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Helene M

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Helene is a former teacher, having taught in Elementary and Middle Grades for 17 years. Throughout those years she wrote an enormous amount of curricula in all areas of education. In addition, she taught the basics of several different writing genres, acting as instructor and editor for her students. In particular, she was the sole advisor for the school newspaper and the writing club, where she had students place first place in a regional competition.

She is also an adoptive mom of two older children. Her experience with her children and the foster to adopt process has shaped who she is as a mother, teacher, wife, and writer. She has spent many years taking care of first her mother, then her daughters and the unique issues that come with adopting adolescents with a history of abuse and mental illness. She uses these experiences to write a blog intended to help parents of children with mental illness feel like they have a voice and they are not alone.
Helene specializes in press releases, articles (especially academic in nature), blog posts, and creative writing (poetry and narrative). She enjoys the challenge of researching a topic in order to write a detailed, informative article.
Helene is a crafter at heart! She enjoys the thrill of creating something with her own hands, whether it be a quality piece of writing, a crocheted afghan, or a beautiful quilt. In addition, she has a passion for affecting the lives of children in her community. She is a former teacher who still strives to work with students individually through tutoring and mentoring.
Appalachian State University Aug 1991 – Dec 1995
Elementary Education; History, B.S. in Elementary Education w/History Conc.

While in college at Appalachian State Helene was able to participate in a variety of experiences. In addition, she was very successful in her major, graduating cum laude. The variety in her course load has made her uniquely suited to academic writing tasks, having found great success in this area.

Honors and Awards
National Board Certification: Literacy/Language Arts: Early/Middle Childhood Dec 2005
Helene completed the process and earned her National Board certification in 2005. During this process her task was to examine her teaching practices through a series of academic writing tasks, all of which were in depth and extensive.

Projects by Industry

Helene has spent most of her life surrounded by crafts in some form. Her mother and grandmother were both active crafters and passed that love on to her. She learned to sew at a teaching retreat and has never looked back. Her knowledge of textile crafts is extensive, especially when it concerns quilting, crochet, cross stitch, and embroidery. She is currently focusing on crafting as not only a hobby but, as a way to make a living doing what she loves.


With 17+ years of experience in upper Elementary and Middle Grades education, Helene is an expert in the field. Throughout her career she participated in a variety of projects including, but not limited to, writing assessments, creating rubrics and scoring guides, writing unit plans and curricula, composing communication with parents, and preparing required reports. In addition, she worked in a leadership role with students through her work on the school newspaper and with a regional writing competition.


Helene has spent the majority of her adult life working with kids and families in a variety of roles. First, she is a veteran teacher with 17+ years of experience working with a very diverse population of parents and students. In addition, she is an adoptive mom. She adopted her daughters from the foster care system as adolescents. Both girls were victims of various types of abuse and suffer from mental illness. Her younger child had to spend over 2 years in residential treatment and they both continue to face unique struggles. Helene has been through extensive training as a foster parent and frequently draws on the knowledge she gained both in training situations and in her day to day interactions with her own children and the professionals that serve them.

Projects by Asset Type

As an educator Helene was involved in a variety of grant writing opportunities both as an individual and as part of a team. Individually she wrote a grant proposal which awarded her cutting edge technology in her classroom. As part of a team she wrote a grant that awarded funds for grade level projects as well as a proposal within a leadership academy to conduct specific research through a cross age, cross curricular program she led with two other teammates.

Annual Report

While in the education field Helene was chairperson of different teams throughout her career. While leading these teams she was involved in researching, gathering information, organizing, and finalizing annual reports in a variety of areas within the field of education. These included behavioral reports as well as assessment and testing reports.


For a brief time Helene worked with an outsourcing company, writing content for several different clients. There were a variety of topics and quite a bit of research with each article. The articles were screened through copyspace and she had a very high percentage of articles, 95%+, that passed the first time and needed no revisions. After working with this company for a brief time she felt that she was not able to provide quality articles while still in the classroom full time so she and the company had an amicable separation.

Blog Post

Helene has recently begun writing two different blogs. One of her blogs centers around her experiences parenting two daughters with mental illness. Her other blog is a very open, honest look at her own struggles with depression. Included in both blogs are traditional blog posts and creative expressions through poetry. While both are very personal topics she has put them out to the internet world to hopefully help someone else maneuver through tough situations.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

As an educator almost everything Helene did could be considered research writing. Research is at the heart of everything a teacher does. Research opportunities included, but were not limited to, preparing lesson plans, staff development presentations, assessments, best practices in instruction, learning styles, and presentations to parents and community members. This research was often extensive and broad and had to be culled for the most pertinent information.

Projects by Writing Style

Helene's main writing style would definitely be considered conversational. She is very much a writer who likes to draw her readers in to have a conversation with her. She writes very much like she conducts herself face to face, similar to what her students did when she was in the classroom. She makes every effort to make sure her writing flows, is easy to follow, and is well laid out.


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