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Drew's most recent work history involves giving consultations and writing. Business propositions, sales pitches, marketing material and informational articles are some types of writing he conducts for his clients. Most of these are oriented toward the construction trade, architectural field, real estate market, or small business operations that Drew has extensive experience with.
Drew draws on his experience as a contractor and owner of a woodshop. In this position, he conducted design work and management of construction projects and performed property management while maintaining the technical aspect of the small business: advertising, sales, scheduling, and maintaining client relations.
Due to the nature of self-employment, Drew has worked in a multitude of other environments over the years between his more formal contracts. Drawing on his teenage experience in the restaurant industry, he occasionally helps local restaurants when a chef is sick or on vacation. He has taken on forestry jobs building trails; including steps, railings and bridges in wilderness areas without the assistance of power tools. He helps nearby farmers with the land management tasks of removing nuisance flora and wildlife (rodent) pests, planting, road construction and drainage maintenance.
Drew owns a woodshop and has professionally contracted building projects for nearly 20 years along with construction and property management, architectural drafting and design, and graphic arts for the sake of sales presentations.
Drew's hobbies include cycling, triathlon, camping and outdoor sports, music (guitar, piano, voice, drums) and healthy lifestyles.
The Good Doctor, a Dingo-Dog rescue, isn't a hobby but Drew's best friend and roommate.
UNC-Greensboro – May 2000
History, Theater, Bachelors

Drew majored in History at UNC-G in 2000. He covered the University Politics beat for the student newspaper and was first independently published in The Historic Dimension Series, an architectural magazine promoting the preservation of local historic landmarks.
Drew received a minor in Theater for the work he contributed to the building of stage sets and lighting design at Aycock Auditorium for the university's theater program.

Projects by Industry

As a small business owner, Drew has a multi faceted business management knowledge and experience. Creating a proposal, drawing out a contract and describing services to be performed are aspects of this knowledge, as is the explanation of what services have been successfully conducted in the past. An understanding of sales and marketing is crucial to Drew's company and the ability to schedule the logistics of daily operations assures the continued financial well being of the company.


Drew worked with Marketing and Advertising as a Sales Representative for both the Swift Holdings and the Evans franchises of Andy-On-Call. As the first representation of the company to meet with potential clients, Drew helped brand the service with additional advertising material and demonstrating a level of professionalism atypical of the construction field. He portrayed the company in a positive light by working with the customer throughout the project. His final impact was to check in with the customer after the contract was finished to maintain customer satisfaction and assure repeat business.

Real Estate

As a Contractor, Drew already worked in the Real Estate industry during the housing market crash of 2008. Using his knowledge, experience and connections in the field he switched from new building projects to maintenance of existing real estate. Further, because of his knowledge of building and sales techniques, he helped agents show and sell houses on the market while providing consultations regarding renovations that would increase the value of homes up for sale. His work directly helped real estate agents sell homes quickly for maximum profit while also managing properties as rentals during the drop in housing sale prices.


Drew began his construction career while in college, working weekends to clean up construction sites and prep them for the following week's planned work. After college, Drew worked in construction for many different types of building crews, gaining a wide knowledge of the various phases of construction until he focused in on carpentry and opened his woodshop. After the Muse Shop: Custom Woodworking opened, Drew split his time between shop projects of building and refinishing furniture and cabinetry with going on-site to sub-contract trim, tile, decks and painting jobs. Contractors began using his knowledge to complete punch-out lists and to help whichever crew was beginning to get behind schedule. Eventually, he began being hired as a Superintendent/ Project Manager to oversee and report on all phases of a building project.
Drew's experience is mostly residential, although he has branched out to commercial jobs enough to be fluent in the difference of styles, materials and techniques used.


Drew first learned design skills by working on set and lighting designs for the theater while in college. This introduced him to the technical aspects of drafting by hand or CAD programming as well developing a working knowledge of how shapes, colors and area lighting work together to form a pleasant view. He proved a practical application of design skills as a contractor and woodshop owner. Later, he further honed his design proficiency with coursework toward an Associate's Degree in Architectural Technology. As a consultant and a writer he has shared his talent as both an architectural and interior designer with hundreds of clients.


Drew's fitness routine began at the age of 7 with youth soccer. He continued soccer through college. Drew also ran cross-country in high school, played tennis and ran track (one and two mile races) in the spring, was on the wrestling team during the winter and the swim team during the summer. As an adult he became involved with MMA, kickboxing and amateur boxing tournaments. He still participates in formal 5-10K runs, cycling and his personal favorite, triathlon.


Drew has long been an avid outdoorsman. As a child, his father owned a camping store and they spent weekends and vacations hiking, fishing and camping. Drew graduated from the Outward Bound School in Boone, NC the summer after his High School Junior year at 16 years old. He has since participated in professional forestry projects restoring native flora and wildlife, road and trail building, and carpentry without the use of power tools. These jobs include camping for the duration of the project.


Drew has written hundreds of articles for the medical field. Some of these articles were written from a professional viewpoint for an audience of professionals, others were written for the layman to develop an understanding of specific medical conditions or procedures.


As both a contractor and property manager Drew has worked with insurance companies as an employee, a customer and a go-between. As such, Drew is familiar with insurance practices and the reasons behind them, as well as common customer complaints and how to avoid them.


Drew has written hundreds of automotive articles to promote specific make and models, or particular dealerships. He has further written about vehicle engineering and mechanics for professionals in the field and in language for those who have only a layman's overview knowledge of the topic.


Drew has written a multitude of articles concerning sports. Often, he draws on his own experience of having participated in sports. In other instances, he understands the social aspects of watching sports as an outing with friends.


Drew's first experience with writing professionally was the student government beat in college. He wrote for the student newspaper as well as interest articles for the local city newspaper about how government functions and why certain neighborhood rules apply.


Drew's first job as a writer was covering the student government beat for both the student and local newspapers. After college he has continued to write both op-ed pieces and press releases for candidates in local elections.


Drew grew up in a farming environment and understands agriculture intuitively. Whether you need an article about industrial agriculture or simple gardening tips, Drew has a thorough knowledge of the topic and can write to your needs.


Drew's main craft is woodworking. His shop is based on that idea but also includes spaces for metal work, plastics, tile, stone. and painting/ finishing. Craftwork is a particular method Drew enjoys as an aspect of creating art be it visual or structural in nature.


Drew worked in manufacturing to save money and pay his way through college. That experience was essential to his career success as a woodshop owner. He has written numerous articles and provided consultations to the manufacturing industry.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

The new Google search has to some extent changed the game concerning SEO use. Drew has kept up to date with style and function techniques to maintain the relevance of writing projects with the use of SEO terms.

Title/Meta Descriptions

Drew understands the importance of including strong titles and meta descriptions to the success of a website. when someone searches for information, they see these first and make a quick decision about what page to use based on the concise description of the article.

Link Building

Drew is experienced with adding links within an article to other relevant pages or blogs within to demonstrate to potential customers just how useful the services being offered are to the client's needs, and how the business offering the services has taken the time to plan ahead in anticipation how to best serve the client.

Projects by Asset Type

Drew is a writer with professional journalism in his background. His broad range of experiences allow him to write articles on a wide variety of topics.

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

Drew has published both series of and individual fictional short stories. He is currently interviewing agents for representation with novels. One is ready for publication, another finished but not yet formatted, and a few more outlined and partially written.

Projects by Writing Style

Drew's journalism writing began with the student newspaper in high school. In college, he wrote for the University newspaper and the local city paper. After college he continued writing op-ed and occasional news pieces for the local paper.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

As a local contractor and owner of a woodshop, Drew is well aware of small business issues. From how being a small business affects hiring practices, to bidding policy and how it means the business finishes a contract, Drew understands the needs and details of working in a small business environment.

Medium Business

As a local small business owner, Drew has sub-contracted and consulted with medium sized businesses as part of his work routine between personal clients. Rest assured that Drew understands the issues your growing company faces and can help provide the content you need.


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