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Greg M

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Greg has held positions in communications, marketing, advertising, sales promotions, business and management for nearly 20 years. Specializing in the B2C organizations and 5-9 industries (the things we do when not working), his strengths lie in telling stories; approaching every project with ruthless creativity; delivering content and engagement; designing, building and implementing strategic communications plans; distributing information and developing new opportunities; initiating product and service introductions; and strengthening market presence through creativity, advertising and media communications.

Whether challenged to launch the start-up of a new program or product; design web content, print, broadcast or social media content; re-introduce brands and promotions; or simply write stories that people like to read, he has achieved results.
Greg specializes in creative content, blogs, articles and journal entries as well as combined communications strategies for businesses designed for brand development and management. He has written on all platforms--web, print, broadcast, and social--with his eyes constantly focused on consistency of message. His experience and focus have always been in the 5-9 activities: travel, food and wine, outdoor adventure, cultural institutions, restaurant companies and anything else that can be fun and worth doing.
Greg is an avid traveler with a serious wanderlust, as well as a photographer, hiker, biker, outdoor junkie, self assured food and wine snob, and just general wanderer. He believes his work should mirror his life, engaging in activities that are fun and fulfilling rather than just financially profitable.
University of Kansas Advertising, Communications, Philosophy, Bachelors Degree

With a focus on broadcast advertising and creative writing, sprinkled with some ethics, philosophy and psychology, Greg studied all elements of communications, culminating in two degrees and an understanding of how to write in ways that get noticed.

Projects by Industry

Greg has consulted for, worked for or advised many of the best food and beverage brands in the world on their advertising and branding initiatives. He has written countless food and wine reviews, articles and blog entries on all things related to gastronomy.


Having taught outdoor recreation classes for years and written many product descriptions, adventure tips, tricks and advice columns and reviews, Greg feels right at home writing about everything we do outside.


Greg travels extensively, having been all over the world and in 48 of the 50 United States, and has written about it. He has produced travel blogs, penned destination reviews, written travel tips and tricks journal entries, and taught international travel classes for over 5 years.


Greg has been working as a marketing and advertising consultant for years. He creates strong brands, and then builds content, copy, and communications strategies to support those brands. He has contributed to countless website and product launches, broadcast and video productions, new brand development, and creative marketing materials for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Words can be powerful, but only if they are in the right voice and geared toward the right audience.


Having been raised by a mother who was a hippie dissident and a father who was a successful, conservative, captain of industry, Greg learned early how to develop arguments, make a point, and get it heard. He understands that the art to disagreeing is understanding first, then being clear and concise. He has provided topical content to blogs and services that is across the spectrum, providing not just noise, but significance.

Projects By Expertise
Creative Writer

As a creative writer, Greg has produced dozens of blog entries and articles on topics ranging from outdoor adventure, travel, food, wine and collectible cars to fund raising, advertising, media and politics.


Being a copy writer by trade and in advertising for 20 years, Greg has developed brand names, product descriptions, advertising collateral and media for dozens of products, brands and services.

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

As a creative services employee of large advertising agencies, Greg has had the opportunity to produce work for some of the largest and best brands in the world. Campaigns for food companies, financial services, telecommunications, automotive and hospitality industries have all been on his desk at any given time over the past 20 years.

Small Business

Greg has worked or consulted for small and startup companies that have as little as 2 employees and finds that exhilarating, allowing the business owners to focus on what they do best, but doing what he does best.


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