen their web content and marketing copy.

He also acted as a valuable partner to small- and medium-sized businesses across the United States as an Account Manager at a national IT sales firm. He grew his book 5000% in one year from $15,000 to $800,000 by acting as a trusted adviser. Dennis contributes much of this success to his self-developed email marketing campaigns and sales scripts.
Dennis has focused most of his career on working with small businesses, both as a consultant and as an account manager. His academic and professional strengths lay in sales, marketing, technology, and management. He also has a great deal of experience writing about law, finance, and travel.
In his spare time, Dennis enjoys sports of all kind. He loves watching his favorite teams (the Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and 76ers), and stays active by playing organized men's league hockey.

Like any great writer, Dennis loves to read. His favorite genres are science fiction, horror, and business, and he has too many favorites to list. He one day dreams of writing the next great American novel, currently only dabbles in fiction.
Widener University Business Administration / Marketing, Bachelor of Science

Dennis graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 3.80 GPA.

Widener University Business Management, Master's Degree

Dennis completed his MBA while acting as a consultant to local small businesses. He took classes focusing on technology, finance, marketing, leadership, and resource management.

Honors and Awards
Marketing Student of the Year Dennis was awarded Marketing Student of the Year for his outstanding work in Widener University's undergraduate business program.

Association Memberships
Beta Gamma Sigma Dennis was awarded membership as an undergraduate at Widener University because he exemplified the Beta Gamma Sigma title of "Best in Business".

Ecommerce Analytics Google
Jul 2014
Dennis completed this Google self-study course to increase his knowledge about analytics.

Projects by Industry

Combining his Master's Degree in Business Administration with his professional experience in sales and as a consultant, Dennis has completed wide variety of business-related assignments. He has experience in both B2B and B2C.

Some examples of his freelance business projects include:

-Regular blog posts for a UK Consulting company.
-Maintaining web copy for a local sporting good store.
-Completing a pair of eBooks for a marketing company.
-Ghost-writing an internal blog for a Fortune 500 executive.
-Regular blog work for marketing companies focusing on video marketing and text message marketing.


Dennis has written hundreds of articles about technology, drawing on his vast professional experience. He has two years of experience as a B2B salesperson, selling IT hardware, software, and services. He also has experience as a Team Lead for a healthcare technology company, and as a Customer Service Supervisor for an Internet Gaming company.

Some examples of his freelance technology projects include:

-Ghost-writing an internal blog for a Fortune 500 executive in a tech company.
-Working on a series of blog posts comparing and contrasting computer software.
-Writing several one-off posts for a local company looking to highlight specific IT solutions or services.


Dennis has published several hundred articles, blog posts, and marketing scripts for content agencies, private clients, and for his own professional use. As a consultant, he has helped critique and develop marketing plans for small businesses.

Some examples of his freelance marketing projects include:

-Long-standing series of blog posts for a Northeast marketing company that focuses on their video marketing capabilities.
-One-month series of blog posts for a text message marketing service.
-Pair of eBooks written for a marketing company focusing on Branding/Graphic Design and Event Planning.


Dennis loves to travel, and has traveled all across the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. This passion for travel has translated well to his freelance work, as he has completed a wide variety of assignments in this industry.

Some examples of his freelance travel projects include:

-Webpage work for activity pages of a major Nevada casino property.
-Blog posts describing specific destinations for a travel agency.
-Travel itineraries for a travel agency.


Dennis has experience writing on a wide variety of legal topics, include divorce, traffic law, child support, and worker's compensation.

Some examples of his freelance technology projects include:
-Writing a series of posts for a Canadian law firm focused on family law.
-Writing a variety of posts promoting traffic law awareness.
-A variety of one-off posts and articles for a variety of law firms.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

The days of stuffing keywords into a post and seeing results are long gone. Dennis understands that keywords have to fit naturally into a post, and that they must be chosen very carefully. Content must draw visitors in immediately, or risk losing their increasingly-shortened attention span. Finally, the content must be exceptional enough to convince the visitor to complete a call to action.

Dennis is able to draw on his vast professional, academic, and freelance experience to craft tailored SEO work that meets all of the above criteria.

Link Building

Link-building is vital to building a successful blog, and Dennis understand the importance of this. He is able to adeptly create link bridges throughout your blog, giving prospective readers the opportunity to increase the amount of time they spend on your website.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Dennis has a wealth of experience writing for blogs in a wide variety of industries. He's written for blogs of single-person companies, Fortune 500 companies, and everywhere in-between.

In addition to his freelance work, he has contributed to the blogs of his previous full-time employers.

Some of his most exciting blog projects include:

-Ghost-writing the internal corporate blog of a Fortune 500 executive.
-Series of blog posts for a variety of marketing companies, including a text message and a video production company.
-Regularly contributing to a travel agency's blog highlighting various destinations.
-Regularly contributing to the blog of a local dentist.


Dennis has used his business and marketing expertise to craft a variety of eBooks for companies to use as an email subscription incentive. Most recently, he worked with a marketing agency to write one eBook on Branding & Graphic Design, and another on Corporate Event Planning.

Web Page

Dennis is able to use his knowledge of SEO and content marketing to help company's develop fantastic webpage copy. A sampling of his recent clients include:

-Local sporting good store.
-Major Nevada casino property.
-Company blurbs for an entry-level recruiting company.
-Developing FAQs for an online gaming company.


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