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David R

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David R is a freelance editor and writer with an MBA in sustainable business from Bainbridge Graduate Institute, now part of Pinchot - a university for the common good. He has reported on sustainable business and has been published on the "Yes!" magazine website and He has experience providing bespoke blog posts for commercial clients in fields ranging from real estate and home improvement to divorce law and lifestyle advice.

He spent several months editing transcripts of Afghan television and radio news reports and current affairs programs translated from Dari and Pashto to provide them with the readability of a report translated by a native English speaker.

He blogs regularly about his experiences as a divorced single parent and published his first volume of blog posts as an ebook recently.
David specializes in creative writing with a marketing focus. He believes that all marketing is narrative and that the best way to attract potential clients is through a strong story well told. He has a strong line in dry British humor that endears him to his friends.
David enjoys vegetarian cooking and brewing his own beer. He is an avid reader of historical non-fiction and is currently immersing himself in the field of mixology in order to indulge his taste for fine, hand crafted, classic cocktails.
Bainbridge Graduate Institute ( Now Pinchot - a university for the common good) Sep 2009 – Jun 2001
Sustainable business, MBA

The first MBA to integrate the field of sustainability into every aspect of the course, from Accounting and Operations to Economics and Strategy.

University of Lancaster Sep 1982 – Jun 1985
Geography (Major) Environmental Science (Minor), BSc.(Honors)

A traditional three year British Bachelors degree with an emphasis on Human Geography.

Projects by Industry

David's humor pieces were written primarily for his business school's online forum. In general they poke fun at aspects of business and the grad school process. He has also developed some stand up material. This piece satirizes the business management field, showing how managers can improve their companies using only the tools on hand.


Since discovering that his daughter suffers from Celiac disease, David has made many changes to accommodate his daughter. He has followed as gluten free a lifestyle as possible and makes every effort to ensure that his daughter's risk of contamination is minimized. He has researched ways in which he can make her life as normal and inclusive as possible when it comes to eating and always ensures that friend's parents have all the information they need prior to any party or social event.


AS an active member of the online community and someone who is recently divorced, David provided this blog post for an east coast law firm who specialize in handling divorce cases. He drew upon his personal experience and applied some common sense to a situation in which many people lose the capacity for rational thought through no fault of their own and often look first to exact revenge on their soon to be former partner with little thought as to the consequences.

Projects by Asset Type

Davids' articles have been of an unpaid nature and served as a way for him to gain experience in the field of sustainability reporting. His piece for "Yes!" magazine was particularly well received.

News Story

David has edited, proofed and modified several hundred translations of Afghan television and radio news and current affairs programs. This included the correction of idiosyncrasies in translation as well as the determination of the correct spelling of proper names in English translated from Daria and Pasho, neither of which have been converted into the Roman alphabet. These transcripts were used by agencies from a number of governments active in Afghanistan

Blog Post

David has written many bespoke blog posts for companies who either do not have the time to write their own, or who feel they lack the requisite skill to put their message across effectively. The client, whose name has been omitted for contractual reasons is an online retailer of downloadable ebooks.


Late in 2014 Dave self published "Songs in the Key of Single Dad", an
e-book based on his blog, Chronicling his transition from 20 years of marriage through his divorce into singledom.


Dave spent several months writing bespoke blog posts for commercial customers in fields as diverse as lifestyle, real estate, publishing, health and construction.Dave was able to write both in his own, conversational style as well as in the voice of the client or as an authoritative critic on subject in which he as specific knowledge.

Projects By Expertise

Dave has an MBA in Sustainable Business and is therefore extremely interested in the intersection of sustainability and the business world. He has written a number of Pro-Bono pieces for different organizations in this field. His published articles cover topics as diverse as crowd sourced funding for small businesses wishing to expand to a start-up whose goal is to turn human waste into a source of clean energy in India.


In order to make translated news articles readable, Dave had to expend considerable effort in correcting and editing news articles translated from Dari and Pashto into English. Neither language contains the article "the", a characteristic that makes editing a challenge at times. Syntax differences as well as a lack of consistent spellings for proper nouns ( neither language has been "Romanized) as well as often phonetic spellings of non - Afghan names also posed challenges.

Projects by Writing Style

As part of his bespoke blog writing, Dave found ways to make posts interesting and informative without being preachy or sound like a sales pitch for a particular product. In the piece below, Dave offers tips to single guys aged 18 - 35 on how to make their bathroom suitable for viewing when a female guest stays over for the first time.


A ribald, yet inoffensive on how to improve your business using only what you have on hand. This piece shows Davids' dry sense of humor by taking what is a rather delicate subject and giving it the appearance of a genuine notice about a business management seminar


For six months, Dave edited, proofed and reworked English translations of Afghan T.V. and radio news broadcasts and discussion programs in the run-up to the Afghan presidential election. Transcripts were translated by native Dari and Pashto speakers and Dave's job was to standardize spellings, correct grammar and syntax and in general give the articles the appearance and readability of an article written originally by a native English speaker.


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